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Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude ( 1971 ) was not successful financially at the time of its original release, but has since earned a cult following and has become successful following its video and DVD releases.
In 1970 the movie Harold and Maude was filmed at the toll plaza and showed Maude speeding and disobeying a police officer.
In the 1971 movie Harold and Maude the character Harold, played by Bud Cort, drives two hearses: originally a 1959 Cadillac Superior 3-way ; and then later a custom hearse he makes from a 1971 Jaguar XK-E 4. 2 Series II.
Several " Harold and Maude " fans have since built similar hearses from E-Types and photos of them can be found online.
Harold and Maude is a 1971 American dark comedy film directed by Hal Ashby and released by Paramount Pictures.
Harold drifts away from the life that his detached mother ( Vivian Pickles ) prescribes for him, and develops a relationship with a 79-year-old woman named Maude ( played by Ruth Gordon ).
Harold and Maude was also a play on Broadway that closed after four performances.
Cover of the Harold and Maude video, with lead actors Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort
At a funeral service for a total stranger, Harold meets Maude ( Ruth Gordon ), a 79-year-old woman who shares Harold's hobby of attending funerals.
The pair form a bond, and Maude slowly shows Harold the pleasures of art and music ( Harold is taught to play banjo ), and teaches him how to " the most of his time on earth.
As they become closer, Harold announces that he will marry Maude, resulting in disgusted outbursts from his family, psychiatrist and priest.
As the couple dances, Maude tells Harold that she " couldn't imagine a lovelier farewell.
Harold rushes Maude to the hospital, where she is treated unsuccessfully and dies.
The effort is thwarted by a stunt in which Harold appears to kill Maude.
He also tells Harold not to marry Maude.
Harold tells Maude when they are talking candidly at her house that he has " died a few times.
Two years later, AFI released the list AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Passions honoring the most romantic films for the past 100 years, Harold and Maude ranked # 69.
Harold and Maude was acknowledged as the ninth best film in the romantic comedy genre.
Harold is death, Maude life, and they manage to make the two seem so similar that life s hardly worth the extra bother.
In the 1971 film Harold and Maude, Maude shows Harold her painting titled " The Rape of Rome ," which includes Leda and the Swan in the bottom right corner.

Harold and is
Even so astute a commentator as Harold Clurman of The Nation has said that `` Waiting For Godot '' is `` the concentrate of the contemporary European mood of despair ''.
Harold Clurman is right to say that `` Waiting For Godot '' is a reflection ( he calls it a distorted reflection ) `` of the impasse and disarray of Europe's present politics, ethic, and common way of life ''.
Harold E. Strang, expert in switchgear design, for a long period vp & gm of the Measurements & Industrial Products Division, and who currently, approaching retirement, is vice-president and consulting engineer in the Switchgear & Control Division.
Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle is chairman of the committee, which includes Mrs. James A. Moody, Mrs. Frank C. Wilkinson, Mrs. Ethel Coles, Mrs. Harold G. Lacy, Mrs. Albert W. Terry, Mrs. Henry M. Chance, 2d, Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle, Jr., Mrs. Harcourt N. Trimble, Jr., Mrs. John A. Moller, Mrs. Robert Zeising, Mrs. William G. Kilhour, Mrs. Hughes Cauffman, Mrs. John L. Baringer and Mrs. Clyde Newman.
:" To this day Harold is not quite sure what made him suddenly pour out the whole story to a little man to whom he had only spoken a few minutes before.
* 1970 – California judge Harold Haley is taken hostage in his courtroom and killed during in an effort to free George Jackson from police custody.
One of the more substantial collections of Aldine Press books and Aldine imitations in North America is at the Harold B. Lee library on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.
Stigand's position as archbishop was canonically suspect, and as earl Harold had not allowed Stigand to consecrate one of the earl's churches, it is unlikely that Harold would have allowed Stigand to perform the much more important royal coronation.
Harold Guskin's approach or " taking it off the page " as he calls it is steeped in this philosophy.
However, it is likely that fewer fought in the actual battle on the Italian side: Harold Marcus notes that " several thousand " soldiers were needed in support roles and to guard the lines of communication to the rear.
President of the Church Harold B. Lee taught " The only one authorized to bring forth any new doctrine is the President of the Church, who, when he does, will declare it as revelation from God, and it will be so accepted by the Council of the Twelve and sustained by the body of the Church.
One episode in Series 5 of Steptoe and Son was entitled " Any Old Iron ", for the same reason, when Albert thinks that Harold is ' on the turn '.
Although love is central to both Christianity and Judaism, literary critic Harold Bloom ( in his Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine ) argues that their notions of love are fundamentally different.
Though this venue usually is reserved for juniors and seniors, Harold Scott insisted that Flockhart perform there in his production of William Inge's Picnic.
Others blamed pushback from the rock industry: Harold Childs, senior vice president at A & M Records, told the Los Angeles Times that " radio is really desperate for rock product " and " they're all looking for some white rock-n-roll ".
This example is attributed to Harold Hotelling.
The first A is an expansive threnody on solo cello ( Schmidt's own instrument ) whose seamless lyricism predates Strauss's Metamorphosen by more than a decade ( its theme is later adjusted to form the scherzo of the symphony ); the B section is an equally expansive funeral march ( deliberately referencing Beethoven's Eroica in its texture ) whose dramatic climax is marked by an orchestral crescendo culminating in a gong and cymbal crash ( again, a clear allusion to similar climaxes in the later symphonies of Bruckner, and followed by what Harold Truscott has brilliantly described as a " reverse climax ", leading back to a repeat of the A section ).
Harold Chasen ( Bud Cort ) is a young man obsessed with death.

