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Having and been
# Having been drawn and enabled, but prior to regeneration, one is able to believe … able also to resist.
Having been informed that Solon was employed to draw up a code of laws for the Athenians, Anacharsis described his occupation, saying:
Having been told what the plant produced, Whorf wrote a chemical formula on a piece of paper, saying to the director: " I think this is what you're doing ".
Having been transformed into the consensus candidate, he secured the Democratic Party nomination, finishing with a victory in Jerry Brown's home state of California.
Having presided over relatively serene political, economic and social conditions, the feeling of prosperity in the UK had been maintained into the new millennium, and Labour would have a free hand to assert its ideals in the subsequent parliament.
Having been defeated by his brother's armies, Cem sought protection from the Knights of St. John in Rhodes.
Having been almost entirely rebuilt twice, once due to Japanese air raids during World War II, and again after being devastated by Cyclone Tracy in 1974, the city is one of Australia's most modern capitals.
Having spent the greater part of his early life in the twilight of Nero's reign, his formative years would have been strongly influenced by the political turmoil of the 60s, culminating with the civil war of 69, which brought his family to power.
Having been denied admission to the Polytechnique, Galois took the Baccalaureate examinations in order to enter the École Normale.
Having been charged with murder, Anjirō had fled Japan.
Having been defeated by a seven nation army at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813, he was forced to abdicate after the Six Days Campaign and the occupation of Paris.
Having said that, the literary sources of Priscus and Jordanes preserve only a few names, and three words, of the language of the Huns, which have been studied for more than a century and a half.
Having finished his political career, Genscher has been active as a lawyer and in international relations organizations.
Having been designated a State Sponsor of Terrorism since January 1984 ; Iran was in the midst of the Iran – Iraq War and could find few Western nations willing to supply it with weapons.
Having already been defeated by the Giants in the regular season, Baltimore was not favored to win, yet proceeded to take the title in sudden death overtime.
Having shown an early interest in art, Reynolds was apprenticed in 1740 to the fashionable London portrait painter Thomas Hudson, who had also been born in Devon.
Having thus secured his eastern frontier, Justinian turned his attention to the West, where Arian Germanic kingdoms had been established in the territories of the former Western Roman Empire.
Having been raised in a large family, including 43 children, Akii-Bua started his athletic career as a hurdler on the short distance.
Having been detected, Kearny decided to attack, and organized his troops to advance on San Pasqual.
:::: Having been created of one essence.
Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Megrahi dropped the appeal and on 20 August 2009, was granted compassionate release from jail and repatriated to Libya.
Having been a prime mover in establishing a tradition of palaeoanthropological inquiry, he was able to motivate the next generation to continue it, notably within his own family, many of whom also became prominent.
' Having said this, he and most of the members who had a right to sit in Parliament, withdrew from the House ; so that there was not the fourth part of a quorum of lawful members present in the House when the Secluded Members, who had been voted out of the Parliament by those that had an undisputed authority over their own members, undertook to dissolve the Parliament, which was not to be done, unless by their own consent ; and whether that consent was ever given, is submitted to the judgment of all impartial men.
Having multiple artisans working on the Libro de juegos would have been a typical practice for medieval chanceries and scriptoria, where the labor of producing a manuscript was divided amongst individuals of varying capacities, for example the positions of scribe, draftsman, and apprentice cutting pages.
Having been sent to the prison planet after his Injustice League was defeated, Lex quickly assumes control of the amassed villains, receiving competition only from Joker and Gorilla Grodd, who convince half of the villains to join them.

Having and absent
Having been absent for some years, he brought in the International Society for Ecology and Culture ( ISEC ) to act as the editorial team.
Having been absent from the decision-making process for centuries, Afghan women for the first time entered the political arena in 2001, after the overthrow of Taliban.
Having been absent for a number of years, the Univ Revue returned triumphantly in 2012.

Having and roughly
Having recovered from their previous losses at Trebia ( 218 BC ) and Trasimene ( 217 BC ), the Romans decided to engage Hannibal at Cannae, with roughly 86, 000 Roman and Allied troops.
Having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for roughly 80 – 55 million years, the Namib is also the oldest desert in the world.
Having originated from Persis, roughly corresponding to the modern Iranian province of Fars, Cyrus has played a crucial role in defining the national identity of modern Iran.
Having several contacts within Vemork he was able to roughly identify the disposition of German troops and other defences.
Having lost three dead and 10 wounded in the skirmish and inflicted roughly the same casualties, the Spaniards retired to a lightly entrenched position at Las Guasimas de Sevilla, on the road to Santiago ( 4 miles northwest of Siboney beach ).
Having read his works in her teens, Gournay travelled to meet him and eventually became his " fille d ' alliance " ( roughly " adopted daughter ").
Having started over two decades ago as simply The College Bowl, a Trivial Pursuit style game, Winter Weekend has slowly evolved into roughly fifteen different activities and events.
Having every magazine had ever seen the group inside, King also possessed roughly 70 VHS and 8mm videos dating back to 1983.
Having been based on linguistic areas, the dividing line corresponds very roughly to administrative borders.
Having a perihelion of roughly 30 AU is one of the defining characteristics of scattered objects, as it allows Neptune to exert its gravitational influence.
Having been approximately eight years old when the strip was introduced, he's roughly eighteen in 2007 ; a week's worth of strips in June 2007 featured Gene's high school graduation, and in August 2007 he is shown leaving home for college.

