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Having and secured
Having secured his pension, Dürer finally returned home in July 1521, having caught an undetermined illness — perhaps malaria — which afflicted him for the rest of his life, and greatly reduced his rate of work.
Having been transformed into the consensus candidate, he secured the Democratic Party nomination, finishing with a victory in Jerry Brown's home state of California.
Having thus secured his eastern frontier, Justinian turned his attention to the West, where Arian Germanic kingdoms had been established in the territories of the former Western Roman Empire.
Having secured Canada, he helps create French America, New France, or L ' Acadie.
Having secured the support of the nobility, Sigismund was crowned King of Hungary at Székesfehérvár on 31 March 1387.
Having secured his precious charter for " Providence Plantations " from Parliament, in July 1644 Williams then published his most famous book, The Bloody Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience.
Having done so, he secured himself the right to erect a building on his own real property.
Having secured a host nation, FIFA would still dedicate some time to persuading countries to send their national teams to compete.
Having secured his route, John embarked on a new expedition into Syria determined to reduce Antioch to direct imperial rule.
Having secured a majority of the votes, Iola was declared the county seat, and the records and county offices removed there at once, since which time it has remained.
Having secured the Duero, Ferdinand began to bring the valley of the Mondego under his control, first taking Viseu in its middle stretch on 25 July 1058 and then moving down towards the sea.
Having scored 19 * in the death overs against India in the first match, Waugh's tight bowling in the closing overs finished with his dismissal of Maninder Singh in the final over, which secured a one-run victory.
Having secured Portugal, Wellington set about re-taking the fortified frontier cities of Almeida, Badajoz and Ciudad Rodrigo.
Having secured the contempt of both religious camps, popularly hated, and a natural scapegoat, he became the " wicked Duke "— in contrast to his predecessor Somerset, the " good Duke ".
Having secured the series 2 – 0, Gavaskar was removed from the captaincy for the drawn Sixth Test.
Having secured his grip on the Kinai region, Nobunaga was now powerful enough to assign his generals the task of subjugating the outlying provinces.
Having secured public funding from the UGC in January 1948, the Committee acquired Keele Hall, a stately home on the outskirts of Newcastle-under-Lyme, from its owner, Ralph Sneyd.
Having made the decision to leave the show after Ultimate Big Brother that, when Channel 5 announced in April 2011 that they had secured the rights to relaunch Big Brother in Summer 2011, McCall confirmed she would not be returning as host.
Having built up a local profile he contested the 1981 general election for the party and secured a seat in Limerick East.
Having secured southern Palestine, Muslim forces now advanced up the trade route where Tiberias and Baalbek fell without much struggle and the Muslims conquered Emesa early in 636.
Having secured a publication deal with Rainbird, a British software label owned by Telecomsoft, they began work producing an ambitious text adventure game that would become The Pawn.
Having secured his family's control of Cao Wei, Sima Yi died in 251, succeeded by his son Sima Shi.
Having secured his base, Liu began to extend his ambitions.
Having secured the land that he wanted, Raynald demanded his subsidies from the Emperor who refused them, pointing out that the main task had yet to be done.

Having and village
Having abandoned their original village in 1286 after cholera outbreaks, the villagers re-founded it in the hills where a young elm grew beside a spring.
' Having taken such vows, ( a mendicant ) should not, on entering a village or scot-free town, etc., take himself or induce others to take or allow others to take, what has not been given.
Having its roots in farming, the village has grown over the last ten years to accommodate over 6, 071 people.
Having thrown all of his pontoon bridges at or near the bottleneck of the village of Friedland, Benningsen had unwittingly trapped his troops on the west bank.
Having begun to push back the feeble French forces from Marmont's VI's Corps the day before, Blücher occupied Champaubert early on 14 February, sending his vanguard forward, as far as the village of Fromentières and then Vauchamps.
Having grown from a tiny fishing village in 1958, the town is laid out in planned housing tracts, with workers living near the previously state-owned industries which employed them.
Having previously been part of Street Urban District, the village now falls within the non-metropolitan district of Mendip, which was formed on 1 April 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972, and is responsible for local planning and building control, local roads, council housing, environmental health, markets and fairs, refuse collection and recycling, cemeteries and crematoria, leisure services, parks, and tourism.
Having been born in Stroud, Lee moved with his family to the village of Slad in 1917, the move with which Cider with Rosie opens.
Having previously been seen as a town on par with Hatfield and Stevenage, it gradually was seen as a village.
Having been very successful, Wright began to build his village at the foot of the Chaudière Falls the very next year, in 1801.
Having added “ de Buffon ” to his name while traveling with the Duke, he repurchased the village of Buffon, which his father had meanwhile sold off.
Having a fine voice he sang in the choir at the village church.
Having suffered extensive fires throughout its history, including the most serious in 1777, the village has lost many of its older buildings.
Having been a farming community in previous centuries, Sanderstead is now essentially a dormitory village for commuters to central London and Croydon.
Having been part of the extensive parish of Kelloe, it merged with the village of Cassop during the 19th Century to form the parish of Cassop-cum-Quarrington.
Having four roads which converge in the village, it used to be know as " The Crossroads of the North ".
Having experienced intense fighting with German troops supported by armour and unable to successfully dig in and hold the village, the Battalion withdrew, moving back to Herouvillette where they took part in its defence.
Having spent a number of years living and working in South America and the U. S., he now resides in a village near Heidelberg.
Having its ' church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary since 1511, the village of Ghaxaq in the south east of Malta is no exception.
Having been separate until 1961, the village is now part of Klášterec nad Ohří.
Having re-entered Yorkshire in Bloom 2012, Luddenden once again won gold and was named category winner in the village section.

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