Harold and #
# Hanging himself in opening scene: Harold hangs himself while his mother is on the phone in the opening scene.
# Letting his mother find him in her bathtub, throat and wrists slit and the mirrors drenched in blood: After this act, Harold sees a psychiatrist.
# Floating dead in pool: Harold floats face down, fully clothed, for an impossibly long time as his mother swims laps past him.
# Shooting himself in the forehead: As his mother reads the questionnaire for the dating service ( and answers it according to her preferences, not his ), Harold surreptitiously loads a revolver with live rounds, then wheels around and points it at his mother.
# Fire: For the first blind date, Harold sets himself on fire on the diving board in view of the horrified girl, then calmly walks in behind her with his body still apparently burning outside the window.
# Hand chopping: The second blind date ends abruptly with Harold chopping off an obviously fake hand.
# Seppuku: For the final date, Harold disembowels himself with a sword.
# Car: Grief-stricken over Maude's death, Harold drives his Jaguar / hearse recklessly up a winding dirt road, sending it flying off a cliff to the rocks below.
At the beginning of One-Dimensional Man Marcuse writes, “ The people recognize themselves in their commodities ; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment ,”< ref > Harold Marcuse < http :// www. marcuse. org / herbert / quotes / QuotRedThread. html # Capitalism ></ ref > meaning that under capitalism ( in consumer society ) humans become extensions of the commodities that they buy, thus making commodities extensions of people's minds and bodies.
# Adeliza ( or Adelida, Adelaide ) died before 1113, reportedly betrothed to Harold II of England, probably a nun of St Léger at Préaux.
# Harold II of England ( c. 1022-14 October 1066 )
The Viking Runestones # Sm 42 | runestone Sm 42, in Småland, Sweden, mentions Harold Harefoot .< ref > Omeljan Pritsak | Pritsak, Omeljan.
Harold James Ruthven Murray calls version # 1 " nine holes " and version # 2 " three men's morris " or " the smaller merels ".
* American ( U. S. A .)— Abelle, Victor: " Pierrot and Pierrette " ( 1906 ; piano ); Foote, Arthur: " Pierrot " and " Pierrette ", from Five Bagatelles ( c. 1894 ; piano ); Hoiby, Lee: " Pierrot " ( 1950 ; # 2 of Night Songs for voice and piano ; text by Adelaide Crapsey above under # Poetry | Poetry ); Neidlinger, William Harold: Piano Sketches ( 1905 ; # 5: " Pierrot "; # 7: " Columbine "); Oehmler, Leo: " Pierrot and Pierrette – Petite Gavotte " ( 1905 ; violin and piano ).
# Redirect Harold Godwinson
# Adeliza ( or Adelida, Adelaide ) Died before 1113, reportedly betrothed to Harold II of England, probably a nun of St Léger at Préaux.
# REDIRECT Harold Eugene Edgerton
# REDIRECT Harold Murray
# Harold Ainsworth ( 1854 – 1933 ), the celebrated landscape architect.

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