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Halil and who
He was the son of Halil Hoxha, a Bektashi Tosk cloth merchant who travelled widely across Europe and the United States of America, and Gjylihan ( Gjylo ) Hoxha.
On 28 September 1730, Patrona Halil with a small group of fellow Janissaries aroused some of the citizens of Constantinople who opposed the reforms of Ahmet III.
Halil rode with the new sultan to the Mosque of Eyub where the ceremony of girding Mahmud I with the Sword of Osman was performed ; many of the chief officers were deposed and successors to them appointed at the dictation of the bold rebel who had served in the ranks of the Janissaries and who appeared before the sultan bare-legged and in his old uniform of a common soldier.
The first of these Ottoman Viziers who was titled " Grand Vizier " was Çandarlı Kara Halil Hayreddin Pasha.
The three great towers were named after three of Mehmed II's viziers, Sadrazam Çandarlı Halil Pasha, who built the big tower next to the gate, Zağanos Pasha, who built the south tower, and Sarıca Pasha, who built the north tower.
: Halil: " Then who did, Milan?
Gaunt, who has studied 150 massacres carried out in the summer of 1915 in Mardin, said that the Committee of Union and Progress's governor for Mardin, Halil Edip, had likely ordered the massacre on 14 June 1915, leaving 150 ethnic Armenians and 120 ethnic Assyrians dead.
On May 10, because Miralay Ibrahim Halil Bey ( Sedes ), who was the chief of staff of the Vardar Army, went to Istanbul, Fevzi deputized the chief of staff.
Zaganos, who was younger, was jealous of the position of Halil Pasha.
Here he encountered some resistance ; one of his Viziers, the veteran Halil Pasha, who had always disapproved of Mehmed's plans to conquer the city, now admonished him to abandon the siege in the face of recent adversity.
Halil was overruled by Zaganos, who insisted on an immediate attack.
Halil asks who burned down his shop while Milan asks who killed his mother ; both men deny each of the actions.

Halil and was
Sultan Ahmed III had become unpopular by reason of the excessive pomp and costly luxury in which he and his principal officers indulged ; on September 20, 1730, a mutinous riot of seventeen janissaries, led by the Albanian Patrona Halil, was aided by the citizens as well as the military until it swelled into an insurrection in front of which the Sultan was forced to give up the throne.
Halil İnalcık reports that even though he was a ruthless supporter of alcohol prohibition, Murat IV was a habitual drinker.
On 24 November 1731, Halil was strangled by the sultan's order and in his presence, after a Divan in which Halil had dictated that war be declared against Russia.
Greek pilot Kostas Iliakis was killed, and the Turkish pilot Halil İbrahim Özdemir bailed out and was rescued by a cargo ship.
Nevertheless, when he proposed in 1452 to siege Constantinople most of the divan, and especially the Grand Vizier, Çandarlı Halil Pasha, was against it and criticized the Sultan for being too rash and overconfident in his abilities.
Halil Turgut Özal (; October 13, 1927April 17, 1993 ) was Prime Minister of Turkey ( 1983 – 1989 ) and President of Turkey ( 1989 – 1993 ).
) Adalı Halil Pehlivan / Aliço apprentice ( 1871, Kilise Köy, Greece-1926, Edirne ) was buried at the special erected Pehlivan Cemetery.
The world record huchen was, caught by Bosnian angler Halil Sofradžija at Dragojevića Rapids on the Drina river, near the town of Ustikolina in Bosnia and Herzegovina in January 1938.
Xalil ( also Khalil, Halil, Chelealeck ; pronounced ) (?- 1467 ) was the khan of Kazan Khanate in 1463-1467 ( by other accounts for a single year in 1467 ).
Ivazzade Halil Pasha ( 1724 – 1777 ) was the son of Ottoman Grand Vizier Ivaz Mehmed Pasha.
Halil Rifat Pasha ( Modern Turkish: Halil Rıfat Paşa, 1820 – 1901 ), was an Ottoman statesman and a grand vizier for six years between 1895 till his death 1901, under the reign of Abdülhamid II.
He removed his rival, Halil Pasha, when he was the Grand Vizier amid the fall of Constantinople.

