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Having and spent
Having spent the greater part of his early life in the twilight of Nero's reign, his formative years would have been strongly influenced by the political turmoil of the 60s, culminating with the civil war of 69, which brought his family to power.
Having amassed considerable wealth, Yale spent it liberally in England.
Having spent a productive year there, Shepard won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools
Having kept bonds with the English speakers ( he spent part of his childhood in the United States and usually spoke English ) and with French soldiers in North Africa ( under Admiral Lemonnier ), Jacques-Yves Cousteau ( whose villa " Baobab " at Sanary ( Var ) was opposite Admiral Darlan's villa " Reine "), helped the French Navy to join again with the Allies ; he assembled a commando operation against the Italian espionage services in France, and received several military decorations for his deeds.
Having spent his formative years in France, where he attended the American School of Paris, he returned to the United States to attend the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1966.
Having received a special dispensation he continued his studies from home and so spent most of his seminary years as an external student.
Having fled Russia from the Crimea in 1919, she spent her remaining years in exile firstly in the United Kingdom with her sister, Queen Alexandra and later in her native Denmark mainly at Villa Hvidore.
Having spent all but eight months of its existence prior to 1941 in government, the UAP was ill-prepared for a role in opposition.
Having qualified in medicine by means of the Conjoint Diploma ( MRCS England, LRCP London ) in 1930 Bion spent seven years in psychotherapeutic training at the Tavistock Clinic, an experience he regarded, in retrospect, as having had some limitations.
Having spent time in London and other overseas cities, she began working as a typist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney in 1978.
Having spent the last six years championing to Hitler sea power as the only way in which Germany could become a world power, Raeder was anxious that the Kriegsmarine be seen as doing more than its share of the fighting to ensure that Hitler would reward the Navy by not cutting its budget after the war.
Having already spent his cut, Hooker pays Snyder in counterfeit bills.
Having spent a number of months working full-time in a Borders store, he wrote The Overnight ( 2004 ), about bookshop staff trapped in their hellish workplace during an overnight shelf-filling shift.
Having spent much of its Eccentric decades converting a large percentage of the mass of the tableaux ' scenery into engines, it easily outruns the very fast ship which other elements of the Culture had asked to keep watch on it.
Having ended Jianwen's reign, Zhu Di and his administration spent the latter part of 1402 brutally purging China of Jianwen's supporters as well as their family members including women and children.
Having spent a long time in the Tercera División, the club made consistent progress, reaching the first division on three occasions: 1999, 2004 and 2008.
Having read English history for years as a hobby, and not satisfied with the books written about King Richard III, Fields spent four years researching and two years writing the non-fiction book Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes ( ISBN 0-06-039269-X ), which was published in 1998.
Having spent most of his career, as he himself jokingly admitted once, saying ' No ', Paisley assumed the chairmanship of the Agriculture committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly created by the Belfast Agreement, where he was praised as an effective, coordinating chairman.
Having spent many years in obscurity, Nancarrow benefited from the 1969 release of an entire album of his work by Columbia Records as part of a brief flirtation of the label's classical division with modern avant-garde music.
Having spent most of 1942 in the Reserve he managed to direct Lifeline ( Norman Armstrong ) starring Frank Pettingell at the Duchess Theatre in July ; and The Duke in Darkness ( Patrick Hamilton ) starring Leslie Banks at the St James's Theatre in October, also taking the role of Gribaux.
Having spent years as a familiar face who never quite became a household name, his big chance came with the major television series, Edward the Seventh ( 1975 ), in which he played the title role and his real-life sons, Samuel and Joseph, played the sons of King Edward VII as children.
Having spent the entire morning doing nothing else than exchanging artillery fire with French II Corps, these men were relatively fresh.
Having spent his youth in the Norfolk area, Craddock decided to pursue the life of a sailor.
