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Harlequin and Arlecchino
* Il servitore di due padroni, ( 1745 ) " The Servant of Two Masters " ( now often retitled Arlecchino servitore di due padroni " Harlequin Servant of two Masters ")
Sketch of Arlecchino | Harlequin, a popular zanni character
Some characters in Commedia that are associated as Zanni are Arlecchino, Brighella, Scapino-Mescolino and Mezzatino, Scaramuccia, Pulcinella, Pedrolino, Harlequin, Giangurgolo, Tartaglia, Trappolino, and Burratino.
Occasionally, under the name Arlecchina she would wear a motley similar to her counterpart Arlecchino ( or Harlequin ).
* Harlequin ( Arlecchino ), Punch ( Pulcinella ), and Signora Rosaura: Harlequin, Punch, and Signora Rosaura are puppets at the Theatre who embrace Pinocchio as their brother.
It takes its name from Arlecchino, Harlequin in French, a colourfully dressed character in Commedia dell ' arte.
The premiere production included a ballet at the end of Act I, Un bassà turco ( A Turkish Pasha ), and one at the end of Act II, Pantomimo tra Pulcinella, Arlecchino e Coviello ( Pantomime between Pulcinella, Harlequin and Coviello ).
He was known for playing Zanni, comic servant roles, hence his stage name, and is one of the first actors believed to have played the Zanni subtype known as Harlequin ( Arlecchino in Italian ), which subsequently became one the most important leading roles in commedia dell ' arte plays.

Harlequin and Italian
An Italian company was called back to Paris in 1716, and Pierrot was reincarnated by the actors Pierre-François Biancolelli ( son of the Harlequin of the banished troupe of players ) and, after he quickly abandoned the role, the celebrated Fabio Sticotti ( 1676 – 1741 ) and his son Antoine-Jean ( 1715 – 1772 ).
* Russian — Chagall, Marc ( worked mainly in France ): Pierrot with Umbrella ( 1926 ); Somov, Konstantin: Lady and Pierrot ( 1910 ), Curtain Design for Moscow Free Theater ( 1913 ), Italian Comedy ( 1914 ; two versions ); Suhaev, Vasilij, and Alexandre Yakovlev: Harlequin and Pierrot ( Self-Portraits of and by Suhaev and A. Yakovlev ) ( 1914 ); Tchelitchew, Pavel ( worked mainly in France and U. S. A .): Pierrot ( 1930 ).
The name was that of a stock character in 17th-century Italian farce, Scaramuccia ( literally " skirmish "), who, attired usually in a black Spanish dress, burlesquing a don, was beaten by Harlequin for his boasting and cowardice.
* the Commedia dell ' arte — an improvisational theater of fixed types ( Harlequin, Colombo ) created in Padua in 1545 ; Italian troupes were invited in France from 1576 on.

Harlequin and Arlequin
** No. 1, Arlequin ( Harlequin ) in F Major

Harlequin and French
One of the origins postulated for the modern Harlequin is Hellequin, a stock character in French passion plays.
* French — Alleaume, Ludovic: Poor Pierrot ( 1915 ); Derain, André: Pierrot ( 1923 – 1924 ), Harlequin and Pierrot ( c. 1924 ); Gabain, Ethel: Many works, including Pierrot ( 1916 ), Pierrot's Love-letter ( 1917 ), and Unfaithful Pierrot ( 1919 ); La Fresnaye, Roger de: Study for " Pierrot " ( 1921 ); La Touche, Gaston de: Pierrot's Greeting ( n. d .); Laurens, Henri: Pierrot ( c. 1922 ); Matisse, Henri: The Burial of Pierrot ( 1943 ); Mossa, Gustav Adolf: Pierrot and the Chimera ( 1906 ), Pierrot Takes His Leave ( 1906 ), Pierrot and His Doll ( 1907 ); Picabia, Francis: Pierrot ( early 1930s ); Renoir, Pierre-Auguste: White Pierrot ( 1901 / 1902 ); Rouault, Georges: Many works, including White Pierrot ( 1911 ), Pierrot ( 1920 ), Pierrot ( 1937 – 1938 ), Pierrot ( or Pierrette ) ( 1939 ), Aristocratic Pierrot ( 1942 ), The Wise Pierrot ( 1943 ), Blue Pierrots with Bouquet ( c. 1946 ).
One of the origins postulated for the modern Harlequin is Hellequin, a stock character in French passion plays.
Physical Air ,— or — Britannia recover'd from a Trance ;— also, the Patriotic Courage of Sherry Andrew ; & a peep thro ' the Fog ( 1803 ) by James Gillray, showing Sheridan as a Silenus-like and ragged Harlequin defending Henry Addington and Lord Hawkesbury on the Dover coast from the advancing French rowboats filled with French soldiers, led by Napoleon.
Some unreleased Mecano songs are Me Non Parle Vous Français (" I Don't Speak French "), Me he declarado en guerra (" I've Declared Myself At War "), Cristóbal Colón (" Christopher Columbus "), El Caballo de Espartero (" The Weaver's Horse "), Solo (" Alone "), Lía, El Pez (" The Fish "), El Romance de la Niña María Luz (" The Romance of the Girl María Luz "), Arlequín (" Harlequin "), Al Alba (" At Dawn "), ¿ Qué Haces Tú en el Mundo?
In Restoration England, a pantomime was considered a low form of opera, rather like the Commedia dell ' arte but without Harlequin ( rather like the French Vaudeville ).

