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Having and mill
Having failed to secure a spot along the river that provided enough water power to run his mill, Talbot dismantled the settlement and moved to the present location of Addison, and by the fall of 1836, milling operations restarted.
Having begun as an Indian trader, he expanded his business interests to include a sawmill and lumber business, and a flour mill that served the area.
Having previously been one of the two main towns in the Tame Valley, Ashton-under-Lyne became one of the " most famous mill towns in the North West ".
Having struggled through the waters in a boat to find Tom at the old mill, she sets out with him to rescue Lucy Deane and her family.
Having taken up work at a dressmaker's ( her father having objected to her working in a factory ), Mary becomes subject to the affections of hard-working Jem Wilson and Harry Carson, son of a wealthy mill owner.
Having attended Hyde County Grammar School for Boys, he left at the age of 14 and became a clerk for a cotton mill.

Having and two
Having fallen from public notice, the tunnel was rediscovered in 1981 by then 18-year-old Robert " Bob " Diamond, who entered from a manhole he located at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, crawled a distance of underground through a filled-in section of tunnel less than two feet high, and located the bulkhead wall that sealed off the main portion of the tunnel.
Having gone through numerous changes over time, it now circulates as two distinct books: the Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders and the Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Casket, which were edited separately in the eleventh century, under the Song dynasty.
Having partnered previously with Gygax on Don't Give Up the Ship !, Arneson introduced Gygax to his Blackmoor game and the two then collaborated on developing " The Fantasy Game ", the role-playing game ( RPG ) that became Dungeons & Dragons, with the final writing and preparation of the text being done by Gygax.
Having two barrels lets the shooter use a more open choke for near targets, and a tighter choke for distant targets, providing the optimal shot pattern for each distance.
Having lost two FA Cup finals, Banks ' attempts to be luckier with Stoke in the competition fell agonisingly short as Arsenal beat them in the semi finals of both the 1971 and 1972 competitions.
Double-strung harps often have levers either on every string or on the most commonly sharped strings, for example C and F. Having two sets of strings allows the harpist's left and right hands to occupy the same range of notes without having both hands attempt to play the same string at the same time.
Having found for the plaintiff for a violation of the first law, the court then has the discretion to exercise judicial economy and refuse to make a decision on the remaining two claims, on the grounds that the finding of one violation should be sufficient to satisfy the plaintiff.
Having taken control of several European countries through his machinations, he tries to provoke a war between the two fictional nations of Galonia and Toran with the help of the crooked Galonian General Lupo planning to set all the nations of the world at war, but is stopped by Superman.
Having been absent roughly two years, he had much to organize and supervise in Egypt, namely fortifying and reconstructing Cairo.
Having won the support of the other two Oda elders, Niwa Nagahide and Ikeda Tsuneoki, Hideyoshi established Hidenobu's position, as well as his own influence in the Oda clan.
Having promised the ring ( and with it, his estate ) to all three, the king had two equally precious copies made and gave one ring to each son.
Having clamored for a fight for two years, Hearst took credit for the conflict when it came: A week after the United States declared war on Spain, he ran " How do you like the Journal's war?
Having been hurried with unseemly haste through all the intermediate orders, Leo received consecration two days after his election, which was unacceptable to the Roman populace.
Having made it up to third place in the race, he suffered brake troubles and fell back to fifth at the finish, two laps behind the winner, Guy Moll.
Having supplied BSkyB with hardware since its inception in 1988, market analysts had noted the two companies becoming increasingly close in recent years.
Having high rates of hybridization and introgression produces genetic data that often does not differentiate between two clearly morphologically distinct species, but instead differentiates populations.
Having been the first major city in Greece to fall to the occupying forces just two days after the German invasion, it was in Thessaloniki that the first Greek resistance group was formed ( under the name « Ελευθερία », Eleftheria, " Freedom ") as well as the first anti-Nazi newspaper in an occupied territory anywhere in Europe, also by the name Eleftheria.
Having joined Brabham in 1978 for a $ 1 million salary, Lauda endured two unsuccessful seasons, notable mainly for his one race in the Brabham BT46B, a radical design known as the Fan Car: it won its first race, but Brabham did not use the car in F1 again, not wanting the car to be banned outright.
Having crossed two miles of mud, the Eingreif divisions found the British already established along a new defence line, with the forward battlezone and its weak garrison gone beyond recapture.
Having two bishops ( the bishop pair ) is a particularly powerful weapon, especially if the opposing player lacks one or both of their bishops.
Having announced his intention to go on crusade two years before, Simon raised funds and travelled to the Holy Land, but does not seem to have faced combat there.
Having done so, he proceeds to slaughter the suitors — beginning with Antinous whom he finds drinking from Odysseus ' cup — with help from Telemachus, Athena and two servants, Eumaeus the swineherd and Philoetius the cowherd.
Having learnt from the heavy casualties inflicted upon the airborne formations in Operation Market, the two airborne divisions were dropped several thousand yards forward of friendly positions, and only some thirteen hours after Operation Plunder had begun and Allied ground forces had already crossed the Rhine.
Having learned that " Secret Window " was published two years before Shooter claimed to have written " Sowing Season ", Mort confronts Shooter with this information.
Having been taken along to a computer fair, he became enamored of the first model of the Macintosh, the start of a long love-affair with the brand ( he claimed to have bought two of the first three Macintosh in the UK — the other being bought by his friend Stephen Fry ).