Having spent around £ 30, 000, and unwilling to spend more, he abandoned these experiments, only resuming his work in the 20th century, when he tested a number of smaller designs powered by gasoline engines.

Having and time
Having done so, he began to experience all the frustrations of others who attempted to get along with Serenissimus and do a job at the same time.
Having composed the Proclamation some time earlier, Lincoln had waited for a military victory to publish it to avoid it being perceived as the product of desperation.
Having gone through numerous changes over time, it now circulates as two distinct books: the Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders and the Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Casket, which were edited separately in the eleventh century, under the Song dynasty.
Having worked with many Hollywood stars, Cronenberg says that he did not get to make a film with an actor he wanted to work with for a long time, Burt Reynolds.
Having gained 8, 030 km per hour in speed, the spacecraft flew by Earth twice, the first time at a range of 960 km at 20: 34: 34 UT on 8 December 1990 before approaching the minor planet 951 Gaspra to a distance of 1, 604 km at 22: 37 UT on 29 October 1991.
Double-strung harps often have levers either on every string or on the most commonly sharped strings, for example C and F. Having two sets of strings allows the harpist's left and right hands to occupy the same range of notes without having both hands attempt to play the same string at the same time.
Having absorbed some secret haunting memories, she needs to get away from the X-Men and Iceman volunteers to join her on a road trip, though at the same time he was starting to see visions of Emma Frost.
Having left Hudson, Reynolds worked for some time as a portrait-painter in Plymouth Dock ( now Devonport ).
Having discovered the entrance, Solomon found an idol inside that had in its mouth a silver tablet saying in Greek ( a language not thought by modern scholars to have existed 1000 years before the time of Solomon ) that the statue was of Shaddad, the son of ' Ad, and that it had reigned over a million cities, rode on a million horses, had under it a million vassals and slew a million warriors, yet it could not resist the angel of death.
Having a running time of 163 minutes, Final Yamato retains the record of being the longest animated film ever made.
) Having already drawn cartoons about the Stone Age, Hart advanced through time to the Middle Ages, taking an idea from a deck of playing cards.
Having failed to gather an expedition against Palestine, Pope Innocent III resolved in 1207 to organize a new crusade ; beginning in 1209, he called for crusades against the Albigenses, against the Almohad dynasty of Spain ( 1213 ), and, also around that time, against the pagans of Prussia.
Having been the Director of the Dutch West India Company, and the predecessor of then-Director William Kieft, Minuit knew the status of the lands on either side of the Delaware River at that time.
Having endorsed the treaty, Charles could now play for time.
Having written the song on guitar and played rhythm on the record, Mercury played rhythm guitar while performing the song live, which was the first time he ever played guitar in concert.
Having data available in almost real time allows quick reactions to events in the field.
Having retired from St Bartholomew's Hospital and his various other aforementioned positions, he passed most of this time reading general literature.
Having this simple but essential mathematical proportion at hand – which proved the overall impossible aforementioned role of the liver – Harvey went on to prove how the blood circulated in a circle by means of countless experiments initially done on serpents and fish: tying their veins and arteries in separate periods of time, Harvey noticed the modifications which occurred ; indeed, as he tied the veins, the heart would become empty, while as he did the same to the arteries, the organ would swell up.
Having drawn the first leg at the San Siro, Milan trailed to a Chris Waddle goal with little time remaining when the floodlights went out.
Having secured a host nation, FIFA would still dedicate some time to persuading countries to send their national teams to compete.
Having followed Trevize by their own means, Branno and Gendibal both reach Gaia at the same time.
Having passed the time during the plague composing prose pamphlets ( including a continuation of Thomas Nashe's Pierce Penniless ), he returned to drama with great energy, producing close to a score of plays for several companies and in several genres, most notably city comedy and revenge tragedy.
Having been heavily ( 70 %) damaged in World War II, it was rebuilt by Polish Boy Scouts in 1966-1973, in time for the 500th anniversary of Copernicus ' birth.

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