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Having and almost
Having been almost entirely rebuilt twice, once due to Japanese air raids during World War II, and again after being devastated by Cyclone Tracy in 1974, the city is one of Australia's most modern capitals.
Having experienced almost nothing of society, the boy remained a savage.
Having disbanded his first orchestra in 1950 he almost abandoned tango altogether as he continued to study Bartok and Stravinsky, and orchestra direction with Herman Scherchen.
Having data available in almost real time allows quick reactions to events in the field.
Having driven the Knights Templar away, fearing their return the Nicosians demolished the castle of the city almost to its foundations.
Having small population size is a characteristic almost universally inherent to apex predators.
Having earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1857, he was ordained as a Church of England priest in 1858, a career that would span almost 50 years until, in 1904, he was forced to tender his resignation due to " infirmities of sight and memory ".
Having moved to Texas in 1839, Andrews and his family were almost killed because of his abolitionist lectures and had to flee in 1843.
Having legal systems, police forces, monetary systems, customs policies, immigration policies, national sports teams, official languages, postal systems, academic and educational systems, and certain degrees of international representation that are different or independent from the People's Republic of China, makes their status almost equivalent to independent nations in many respects.
Having served in the Senate for almost thirty years, Johnson died in the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, on August 6, 1945.
:" Having successfully negotiated almost its entire 118 minutes, The Edge shoots itself in the foot.
Having conquered almost all of central Arabia, he united his dominions into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932.
Having lost his intellectual power, however, ' as the hours wore on his voice dropped almost to a whisper '
Having lost many soldiers in the war and with its coffers almost empty due to the twenty-year disruption of trade.
Having given up collage in the late 1970s, Rego began using pastels as a medium in the early 1990s, and continues to use this medium to this day, almost to the exclusion of oil paint.
Having paired the pair continue to build the nest in almost all species, although in the Little Bittern and Least Bittern only the male works on the nest.
Having been an almost exclusively agricultural country until recently, the essential recipes in Korea are shaped by this experience.
Having all 3 red Dvonn pieces grouped together near the edge almost guarantees a win for an experienced player playing with white.
Having left the newspaper on 12 December 1891 Blatchford set up The Clarion newspaper, but unfortunately due to a printing error the first edition of it was almost completely illegible.
Having been on errands abroad, he was made one of the king's principal secretaries in 1540 ( a position he held jointly with Sir Ralph Sadler ), and was knighted in the same year ; in spite of the fall of his patron, Thomas Cromwell, he rose higher and higher in the royal favour, and in 1542 it was said that he governed almost everything in England.
Having no weapons, the species was almost completely wiped out.
Having reached a 40 year low of 17th in the Conference, the summer of 2002 proved a turning point as almost the entire squad was changed.
Having almost total air superiority throughout the collapsing German Reich, Eighth Air Force hit targets as far east as Hungary, while Fifteenth Air Force hit oil industry facilities in Yugoslavia, Romania, and northeastern Italy.
Having won at age 35 almost all the great events except for Wimbledon, this tournament became Rosewall's priority in the seventies.

Having and no
Having no choice, he plunged into it, anyway, holding onto the microphone for support.
Having no living legitimate children, Caesar had adopted his great-nephew Octavius as his son and main heir.
" Having unsuccessfully approached both the University of Oxford and Harvard University, Morris was able to talk his way into Princeton University, where he began studying the history of science, a topic in which he had " absolutely no background.
Having retired as a player in 1979, he had no VFL coaching experience and was regarded as something of a risk, although he had coached in the Australian Army whilst on national service.
Having no actual power, he rebelled, attempting suicide and accusing Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and his consort Itsuko of adultery.
Having noted the current use of many, often contradictory, definitions of feudalism, she argued that the word is only a construct with no basis in medieval reality, an invention of modern historians read back " tyrannically " into the historical record.
Having no children, he bequeathed much of his estate to Christian charities, especially those that helped the poor.
Having noted that the island was still uninhabited, he was presumably the less inclined to risk a landing when there was no British settlement there to report on.
There is no clear evidence that the United States actually exercised such a degree of control as to justify treating the contras as acting on its behalf ... Having reached the above conclusion, the Court takes the view that the Contras remain responsible for their acts, in particular the alleged violations by them of humanitarian law.
Having no opposition to contend with, he was able to power through much needed social reforms.
Having no other choice but to drink the poison, she died on the eve of Samhain, after which the festival came to be known as Mongfind's Feast, " wherefore women and the rabble make petitions to her on samain-eve.
Having no children left, he could not find anyone among his remaining relatives who was able to rule the country competently and be willing to maintain the Christian faith of the nation.
Having possessions on six continents, Britain had to defend all of its empire with a volunteer army, for it was the only power in Europe to have no conscription.
Having met with no success farming, the Grants left the St. Louis farm when their fourth and final child was born in 1858.
Having ruled Italy for over 40 years with no alternative other than the Italian Communist Party, DC members had ample opportunity to abuse their power, and some did.
The Chinese character s around the Taijitu symbol read: " Using no way as way " and " Having no limitation as limitation " The arrows represent the endless interaction between yang and yin.
Having made no major discoveries for a year, they were at the point of having to sell their furniture to pay the rent.
Having absolutely no idea what her key was, she sang regardless and got the job.
Having no previous acting experience, she started acting lessons after being cast.
Having its reputation at stake, Russia had no other choice but to declare war on the Ottomans in April 1877.
Having not once mentioned such gardens, Willey concludes that there is no sound evidence in favour of these fictitious legends.
Having exhibited this possibility, Frege's larger purpose was to defend the view that arithmetic is a branch of logic, a view known as logicism: unlike geometry, arithmetic was to be shown to have no basis in " intuition ", and no need for non-logical axioms.

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