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Having and reached
Having reached the requisite standard, Prince Harry attended the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury, where he joined brother Prince William.
There is no clear evidence that the United States actually exercised such a degree of control as to justify treating the contras as acting on its behalf ... Having reached the above conclusion, the Court takes the view that the Contras remain responsible for their acts, in particular the alleged violations by them of humanitarian law.
Having reached the lands of the Merya near Rostov, they linked up with the Dnieper group of Slavic migrants.
Having promised to return to England by the summer, Isabella reached Paris in March 1325, and rapidly agreed a truce in Gascony, under which Prince Edward, then thirteen years old, would come to France to give homage on his father's behalf.
Having reached Hochelaga, he was prevented by bad weather and the numerous rapids from continuing up to the Ottawa River.
Having reached the age of adolescence, Iphis fell deeply in love with another girl, Ianthe, and prayed to Juno to allow her to marry her beloved.
Having reached the 2012 Copa del Rey Final by defeating giantkillers CD Mirandes ( based in a small town close to Bilbao ), Athletic faced the same opponent as in 2009-powerful FC Barcelona, who again proved too strong in another 3-0 result.
Having reached a certain point in the march, he then had the army down arms, so it appeared they getting ready to camp.
Having reached the top of Nittany Mountain, and ".... seeing the prairies and noble forest beneath him, cried out to his attendant, ' By heavens, Thompson, I have discovered an empire!
Having reached the required number of instruments in order for the treaty to enter into force ( 40 ) on 31 March 2004, on which date 13 instruments ( including the European Union ) were deposited with the Director-General of FAO, the date of entry into force was on 29 June 2004.
In 1979, the Bee Gees ' 1979 album Spirits Having Flown reached No. 1 in the US, most of the songs were performed by Barry.
* 1597: O ' Donnell ( Hugh Roe, the son of Hugh, son of Manus ) ... Having reached the very centre of Hy-Many, he sent forth swift-moving marauding parties through the district of Caladh, and the upper part of the territory ; and they carried off many herds of cows and other preys to O ' Donnell, to the town of Athenry ; and though the warders of the town attempted to defend it, the effort was of no avail to them, for O ' Donnell's people applied fires and flames to the strongly-closed gates of the town, and carried to them great ladders, and, placing them against the walls, they recte, some of them ascended to the parapets of the wall.
Having reached this conclusion, he was able to assimilate the physical theory of Heraclitus, as is explained in the Hypoiyposes of Sextus Empiricus.
Having reached the Thames, Plautius halted and sent for Claudius, who arrived with elephants and heavy artillery and completed the march on the Catuvellaunian capital, Camulodunum ( Colchester ).
Having survived one or two aerial misdemeanours, he reached the Operational Training Unit at RAF Hawarden in September 1941.
Having obtained letters for the king, he left Paris on July 31, 1589, and reached Saint-Cloud, the headquarters of Henry, who was besieging Paris, on August 1, 1589.
Having reached the top he would slide back down at speed back to the floor and the soot pile.
Having reached the goal, the mouse will typically perform additional searches of the maze until it has found an optimal route from the start to the center.
Having spent the night on the rocks of the Schneehorn ( 3, 402 m ) they gained next morning the Silberlücke, the depression between the Jungfrau and Silberhorn, and thence in little more than 3 hours reached the summit.
Having reached the end of her natural lifespan, Charlotte dies at the fair.
Having reached the round of 16, Novotná ( seeded 11th ) would have to deal with Gabriela Sabatini ( seeded 4th ) from Argentina.
The implementation of the agreements reached at Aburi fell apart upon the leaderships return to Nigeria and on 30 May 1967, as a result of this, Colonel Odumegwu-Ojukwu declared Eastern Nigeria a sovereign state to be known as BIAFRA :" Having mandated me to proclaim on your behalf, and in your name, that Eastern Nigeria be a sovereign independent Republic, now, therefore I, Lieutenant Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria, by virtue of the authority, and pursuant to the principles recited above, do hereby solemnly proclaim that the territory and region known as and called Eastern Nigeria together with her continental shelf and territorial waters, shall, henceforth, be an independent sovereign state of the name and title of The Republic of Biafra.
Having failed to find their goal, they marched on north to further explore the region and reached the area at the north end of the bay, which Portolà named Santa Cruz on October 18.
Having reached Plymouth safely he became its Governor and defended the city from the besieging Royalists.

