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Harcourt and replied
In August 1913, the Governor – General of Nigeria, Sir Frederick Lugard wrote to Harcourt, then Secretary of State for the Colonies, " in the absence of any convenient local name, I would respectfully ask your permission to call this Port Harcourt ", to which the Secretary of State replied, " It gives me pleasure to accede to your suggestion that my name should be associated with the new Port.
Fearing riots on a national scale, the Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt pleaded with Stead to cease publication of the articles ; Stead replied that he would comply if the Bill would be passed without delay.

Harcourt and I
The Nigerian pygmy hippopotamus ranged in the Niger River Delta, especially near Port Harcourt, but no reliable reports exist after the collection of the museum specimens secured by I. R. P. Heslop, a British colonial officer, in the early 1940s.
As a director of the Ancient Concerts, Harcourt entertained his fellow-directors ( the prince regent and Prince Adolphus – the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Cumberland ( later Ernest Augustus I of Hanover ), and the Duke of Wellington ) at his house in Grosvenor Square on 23 February 1821.
King Edward I gave a royal charter to Sir William Harcourt allowing a market to be held every Wednesday.
Harcourt enjoyed the reputation of being a brilliant orator ; Speaker Onslow going so far as to say that " Harcourt had the greatest skill and power of speech of any man I ever knew in a public assembly.
In terms of race and ethnicity, two other areas at the forefront of the field of women's and gender history, I have always integrated that material into my Women in Modern America, first published by Harcourt, Brace in 1972 and continually in print since that date.
* How I Write / 2 with MacKinlay Kantor and Lawrence Osgood ( New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
This led to support slots with the likes of David Gray, Miles Hunt, Ben Christophers, Mark Eitzel, Cousteau, Elbow, I am Kloot, Turin Brakes, Ed Harcourt and Ryan Adams, who after she supported him in Birmingham, invited her to be his guest at his London shows.
* I am David, Orlando, Fla.: Harcourt, 2004, ISBN 0-15-205161-9 ( hc ), ISBN 0-15-205160-0 ( pbk )

Harcourt and do
While Harcourt had nothing to do with the scandal, he took political responsibility for it.
Harcourt continued to do his Sunday show at KCRW until June 2011, when he left KCRW for deciding to do a new show on KCSN called Connections with Nic Harcourt
Harcourt denied this in an interview with the Los Angeles Times and said the real reason he had to leave KCRW was because of his new show on KCSN and that KCRW management would not let him do shows on both stations.

Harcourt and can
The movement of the fault can be seen from the displacement of the river terraces in Harcourt Park.
Joseph Harcourt Tombs VC ( 1884 – 28 June 1966 ) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
Significant communities of Itsekiris can be found in parts of Edo and Ondo states and in various other Nigerian cities including Lagos, Sapele, Benin City, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

Harcourt and course
It encompasses Gold Creek Square, Cockington Green, the Gold Creek golf course, the National Dinosaur Museum, Australian Reptile Centre, the George Harcourt Inn and Federation Square.