Having and two
Having fallen from public notice, the tunnel was rediscovered in 1981 by then 18-year-old Robert " Bob " Diamond, who entered from a manhole he located at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, crawled a distance of underground through a filled-in section of tunnel less than two feet high, and located the bulkhead wall that sealed off the main portion of the tunnel.
Having gone through numerous changes over time, it now circulates as two distinct books: the Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders and the Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Casket, which were edited separately in the eleventh century, under the Song dynasty.
Having partnered previously with Gygax on Don't Give Up the Ship !, Arneson introduced Gygax to his Blackmoor game and the two then collaborated on developing " The Fantasy Game ", the role-playing game ( RPG ) that became Dungeons & Dragons, with the final writing and preparation of the text being done by Gygax.
Having two barrels lets the shooter use a more open choke for near targets, and a tighter choke for distant targets, providing the optimal shot pattern for each distance.
Having lost two FA Cup finals, Banks ' attempts to be luckier with Stoke in the competition fell agonisingly short as Arsenal beat them in the semi finals of both the 1971 and 1972 competitions.
Double-strung harps often have levers either on every string or on the most commonly sharped strings, for example C and F. Having two sets of strings allows the harpist's left and right hands to occupy the same range of notes without having both hands attempt to play the same string at the same time.
Having found for the plaintiff for a violation of the first law, the court then has the discretion to exercise judicial economy and refuse to make a decision on the remaining two claims, on the grounds that the finding of one violation should be sufficient to satisfy the plaintiff.
Having taken control of several European countries through his machinations, he tries to provoke a war between the two fictional nations of Galonia and Toran with the help of the crooked Galonian General Lupo planning to set all the nations of the world at war, but is stopped by Superman.
Having won the support of the other two Oda elders, Niwa Nagahide and Ikeda Tsuneoki, Hideyoshi established Hidenobu's position, as well as his own influence in the Oda clan.
Having promised the ring ( and with it, his estate ) to all three, the king had two equally precious copies made and gave one ring to each son.
Having clamored for a fight for two years, Hearst took credit for the conflict when it came: A week after the United States declared war on Spain, he ran " How do you like the Journal's war?
Having been hurried with unseemly haste through all the intermediate orders, Leo received consecration two days after his election, which was unacceptable to the Roman populace.
Having made it up to third place in the race, he suffered brake troubles and fell back to fifth at the finish, two laps behind the winner, Guy Moll.
Having supplied BSkyB with hardware since its inception in 1988, market analysts had noted the two companies becoming increasingly close in recent years.
Having high rates of hybridization and introgression produces genetic data that often does not differentiate between two clearly morphologically distinct species, but instead differentiates populations.
Having been the first major city in Greece to fall to the occupying forces just two days after the German invasion, it was in Thessaloniki that the first Greek resistance group was formed ( under the name « Ελευθερία », Eleftheria, " Freedom ") as well as the first anti-Nazi newspaper in an occupied territory anywhere in Europe, also by the name Eleftheria.
Having joined Brabham in 1978 for a $ 1 million salary, Lauda endured two unsuccessful seasons, notable mainly for his one race in the Brabham BT46B, a radical design known as the Fan Car: it won its first race, but Brabham did not use the car in F1 again, not wanting the car to be banned outright.
Having crossed two miles of mud, the Eingreif divisions found the British already established along a new defence line, with the forward battlezone and its weak garrison gone beyond recapture.
Having two bishops ( the bishop pair ) is a particularly powerful weapon, especially if the opposing player lacks one or both of their bishops.
Having announced his intention to go on crusade two years before, Simon raised funds and travelled to the Holy Land, but does not seem to have faced combat there.
Having done so, he proceeds to slaughter the suitors — beginning with Antinous whom he finds drinking from Odysseus ' cup — with help from Telemachus, Athena and two servants, Eumaeus the swineherd and Philoetius the cowherd.
Having learnt from the heavy casualties inflicted upon the airborne formations in Operation Market, the two airborne divisions were dropped several thousand yards forward of friendly positions, and only some thirteen hours after Operation Plunder had begun and Allied ground forces had already crossed the Rhine.
Having learned that " Secret Window " was published two years before Shooter claimed to have written " Sowing Season ", Mort confronts Shooter with this information.
Having been taken along to a computer fair, he became enamored of the first model of the Macintosh, the start of a long love-affair with the brand ( he claimed to have bought two of the first three Macintosh in the UK — the other being bought by his friend Stephen Fry ).

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