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Having and rejected
Having digested these prior influences after he returned from his trip, Howard rewrote the rejected story " By This Axe I Rule!
Having been rejected by Livable Netherlands, Fortuyn founded his own party LPF ( Pim Fortuyn List ) on 11 February 2002.
Having worked for Scottish newspapers and for the Daily Express in Fleet Street, he was rejected for military service in World War II.
Having rejected more financially enticing offers from Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona, Kewell moved to Liverpool for the start of the 2003 – 04 season.
Having been rejected by several record labels at this point, he supported himself with the money that his second wife made at her nail salon.
Having been nominated and rejected in 2000, when the game suffered a tarnished reputation due to match fixing scadals, the captaincy was passed to Dravid, his former deputy.
Having no job or sponsor waiting for him, his visa application was initially rejected, and so in 1955 he immigrated to Montreal, Canada instead.
Having originally propounded this stance in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Wittgenstein rejected it in his later Philosophical Investigations.
Having tried to register a number of more conventional company-names and having them rejected as already taken, the founders decided to deliberately create an unusual name in order to ensure that the name was accepted.
Having been rejected from war duty, he ventured into business with his brother-in-law, Nathan Brown.
Having attracted a largely conservative audience based on his political views, traditional anti-homosexual conservatives rejected him, though others admired him for his courage.
Having been rejected by the leading games companies, he managed to interest a Leicester-based Company, Invicta Plastics, which restyled and renamed the game.
Having rejected the move, Cho saw out the final months of his contract with S-Pulse, before again searching for a move to Europe.
Having previously had an offer of resignation rejected, Brooks resigned from News International on 15 July 2011.
Having been rejected by P. J.
Having rejected the likelihood of the CPA's mainstream political success following the party's 1925 defeats, Garden re-embraced the Labor Party and became a supporter of Lang.
Having rejected the Microsoft operating system ( Windows XP Starter Edition ), it is being shipped with a Brazilian-configured Linux system offering basic functions such as word processing and internet browsing.
Having previously rejected two separate offers from Walt Disney, Henry finally accepted an offer to make the film from noted English wildlife documentary film-maker David Cobham, whom he trusted.
Having seen his resignation rejected he oversaw a sixth place finish in the Conference and, when chairman Peter Hill resigned, he purchased the majority shareholding in the club in partnership with Joan Fennessy — thus saving it from going under.
Having rejected proposals to assist in the restoration of Charles II, Henry was recalled to England in June 1659 just after his brother's fall ; quietly obeying this order he resigned his office at once.
Having rejected Shelley's offer of a place in Generation Next before the match for a second time, Lethal asked Shelley for a singles match.
Having completely and brutally rejected Spike, Buffy departs the warehouse in horror and disgust.
Having rejected an offer to play Captain Jonathan Archer in the American science-fiction TV series Star Trek: Enterprise, MacCorkindale returned to the UK in 2002 and joined the cast of the BBC One medical drama Casualty, in the role of clinical lead consultant Harry Harper.
Having rejected the opportunity to go into exile with Napoleon, because he had a pregnant wife and a 13-year old daughter, he was arrested after the beginning of the Bourbon Restoration.

Having and paganism
Having been the first to note and explain the traditional alchemical and Christian imagery in the novels, he has become involved in the debate with those who criticize Ms. Rowling's novels, critics who believe the adventure stories encourage children to consider paganism and witchcraft as alternative faiths.

Having and young
Having ( through my unflagging effort and devotion ) achieved stardom, a fortune and a world-renowned wife at an age when most young men are casting their first vote, Letch proceeded to neglect them all.
Having passed the age of maturity ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was regularly seen in the mosques of Baghdad discussing religious topics and the scripture as a young man.
Having discovered that most young soldiers in the city seemed to be called Demetrios, he gave up and went to the largest church in the city, to find his rescuer on the wall.
Having survived the fall, the hero then saves a mysterious young woman ( named Fuji in the original Japanese version ) from monsters, and attempts to find the magical objects needed to defeat the evil massing against the Mana Tree, the world's source of Mana.
Having received only a basic education on the frontier, young Sam was 14 when his family moved to Maryville.
Having been exposed to erudite philosophical literature as a young boy under the tutelage of Isaco Garsin, his maternal grandfather, he continued to read and be influenced through his art studies by the writings of Nietzsche, Baudelaire, Carducci, Comte de Lautréamont, and others, and developed the belief that the only route to true creativity was through defiance and disorder.
Having abandoned their original village in 1286 after cholera outbreaks, the villagers re-founded it in the hills where a young elm grew beside a spring.
Having succeeded his father at such a young age, Francis Hyacinth did not rule de facto being only 5 years old.
Having conferred the Order of the Bath upon Alexander, Arthur asked to meet Aspasia, and declared subsequently that, if he were younger, he would have sought to marry the young girl himself.
Having finished his studies, Chapelain taught Spanish to a young nobleman for a short time, before being appointed tutor to the two sons of NHL le Hardy, sieur de la Trousse, grand-prévôt de France, Gouye de Longuemarre, "" Eclaircissemens
Having written an article in the 1940s for amateur photographers suggesting an expensive camera was unnecessary for quality photography, Picture Post photographer Bert Hardy used a Brownie camera to stage a carefully posed snapshot of two young women sitting on railings above a breezy Blackpool promenade.
" Having lost his whole family during the Kyungshin Massacre, and in the hope of getting revenge on the Japanese ruling power, a young terrorist comes to Shanghai all alone.
Having saved Fourecks, Rincewind and the Wizards return to Ankh-Morpork by ship, and the story ends with the old man with the sack ( the Creator of the last continent ) catching the bullroarer in front of a young boy.
Having in vain attempted to keep a school for girls at Tréguier, she departed and went to Paris as a teacher in a young ladies ' boarding-school.
Having just served five years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Billy Brown ( Vincent Gallo ) kidnaps a young tap dancer named Layla ( Christina Ricci ) and forces her to pretend to be his wife.
Having no mechanical experience, Jackson convinced a young mechanic and chauffeur, Sewall K. Crocker, to serve as his travel companion, mechanic, and backup driver.
During 2005 she presented the BBC documentary series He's Having a Baby, in which she was to follow and advise eight young men who were to become first time fathers at various stages during the shows 10 week run.
Having succeeded another dynamic young minister, Patrick Hillery, O ' Malley acted swiftly to introduce the recommendations that were made in an official report regarding education.
Having achieved his thesis on the Difference of natural philosophy between Democritus and Epicurus in 1841, the young Marx progressively broke away with the Prussian university and its teachings impregnated by German Idealism ( Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel ).
Having been thrown in with young men of all walks of life he became an observer of their habits.
It sparked the group's first hit single, " Pantelimonu ' Petrece " ( Pantelimon's Having A Party ), a feature with young pop singer Iuliana " July " Petrache.
Having won the race, the Driver leaves James Brown in the desert, but as he drives away he sees him as a young man again, who then does a handspring into the splits.
Having also refitted Field Mill in the autumn, he started a Sunday School in 1786, so that his young workers would be equipped with basic reading and mathematical skills, as well as moral instruction.
Having lost star players such as Schifcofske, Smith, Croker and Woolford in key positions, the Raiders found themselves with a new captain in Alan Tongue relying on young, inexperienced players such as Todd Carney, William Zillman and Michael Dobson to step up and take on more prominent roles within the team.

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