Having and grain
Having secured an overland supply route for military personnel and equipment along Dere Street, Urbicus very likely set up a supply port at Carriden for the supply of grain and other foodstuffs before proceeding against the Dumnonii tribe who inhabited South Strathclyde.

Having and Northern
Having lost the civil war, this group remained in existence, with the intention of overthrowing both the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland and achieving the Irish Republic proclaimed in 1916.
Having successfully completed the Northern Bypass, the government, in collaboration with its stakeholders, now plans to introduce the Bus Rapid Transit ( BRT ) system in Kampala by 2014.
Having spent most of his career, as he himself jokingly admitted once, saying ' No ', Paisley assumed the chairmanship of the Agriculture committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly created by the Belfast Agreement, where he was praised as an effective, coordinating chairman.
Having experimented in Northern California with sugar beets, the Bixbys agreed to provide the land, and contracted with Montana silver baron William A. Clark to provide the capital, and got E. A.
Having noteworthy earthworks raised above the surrounding valley floor ( flooded by chalk stream aquifers – at the most Northern extent of the London Basin ), it is likely the castle's site has been of some significance since man first populated the area.
Having studied the geography of Northern France, and attended the manoeuvres of the French cavalry, Allenby highlighted the importance of the cavalry in retreat, recognising its ability to provide cover for the withdrawing infantry.
Having failed to conquer the USSR with Operation Barbarossa ( June – December 1941 ), the Siege of Leningrad ( September 1941 – January 1944 ), Operation Nordlicht (" Northern Light ", August – October 1942 ), and the Battle of Stalingrad ( July 1942 – February 1943 ), Nazi Germany found itself at a logistical disadvantage.
" On Thin Ice – Louise Murray Travels to Qaanaaq in Northern Greenland to See the Effect That Climate Change Is Having on Subsistence Hunters and Their Prey ".
Having, however, become prominent in British politics he was appointed Secretary of State for the Northern Department in January 1768 ; he acted with great promptitude during the unrest caused by John Wilkes and the Middlesex election of 1768.
Having established a following in Northern California, Mr. Bungle was signed to Warner Bros., who released their self-titled debut album in 1991.
Having lobbied the Irish government ( but not the British Government nor the Northern Ireland Administration ) for two years to fully investigate the Magdalene laundries ( ignoring the Bethany grouping ), an advocacy group, Justice for Magdalenes, presented their case to the United Nations Committee Against Torture.
Having started with basic domestic issues, the civil rights struggle in Northern Ireland escalated to a full scale movement that found its embodiment in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association.
Having fallen severely ill in 1886, he spent his final years editing historical documents of the Eudoxiu Hurmuzaki fund, publicizing Ancient Greek and Roman archeological finds in Northern Dobruja, and collecting foreign documents related to Romanian history.
Having served as Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Northern Ireland Office, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, he became an Assistant Whip in May 2006.
Having enjoyed a few years in division one, Lower Plenty are now in the Northern Football League second division.
Having already totaling 972 yards before joining the Raiders, he was able to reach the 1, 000 yard milestone during his short tenure with the Northern California team.
Having not earned a call-up to the full England team, Camp stated that he would be keen on playing for Northern Ireland, who he qualifies for through his Newtownards-born grandfather.
Having been made a Northern Ireland Privy Counsellor seven years earlier, Lord MacDermott was admitted to the British Privy Council in 1947.
Having graduated from the Engineering school in Moscow, he took part in the 1700-1721 Great Northern War with Sweden.
Having completed their training, the United States ’ forces began leaving Northern Ireland in the spring of 1944 in readiness for the Normandy landings.
Having conquered Northern Han in 979, Emperor Taizong took advantage of the momentum and launched another military campaign against the Liao Dynasty.
Having evacuated from Molde during German air attacks on 29 April, King Haakon VII and his government arrived in Tromsø in Northern Norway by 1 May.
Having sent messengers, who had started strikes in Northern Monmouthshire, Neath and Swansea Valleys, the riots reached their peak.

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