Halil and .
It contained hit songs " Halil İbrahim Sofrası " and " Kol Düğmeleri ", a new version of the artist's very first song.
" Halil İbrahim Sofrası " exemplified Manço's signature moral themed lyrics, a rare feature in Turkish pop music.
** Khalil or Halil ( 1347-d. 1362 ).
Married her first cousin Halil of Bithynia.
* Inalcik, Halil.
Sweeping up more soldiers Halil led the riot to the Topkapı Palace and demanded the death of the grand vizer, Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha and the abdication of Ahmet III.
A Greek butcher, named Yanaki, had formerly given credit to Halil and had lent him money during the three days of the insurrection.
Halil showed his gratitude by compelling the Divan to make Yanaki Hospodar of Moldavia.
The jealousy which the officers of the Janissaries felt towards Halil, and their readiness to aid in his destruction, facilitated the exertions of Mahmud I's supporters in putting an end to the rebellion after it had lasted over a year.
Damad Gurcu Muhammad Halil Rifat Pasha ( 1795-4 March 1856 ), Ambassador to Russia 1829-1830, Naval C-in-C 1830-1832, 1843-1845, 1847-1848 and 1854-1855, Supreme C-in-C 1836-1838 and 1839-1840, Governor-General of Anatolia 1852.
Important historical ruins in the region include the Acheron Valley ruins, in which the Cehennem Ağzı caverns are located, along with Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, Ereğli Castle, Heracles Palace, Çeştepe Lighthouse tower, Byzantine water cisterns, Krispos mausoleum, Byzantine church and Halil Paşa Mansion.
Among others, Ruhi Ayangil (* 1953 ), Erol Deran (* 1937 ), Halil Karaduman (* 1959 ), Göksel Baktagir (* 1966 ), Tahir Aydoğdu (* 1959 ), Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss (* 1953 ), and Begoña Olavide are present-day exponents of this instrument.
Major epics include Mujo and Halil and Halil and Hajrije.
Although the Tulip period ended with the Patrona Halil uprising, it became a model for attitudes of Westernization.

married and Irene
Andronikos III was first married, in 1318, with Irene of Brunswick, daughter of Henry I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg ; she died in 1324.
After the death of his first wife Anne of Hungary, he married Yolanda ( renamed Irene ) of Montferrat, putting an end to the Montferrat claim to the Kingdom of Thessalonica.
After Anna died in 1281, in 1284 Andronikos II then married Yolanda ( renamed Irene ), a daughter of Marquis William VII of Montferrat, with whom he had:
* John Palaiologos ( c. 1286 – 1308 ), despotes, married Irene Choumnaina, no issue.
* Irene, who married John II Doukas, ruler of Thessaly
It was in Trieste that Achille La Guardia met and married Irene.
On 12 September 1976 a Montoneros car bomb destroyed a bus carrying police officers in Rosario, killing nine policemen and a married couple: 56-year-old Oscar Walter Ledesma and 42-year-old Irene Ángela Dib.
Truman was married three times: to Helen Irene ( née Hughes ), Marjorie ( née Bennett ), and Edna O.
* Daniel Bunker Gilbreth ( September 17, 1917 – June 13, 2006 ) ( age 88 ); married Irene Jensen ; three children ( David Gilbreth, Danny Gilbreth, Peggy ).
Rockwell married his first wife, Irene O ' Connor, in 1916.
One of his daughters, Princess Irene Pavlovna Paley ( 1903 – 1990 ), married in exile in 1923 her cousin, Prince Theodor Aleksandrovich of Russia, ( 1898-1968.
All of the sisters were known for their beauty ; her sister Irene later married the artist Charles Dana Gibson and became a model for the Gibson girl.
Selznick married Irene Gladys Mayer, daughter of MGM mogul Louis B. Mayer, in 1930.
The next year, Johnson married Irene Pineau.
* Irene Palaiologina ( c. 1256 – before 1328 ), who married emperor Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria
Crowned co-emperor by his father in 751 Leo then married Irene, an Athenian from a noble family, in December 769.
Leo IV was raised as an iconoclast under his father but was married to Irene, an iconodule.
John II Komnenos married Princess Piroska of Hungary ( renamed Irene ), a daughter of King Ladislaus I of Hungary in 1104 ; the marriage was intended as compensation for the loss of some territories to King Coloman of Hungary.
Theophilos had given asylum to a number of refugees from the east in 834, including Nasr ( a Persian ), baptized Theophobos, who married the Emperor's aunt Irene, and became one of his generals.
* Irene Doukaina Laskarina, who married Constantine I of Bulgaria
John III Doukas Vatatzes married first Irene Lascarina, the daughter of his predecessor Theodore I Laskaris in 1212.
He married Helena Kantakouzene, daughter of his co-emperor John VI Kantakouzenos and Irene Asanina, on 28 May 1347.
He married Irene, with whom he wrote a cookery book Cook what you grow ( 1940 ).
She was married to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, with whom she had four children: Princess Beatrix ( born 1938 ), Princess Irene ( born 1939 ), Princess Margriet ( born 1943 ), Princess Christina ( born 1947 ).

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