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Having and spent
Having amassed considerable wealth, Yale spent it liberally in England.
Having spent a productive year there, Shepard won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools
Having kept bonds with the English speakers ( he spent part of his childhood in the United States and usually spoke English ) and with French soldiers in North Africa ( under Admiral Lemonnier ), Jacques-Yves Cousteau ( whose villa " Baobab " at Sanary ( Var ) was opposite Admiral Darlan's villa " Reine "), helped the French Navy to join again with the Allies ; he assembled a commando operation against the Italian espionage services in France, and received several military decorations for his deeds.
Having spent his formative years in France, where he attended the American School of Paris, he returned to the United States to attend the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1966.
Having received a special dispensation he continued his studies from home and so spent most of his seminary years as an external student.
Having fled Russia from the Crimea in 1919, she spent her remaining years in exile firstly in the United Kingdom with her sister, Queen Alexandra and later in her native Denmark mainly at Villa Hvidore.
Having spent all but eight months of its existence prior to 1941 in government, the UAP was ill-prepared for a role in opposition.
Having qualified in medicine by means of the Conjoint Diploma ( MRCS England, LRCP London ) in 1930 Bion spent seven years in psychotherapeutic training at the Tavistock Clinic, an experience he regarded, in retrospect, as having had some limitations.
Having spent time in London and other overseas cities, she began working as a typist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney in 1978.
Having spent the last six years championing to Hitler sea power as the only way in which Germany could become a world power, Raeder was anxious that the Kriegsmarine be seen as doing more than its share of the fighting to ensure that Hitler would reward the Navy by not cutting its budget after the war.
Having spent time with every contestant came back to work in her favor as a trivia contest about the contestants gave her the immunity win and placed a target squarely on Kathy.
Having already spent his cut, Hooker pays Snyder in counterfeit bills.
Having spent a number of months working full-time in a Borders store, he wrote The Overnight ( 2004 ), about bookshop staff trapped in their hellish workplace during an overnight shelf-filling shift.
Having spent much of its Eccentric decades converting a large percentage of the mass of the tableaux ' scenery into engines, it easily outruns the very fast ship which other elements of the Culture had asked to keep watch on it.
Having ended Jianwen's reign, Zhu Di and his administration spent the latter part of 1402 brutally purging China of Jianwen's supporters as well as their family members including women and children.
Having spent a long time in the Tercera División, the club made consistent progress, reaching the first division on three occasions: 1999, 2004 and 2008.
Having read English history for years as a hobby, and not satisfied with the books written about King Richard III, Fields spent four years researching and two years writing the non-fiction book Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes ( ISBN 0-06-039269-X ), which was published in 1998.
Having spent most of his career, as he himself jokingly admitted once, saying ' No ', Paisley assumed the chairmanship of the Agriculture committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly created by the Belfast Agreement, where he was praised as an effective, coordinating chairman.
Having spent many years in obscurity, Nancarrow benefited from the 1969 release of an entire album of his work by Columbia Records as part of a brief flirtation of the label's classical division with modern avant-garde music.
Having spent most of 1942 in the Reserve he managed to direct Lifeline ( Norman Armstrong ) starring Frank Pettingell at the Duchess Theatre in July ; and The Duke in Darkness ( Patrick Hamilton ) starring Leslie Banks at the St James's Theatre in October, also taking the role of Gribaux.
Having spent years as a familiar face who never quite became a household name, his big chance came with the major television series, Edward the Seventh ( 1975 ), in which he played the title role and his real-life sons, Samuel and Joseph, played the sons of King Edward VII as children.
Having spent the entire morning doing nothing else than exchanging artillery fire with French II Corps, these men were relatively fresh.
Having spent his youth in the Norfolk area, Craddock decided to pursue the life of a sailor.
Having spent around £ 30, 000, and unwilling to spend more, he abandoned these experiments, only resuming his work in the 20th century, when he tested a number of smaller designs powered by gasoline engines.

Having and greater
Having banished or murdered some 10, 000 citizens, and thus made himself master of Syracuse, he created a strong army and fleet and subdued the greater part of Sicily.
This idea of being detailed relates to another feature that can be understood without mathematical background: Having a fractional or fractal dimension greater than its topological dimension, for instance, refers to how a fractal scales compared to how geometric shapes are usually perceived.
Having finished the gymnasium, he took up the study of law, but history and the humanities were of greater interest to him.
Having moved to London and begun performing stand up comedy after university, he rose to greater prominence in 1990, winning the prestigious Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition.
Having won two MLS Cup titles in three years, the Earthquakes were poised for greater success both on and off the field.
Having made his submission, Sorley Boy at last obtained a grant to himself and his heirs of the greater part of the Route country, between the rivers Bann and Bush ( an area then called the Boys ), with certain other lands to the east, and was made constable of Dunluce Castle.
Having no children, Killam and his wife devoted the greater part of their wealth to higher education in Canada.
Having examined a multi-perspective point of view, participants seemingly see the simple solutions that collectively create greater growth.
Having completely beaten the main Ottoman army under Grand Vizier Koca Yusuf Pasha in the Battle of Rymnik, he captured the greater part of Wallachia, including Bucharest, being welcomed by the population after the flight of Prince Nicholas Mavrogenes ( see History of Bucharest ), and soon after becoming a Field Marshal.
Having attained godlike status in the past, he simply knew that greater power would not satisfy him.
Having served the greater Nashville area with many diverse events for 50 years, today the Auditorium is a popular venue in Nashville for major touring family shows, such as Sesame Street Live, The Wiggles, The Doodlebops, Barney, Bob the Builder, Disney Live, Harlem Globetrotters, and the annual Al Menah Temple Shrine Circus.
* Having six or more café au lait spots greater than 5 mm in diameter before puberty, or greater than 15 mm in diameter after puberty, is a diagnostic feature of neurofibromatosis type I, but other features are required to diagnose NF-1.
Having been for centuries pressured on both sides by Spanish and French, and under the rule of Franco coming close to extinction, the Academy felt the need to create a unified dialect of Basque, in order that the language have a greater chance of survival.
Having been appointed vice-captain prior to the start of the 1989 season, he took on greater leadership roles under the influence of new coach Michael Malthouse.
Having patient-physician language discordant pairs ( i. e. Spanish-speaking patient with an English-speaking physician ) may also lead to greater medical expenditures and thus higher costs to the organization.
* Having carried, in the preceding calendar year, a caseload involving courtroom participation which is equal to or greater than the amount of similar work which an average judge in active service would perform in three months.
Having alienated all other political groups, the regime could not yet afford to dispense with the Brotherhood's support, but was unwilling to give it a greater role in government.
During his time with the Smith companies, Kogod served as the co-Chairman and co-Chief Executive Officer for Charles E. Smith Co. Commercial Realty L. P. and Charles E. Smith Residential Realty, Inc. Having amassed a large fortune, Kogod and his wife became generous philanthropists in the greater Washington, D. C. area.
Having acquired a share in L. J. M. Daguerre's invention, he was one of the first to practice daguerreotype portraiture in England, and he improved the sensitizing process by using chlorine ( instead of bromine ) in addition to iodine, thus gaining greater rapidity of action.
Having a greater number of different hieroglyphs than the Rosetta Stone, the Canopus Stone has proved crucial in deciphering them.
Having been elected Member of Parliament for the Ayr Burghs in 1818, he devoted the greater part of his life to the promotion of liberal reforms.

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