Harcourt and time
During this time Henry V had a policy of creating Norman titles for his aristocrats, and thus Beaufort was created Count of Harcourt in 1418.
It should be emphasised that Harcourt did not receive the confession directly ( he was nine at the time that Macleod died ) but that it passed ( if it did ) from Macleod's sister to the wife of Henry Ponsonby, the Queen's private secretary, and thence to Harcourt's father Sir William Harcourt, the then Home Secretary.
By the time of the 1991 election, Wilson lobbied to be included in the televised Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ) debate between Vander Zalm's successor, Premier Rita Johnston and BC NDP Leader Michael Harcourt.
Harcourt Buildings were first built in 1703 by John Banks and named after Simon Harcourt, the Treasurer of the time.
Prior to this, the Common Lands of the village were owned by the Lord of the Manor of Wraysbury, at that time John Simon Harcourt, the Church, and the Trustees of William Gyll esq., although, as common land, they were subject to legal rights of pasture and grazing for copyholders and other tenants.
He was educated at Shilton, near Burford, in Oxfordshire, in a small school which produced at the same time a Lord High Treasurer ( Harley himself ), a Lord High Chancellor ( Lord Harcourt ) and a Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas ( Lord Trevor ).
Little credence is given to this report, in view of the many years which would have passed from the time of the " marriage " until Harcourt recorded it.
Lord Harcourt raised the 76th and as was the custom at that time named it Lord Harcourt's Regiment.
The title was created a second time in 1917 in favour of Lewis Vernon Harcourt.
He married a second time to Marie of Harcourt ( d. 1464 ), Lady of Parthenay 26 October 1439 and had two children:
At this time, d ' Harcourt was pioneering the teaching of Cartesianism in France.
By the time of the band's final album, Last Chance Dance, in 1973, Charlie Prichard had been replaced by Charlie Harcourt on guitar, harmonica and vocals.
Additionally, the Irish Independent reported that following the restructuring, the investors of EMPG would have a nominal investment in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt via warrants over 5 % of the company if it exceeded the $ 10 billion valuation placed on the company at the time of the merger between Houghton Mifflin Riverdeep and Harcourt.
On 19 September 2011, it was announced that Linda K. Zecher would be replacing Barry O ' Callahan as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt after O ' Callahan resigned in order to spend more time with his family.
In 1986, he sold the book publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich for $ 500M ; in 1987, he sold the CBS magazine division to Diamandis Communications ; and also in 1987, he sold the CBS Music Group, the 2nd largest record company in the world at the time, to Sony for $ 2 billion.
After government service, Herrington was the Chairman of Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Inc. Herrington remains active in politics in his home state, having served for a time as Chairman of the California Republican Party.
By the time it was abolished in 1969, it had been redistributed to cover suburbs such as Earlwood and Harcourt.
Haliday in the years 1825-1840 spent most of his time in Dublin from 1833 living at No. 3, North Cumberland Street ( in later years his Dublin address was No. 8, Harcourt Street ).
Despite the effort of the Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt, to move for a second reading of the Bill, no vote was taken on the measure by the time Parliament was adjourned on 22 May 1884.
Set in a lush valley at the foot of Mount Alexander, Harcourt was once the premier apple growing region in Australia ( a title yielded to Tasmania some time ago ).

Harcourt and .
Both Alfred Harcourt and Donald Brace had written him enthusiastic praise of Elmer Gantry ( any changes could be made in proof, which was already coming from the printer ) and they had ordered 140,000 copies -- the largest first printing of any book in history.
On New Year's Eve, Alfred Harcourt drove him up the Hudson to Bill Brown's Training Camp, a well-known establishment for the speedy if temporary rehabilitation of drunkards who could no longer help themselves.
On January 4, with the boys back at school and college, Mrs. Lewis wrote Harcourt to say that she was `` through, quite through ''.
Lewis's remarks about his marriage were suggestive enough to induce American reporters to invade the offices of Harcourt, Brace & Company for information, to pursue Mrs. Lewis to Cromwell Hall, and, after she had returned to New York, to ferret her out at the Stanhope on upper Fifth Avenue where she had taken an apartment.
Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle is chairman of the committee, which includes Mrs. James A. Moody, Mrs. Frank C. Wilkinson, Mrs. Ethel Coles, Mrs. Harold G. Lacy, Mrs. Albert W. Terry, Mrs. Henry M. Chance, 2d, Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle, Jr., Mrs. Harcourt N. Trimble, Jr., Mrs. John A. Moller, Mrs. Robert Zeising, Mrs. William G. Kilhour, Mrs. Hughes Cauffman, Mrs. John L. Baringer and Mrs. Clyde Newman.
The 1890s were marred by infighting between the three principal successors to Gladstone, party leader William Harcourt, former Prime Minister Lord Rosebery, and Gladstone's personal secretary, John Morley.
This intrigue finally led Harcourt and Morley to resign their positions in 1898 as they continued to be at loggerheads with Rosebery over Irish home rule and issues relating to imperialism.
Replacing Harcourt as party leader was Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.
Harcourt and Morley also sided with this group, though with slightly different aims.
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Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2009.
He played James Harcourt, a young and sentimental homosexual student from an English boarding school.
Heat, Thermodynamics, and Statistical Physics, Rupert Hart-Davis, London, Harcourt, Brace, & World.
Then he entered the Collège d ' Harcourt in Paris.
There are many pubs across the city centre, with the area around St. Stephen's Green and Grafton Street, especially Harcourt Street, Camden Street, Wexford Street and Leeson Street, having the most popular nightclubs and pubs.
The areas around Leeson Street, Harcourt Street, South William Street and Camden / George's Street are popular nightlife spots for locals.
New York: The Harcourt Press ( 1994 ) pg.
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* Harcourt, Jules, Virginia Richerson, and Mark J Wattier.
James Harcourt played Fox in the 1941 film Penn of Pennsylvania.

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