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Having and managed
Having entered the Police Academy by age 24, Wiggum managed to work around his many shortcomings by providing superiors with wonderful back rubs using the handle of his gun, and finally become a full fledged officer and by 32, he had managed to work his way up to the position of Police Chief of Springfield.
Having spent most of 1942 in the Reserve he managed to direct Lifeline ( Norman Armstrong ) starring Frank Pettingell at the Duchess Theatre in July ; and The Duke in Darkness ( Patrick Hamilton ) starring Leslie Banks at the St James's Theatre in October, also taking the role of Gribaux.
Having inherited an empire on the verge of disintegration, Pedro II, once declared of age, managed to bring peace and stability to the country, which eventually became an emerging international power.
Having managed to get ashore, they have to walk a great distance to find a nest site, and the most favoured is Zavodovski Island, an active volcano whose warmth keeps ice from forming.
Having successfully fought through to influence in the defense industry, Curley finally managed to influence even national politics.
Having worked for some time from the age of fourteen in the local Ryland's linoleum factory managed by his father, he studied for and successfully passed the entrance examination to the University of Manchester in 1903 to study chemistry.
Having finished second to Czechoslovakia in qualifying Group 4 the golden generation of Welsh football managed by Jimmy Murphy seemed to have missed out on qualification but the politics of the Middle East subsequently intervened.
Having tasted some of Rafe's blood that Tammy managed to scratch off, Lilith takes an interest in Rafe and tries to seduce him, but he is unswayed by her sexual advances.
Having lured his guests to his mansion ( the address of which is shown early on as " 22 Lola Lane " and spoken later as " Two-Two Twain ") managed by a blind butler and a deaf-mute cook, Twain announces that it is in fact he who is the greatest detective in the world.
Having already amassed a steady cult following in the southern California music scene due in part to their eccentric and energetic performances, the band managed to sell a respectable 20, 000 copies of their album without any distribution.
Having been involved in numerous dance-contests, René managed to reach the top-10 of the German dance-contest " Disco Kings " with his acrobatic dance style.
Having managed the team for the 2003 / 04 and 2004 / 05 seasons, Sophocleous decided to step back from management to concentrate on his role as chairman.
Having owned and managed race horses through his company, O ' Donnell Thoroughbreds International, he is also used as an expert on horseracing on Nine's racing coverage.
Having no alternative, Warneford had to land behind enemy lines, but after 35 minutes spent on repairs, he managed to restart the engine and returned to base.
Having managed to engineer leave from India to the UK in summer 1939, he called in his debt but was disappointed to be seconded to a UK-based staff job.
Having been rejected by the leading games companies, he managed to interest a Leicester-based Company, Invicta Plastics, which restyled and renamed the game.
Having lost two of its foreign leaders Lietuvos rytas still managed to reach the second phase of Eurocup finishing second in their group with three home wins and three away losses.
Having silenced the French artillery, neutralized the French cavalry, and panicked the French infantry, von Bredow's brigade managed to extricate itself and withdrew to their own lines.
Having been hailed as the future of German football at the turn of the millennium, Deisler's career proved a disappointment as the midfielder never managed to really tap his full potential due to several cruciate ligament ruptures and other major injuries, as well as depression.
Having been elected, Toyne began serving as an opposition backbencher, and managed to survive another challenge from Bohning at the 1997 election, which was won by only 70 votes.
Having borne the brunt of defeat for the first time from Nanda emperor, Chandragupta and his advisor, Chanakya, managed to reach the Shakumbhri area, Kaushambi, Kampilya, Shukra Kshetra, Govinashan, Shivalik and Mayapuri.
Having led them into 15th position of the 18-team league, he managed 15 points from 17 matches.
Having inadequate qualifications for admission into the Art School in Kolkata, Sultan only managed to get in through the help of the poet and art critic Hasan Shahid Suhrawardy ( 1890 – 1965, Who introduced Jamini Roy to the world ) a member of the governing body of the School also known as elder brother of Shahid Suhrawardy, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Having and themselves
Having left Germany and Romania during World War I, the artists found themselves in Switzerland, a country recognized for its neutrality.
Having been effectively given insider information about which side to back in the coming revolution, the Rougons then make a series of seemingly bold moves to show their loyal and steadfast support for Napoleon III, winning the admiration of the most influential people in the town, mostly royalists who are themselves afraid of showing too much commitment for fear of backing the " wrong horse " and losing their standing and fortune.
Having a piece of land also offered an opportunity for city dwellers to indulge themselves in growing their own fruits and vegetables.
Having landed in a giant floating marble copy of a plastic cup, the crew accidentally find themselves falling several miles through the air.
Having a right to their land gives women a sort of bargaining power that they wouldn ’ t normally have, in turn ; they gain the ability to assert themselves in various aspects of their life, both in and outside of the home.
Having been released from their contract with Virgin Records, Simple Minds decided to musically reinvent themselves once again, this time reaching back to their Kraftwerk-inspired, early electronic pop days.
Having delivered Our Secrets Are the Same to Chrysalis, Simple Minds then found themselves caught up in record company politics while Chrysalis, EMI and other companies attempted to merge with each other.
His story now told, he resigns himself to a life of misery and memories of Marie, but to his amazed joy, she suddenly appears, along with Navin's family, and some more good news: Having carefully invested the small sums of money he sent home throughout the film, they've become wealthy themselves.
Having rolled in soot to disguise themselves, they hide in the darkness of the van with the help of a Staffordshire terrier whose pets are the drivers of the van.
Having recently settled the vicious Castellammarese War and reorganized into a new structure, the families desperately wanted to keep themselves out of public attention.
Having escaped, the Nameless Monk and Kar introduce themselves to each other, whereupon Kar steals the Scroll from the Nameless Monk and runs away.
* Having bus stops rather than a free for all means the passenger group themselves when boarding, which reduces time spent at boarding.
Having separated themselves from the Trinitarians within the new Pentecostal movement, Oneness Pentecostals felt a need to come together and form an association of churches of " like precious faith.
Having allied themselves with the losing Republican side, Biscay and Guipuzcoa were considered " traitor provinces " and most of their autonomy was annulled.
Having a piece of land also offered an opportunity for city dwellers to indulge themselves in growing their own fruits and vegetables.
Having little to divert attention, or diversify thought, they find themselves uneasy when they are apart, and therefore conclude they shall be happy together.
Having born the brunt of Amin's anti-Acholi massacres in previous years, Acholi soldiers avenged themselves on inhabitants of Amin's home region, whom they blamed for their losses.
Having found proof of these Freya installations, Jones and the other scientists under his command could begin devising counter-measures against the system, and the RAF could begin to locate and destroy the installations themselves.
Having obliged him, the giants tripped on the way down and died themselves except Olentzero.
Having lost star players such as Schifcofske, Smith, Croker and Woolford in key positions, the Raiders found themselves with a new captain in Alan Tongue relying on young, inexperienced players such as Todd Carney, William Zillman and Michael Dobson to step up and take on more prominent roles within the team.
Having equipped themselves with weaponry from a local underground gun dealer, the brothers quickly kill eight of the nine bosses and underbosses, and they save the leader, Yuri Petrov.
Having established themselves in the top flight, the 1938 – 39 season saw Portsmouth reach the FA Cup final, the third time they had done so.
Having won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story all three of its first three years, Kaja, Phil, and Cheyenne announced that, in order to show that the category was a " viable award " ( with quality competitors besides themselves ), they were refusing nomination for the following year ( 2012 ).
Having lost the capacity for sexual reproduction, they perpetuate themselves by transferring their minds into successive cloned bodies.

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