Having and Bernhardt
Having returned to Göttingen in 1816, he was at once appointed by Bernhardt von Lindenau as his assistant in the observatory of Seeberg near Gotha.

Having and Line
Having left the BBC, Perkins became Creative Director and an executive producer for independent production company Tiger Aspect, ( whose previous programmes include The Vicar of Dibley and The Thin Blue Line ), in late 2001.
Having arrived back from the Gazala Line, the Division spent two weeks improving defences on the El Alamein defences in the " Alamein Box ".
Having received the Distinguished Service Order in 1917 for his actions at the Battle of Polygon Wood, Wark was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1918 for his leadership and gallantry when in temporary command of his battalion over a three-day period, while conducting operations against the Hindenburg Line.
Having reviewed the ATOC proposals the Wisbech to March Bramley Line published its position statement, with its main points being :-
Having, ( from 2 July 2011 onward ), extended a further third of a mile into the Down platform ( 2 ) of the Main station itself, Matlock is now ( currently ) the terminus of the heritage line, interchanging with rail services on the Derwent Valley Line.

Having and at
Having done so, he began to experience all the frustrations of others who attempted to get along with Serenissimus and do a job at the same time.
Having hedged its bets in this way, PHS apparently decided it would be possible to make some sort of determination after all: `` At present radiation levels, and even at somewhat higher levels, the additional risk is slight and very few people will be affected ''.
Having ( through my unflagging effort and devotion ) achieved stardom, a fortune and a world-renowned wife at an age when most young men are casting their first vote, Letch proceeded to neglect them all.
Having arrived he blinked sleepily and friendlily at them, and lapsed back into the restful stupor from which he had emerged.
Having fallen from public notice, the tunnel was rediscovered in 1981 by then 18-year-old Robert " Bob " Diamond, who entered from a manhole he located at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, crawled a distance of underground through a filled-in section of tunnel less than two feet high, and located the bulkhead wall that sealed off the main portion of the tunnel.
Having left his widow expecting a child, the spectre of Kirk told Graham that he would appear at the baptism, whereupon Graham was to throw an iron knife at the apparition, thus freeing Kirk from the Fairies ' clutches.
Having held a prebend at Holborn ( prior to 1229 ) and a canonry of St. Paul ’ s in London ( 1226-1229 ), He visited England in 1230 and received a canonry and an archdeaconry in Coventry and Lichfield, his native diocese.
Having improved itself it would become better at improving itself, potentially leading to an exponential increase in intelligence.
Having a personal interest in law, he presided at public trials, and issued up to twenty edicts a day.
Having recanted, they were obliged to sew yellow crosses onto their outdoor clothing and to live apart from other Catholics, at least for a while.
Having food production and service experience, Thomas requested the Cook's and Baker's School at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Having shown some promise in drawing at St Paul's School, Shepard enrolled in Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea.
Having already moved from its ground at Kent Street, Ascot Vale (" McCracken's Paddock ") to Flemington Hill, the club was again forced to move in 1881 ; and, because the City of Essendon mayor of the day, James Taylor, considered the Essendon Cricket Ground " to be suitable only for the gentleman's game of cricket ", Essendon moved to East Melbourne.
Having played at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground from 1882 to 1921, and having won four VFA premierships ( 1891 – 1894 ) and four VFL premierships ( 1897, 1901, 1911, ( 1912 ) whilst there, Essendon were looking for a new home, and were offered grounds at the current Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, at Victoria Park, at Arden St, North Melbourne, and the Essendon Cricket Ground.
Having already made his first appearance as a minor actor in " Aladdin and the miracle lamp " at the National Theatre of Hanover, he studied acting in Hamburg.
Having excelled both in battle and diplomacy Bumin declared himself Illig Qaghan of the new khaganate at Ötüken but died a year later.
Having defeated the Huns at Chalons and at the Nedao, migrating Germanic tribes invaded the Western Roman Empire and transformed it into Medieval Europe.
Having gained 8, 030 km per hour in speed, the spacecraft flew by Earth twice, the first time at a range of 960 km at 20: 34: 34 UT on 8 December 1990 before approaching the minor planet 951 Gaspra to a distance of 1, 604 km at 22: 37 UT on 29 October 1991.

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