Harlequin and Spanish
Shah argues that the Arabic name aghlaq-which was given to such sufi masters-with plural form " aghlaqueen " pronounced with the guttural gh-as the Spanish jota, would have given the word Harlequin.
* Spanish — Carmona, Fernando Briones: Melancholy Pierrot ( 1945 ); Dalí, Salvador: Pierrot with Guitar ( 1924 ), Pierrot Playing the Guitar ( 1925 ); Gris, Juan ( worked mainly in France ): Many works, including Pierrot ( 1919 ), Pierrot ( 1921 ), Pierrot Playing Guitar ( 1923 ), Pierrot with Book ( 1924 )— see images at right of page ; Picasso, Pablo ( worked mainly in France ): Many works, including Pierrot ( 1918 ), Pierrot and Harlequin ( 1920 ), Three Musicians ( 1921 ; two versions ), Portrait of Adolescent as Pierrot ( 1922 ), Paul as Pierrot ( 1925 ); Valle, Evaristo: Pierrot ( 1909 ).
* Spanish — Miró, Joan ( worked mainly in France and U. S. A .): Pierrot le fou ( 1964 ); Picasso, Pablo ( worked mainly in France ): Many works, including Pierrot with Newspaper and Bird ( 1969 ), various versions of Pierrot and Harlequin ( 1970, 1971 ), and metal cut-outs: Head of Pierrot ( c. 1961 ), Pierrot ( 1961 ); Roig, Bernardí: Pierrot le fou ( 2009 ; polyester and neon lighting ).

Harlequin and is
The Harlequin is also known to be a type of clown.
One origin theory is that “ The name Zanni was given to the two masks from Bergamo, Harlequin and Brighella, because they were, according to Quadrio, descendants of the sannio of the Atellana ".
His character in postmodern popular culture — in poetry, fiction, the visual arts, as well as works for the stage, screen, and concert hall — is that of the sad clown, pining for love of Columbine, who usually breaks his heart and leaves him for Harlequin.
The formula has proven enduring: Pierrot is still a fixture at Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world, where he plays the nitwit talking to and entertaining children, and at nearby Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest, where the Harlequin and Columbine act is performed as a pantomime and ballet.
Harlequin is a comic servant character.
During the performance, the puppets Harlequin, Punch, and Signora Rosaura see Pinocchio and cry out, " It is our brother Pinocchio!
Sparaxis tricolor, known by the common names Wandflower, Harlequin flower, and Sparaxis, is a bulb-forming perennial plant that grows in well-drained sunny soil.
Sparaxis ( Harlequin Flower ) is a genus in the family Iridaceae with about 13 species endemic to Cape Province, South Africa.
* Harlequin: The base color is pure white with black torn patches irregularly and well distributed over the entire body ; a pure white neck is preferred.
In The Condition of Muzak she is revealed to be a true Harlequin.
Freda, the Harlequin Great Dane mascot of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade ( Earl of Liverpool's Own ) is also buried on the chase marked with a memorial marble headstone.
Harlequin is the comedian and romantic male lead.
In some versions of the original Commedia dell ' arte, Harlequin is able to perform magic feats.
Columbine is a lovely woman, who has caught the eye of Harlequin.
He is taken in readily by the various tricks and schemes of Harlequin.
Guillotine leaves day-to-day matters in the hands of various commanders ; principally Spider ( a human who is eventually killed by a spray of acid ), Doctor Botanus ( Doctor Over in the Japanese series ; a silver-skinned alien capable of teleportation ), Fangar ( Red Cobra in the Japanese series, and also alternatively referred to as Dangor the Executioner in the US series-a bizarre alien with a pegleg and crutch, a greatly enlarged forehead, protruding upper teeth, and a costume that looks like a traditional striped prison outfit in front and a red velvet jumpsuit in back ), Harlequin ( Black Dia in the Japanese version, who has a fascination with the suits of playing cards ), and The Golden Knight ( Mr. Gold in the Japanese series ; a gold colored armored knight ).
Karen Valby of Entertainment Weekly comments, “ While the book chews on meaty questions of race and identity, the movie largely resigns itself to the realm of sudsy romance .” New York Times critic Virginia writes,the film is less a literary tribute than a visual fix of Harlequin Romance: Black Southern Series-all sensual soft-core scenes and contemporary, accessible language .”
The Harlequin Duck ( Histrionicus histrionicus ) is a small sea duck.
The anti-Martinist An Almond for a Parrot ( 1590 ), ostensibly credited to one " Cutbert Curry-knave ," is now universally recognised as Nashe's work, although its author humorously claims, in its dedication to the comedian William Kempe, to have met Harlequin in Bergamo while returning from a trip to Venice in the summer of 1589.
The only purpose-built UK marionette theatre is The Harlequin Puppet Theatre ( built 1958 ) in Rhos on Sea, North Wales, Founded by the late Eric Bramall FRSA and continued by Chris Somerville.

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