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Hangman and Books
Emin and Childish were a couple until 1987 during which time she was the administrator for his small press Hangman Books which specialized in publishing Childish's confessional poetry.
* Hangman Books
Over Pocket Books ’ four novels ( The Hangman, The Price of Fear, The Gods of Hell, and In the Face of Death ) Boyll further develops Darkman ’ s character and how he deals with his new existence as an outcast individual with the ability to help others.
Hangman Books is a British independent small press founded in 1981 by Billy Childish, who remains its owner and editor.
Hangman Books and Hangman Records are both independent, non profit making and do not receive outside funding.
* Hangman Books official site
A forerunner of Hangman Books, the Phyroid press was formed in 1979 by Billy Childish and Sexton Ming, publishing over 30 pamphlets of their poetry.

Hangman and has
Hangman has featured in the 1978 Speak & Spell video game system under the name " Mystery Word " and is sometimes played today as a forum game.
The western stretch of Exmoor boasts Hangman cliffs, the highest cliffs in mainland Britain, culminating near Combe Martin in the " Great Hangman ", a 1, 043 ft ( 318 m ) ' hog-backed ' hill with a cliff-face of 820 ft ( 250 m ); its sister cliff " The Little Hangman " has a cliff-face of 716 ft ( 218 m ).
Lead singer Shannon Selberg's trademark is that he has a tattoo illustrating the game Hangman on his body that reads " F_CK " and another tattoo of an anchor with the word " DAD " on top of it.
The stone has given its name to the road which passes it, Hangman ’ s Stone Lane, which leads to the village of Boxford.
It is Cornwall's highest cliff and is also classified as southern Britain's highest sheer-drop cliff ( Great Hangman in Devon has a cliff face of.
The band has been on multiple labels including Billy's own Hangman Records and Sub Pop.

Hangman and published
Her first novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published under this name in 1979.
Late 1931 The Incredible Elopement of Lord Peter Wimsey ( in Hangman ’ s Holiday, Short Stories published 1933 ).
Early 1932 The Queen ’ s Square ( in Hangman ’ s Holiday, Short Stories published 1933 ).
The members of The Medway Poets published their work and that of others prolifically with imprints such as Victoria Press, Phyroid Press, Lazerwolf, Hangman and Cheapo.
Her first book of writing was "' edited ' into reasonable shape " by ( Bill ) Lewis, printed by Thomson and published by Childish as Six Turkish Tales ( Hangman 1987 ).

Hangman and books
He knew Tracey Emin and helped edit her short stories for her first book, Six Turkish Tales ( Hangman books 1987 ).

Hangman and by
During the January Uprising in 1863, heavy fighting occurred within the city, but was brutally pacified by Mikhail Muravyov, nicknamed The Hangman by the population because of the number of executions he organized.
Other characters created or worked on by the prolific tyro include MLJ's The Comet in Pep Comics — who in short order became the first superhero to be killed — and his replacement, the Hangman.
by Kyra De Coninck and Billy Childish, Hangman, 1988
Quincy's territory includes Hangman Island, Moon Island ( restricted access, and all land is owned by the City of Boston ), Nut Island ( now a peninsula ), and Raccoon Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.
* The 1988 LP by Jack Ketch & The Crowmen ( A Billy Childish project on Hangman Records ) called Brimfull of Hate featured a track called " The Ryan Factor ".
: Short: " Kaeti and the Hangman " by Keith Roberts ( in collection Kaeti & Company )
* Case for a Rookie Hangman by Pavel Juráček ( 1970 )
SmackDown opens with " Know Your Enemy " by Green Day while " Hangman " by Rev Theory serves as the secondary theme song.
In addition to the thousands who fell in battle, 128 men were hanged personally by Mikhail Muravyov (' Muravyov the Hangman '), and 9, 423 men and women were exiled to Siberia ( 2, 500 men according to very lowered Russian data, Norman Davies gives the number of 80, 000 noting it was the single largest deportation in Russian history ).
The 6th NZ Brigade lead the attack, assaulting Cassino town, supported by the tanks of the 19th Armoured Regiment and at the same time, the Indian Division was to advance on Hangman ’ s Hill after which they were to assault the Monastery.
The Indian advance on Hangman ’ s Hill only commenced after midnight, further compounded by heavy rain.
By 20 March a company of Gurkhas overran Point 435 on Hangman ’ s Hill, 500 yards from the Abbey but were again driven back by German fire from unassailable positions.
The Great Hangman is a hog-backed hill of 1043 ft with a cliff-face of 820 ft, making it the highest cliff in southern Britain, and can be reached by following the South West Coast Path which runs through the village.
Ian Read's " Seeker " ( originally performed by Fire + Ice ) was covered ; as well as traditional songs like " The March of Brian Boru " and Dave Cousins ' " The Hangman And The Papist ".
For this reason he won the unenviable nickname of " Hyena of Brescia " or " Hangman of Arad ", spoofing the " Habsburg Tiger " nickname addressed to Haynau by Austrian soldiers.
After fighting the sociopath Hangman ( Harlan Krueger ), Jack was entranced by Topaz, the familiar of the sorcerer Taboo, who sought the Darkhold.
He went through several names, such as Hangman Harris, Ricky Harris and Man Mountain Harris, before settling on the name of Black Bart which was given to him by Dusty Rhodes in 1984.
Killed by the Hangman.
* Gillian B. Loeb-Corrupt commissioner in Year One, dismissed and later murdered by the Hangman.
Killed by the Hangman during Batman: Dark Victory.

Hangman and Billy
Hangman Records is a British independent record label founded in 1986 by Billy Childish.

Hangman and Childish
From 1986 Hangman Records, also run by Childish, released over 50 LP Records, including spoken word, experimental works and punk rock.

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