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Hayes and had
She married Joel Addison Hayes, Jr. ( 1848 – 1919 ), and they had five children.
* 1877 – U. S. presidential election, 1876: Just two days before inauguration, the U. S. Congress declares Rutherford B. Hayes the winner of the election even though Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on November 7, 1876.
After the last foreign troops had gone in 1876 and an international commission headed by Rutherford B. Hayes awarded Paraguay the area between the Río Verde and Río Pilcomayo, the era of party politics in Paraguay was free to begin in earnest.
" Hayes had only one tackle, but had the left side of the field covered so effectively that Theismann hardly bothered to throw there.
* March 2 – In the Compromise of 1877, the U. S. presidential election, 1876 is resolved with the selection of Rutherford B. Hayes as the winner, even though Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on November 7, 1876.
Patricia Hayes, who had been seen from time to time previously as next door neighbour Mrs. Reed, was given a first name Min and became a starring character along with her husband Bert, previously played by Bill Maynard and now by Alfie Bass.
The Ohio legislature had just chosen Garfield in 1879 for the U. S. Senate seat when a faint movement began for Garfield as the next Republican nominee for President to succeed Hayes – he had chosen not to stand for re-election.
President Hayes had initiated the break down of Senatorial courtesy and under President Garfield the process had reached a climax.
Garfield's predecessors, Grant and Hayes, had both advocated civil service reform.
This postal corruption by the rings had stealthily succeeded for many years during both the Grant and Hayes administrations.
The affair was referenced, tongue-in-cheek, in an episode of Moonlighting where Bogdanovich, being interviewed as himself, claims to have had an affair with Maddie Hayes, Shepherd's character.
But others, including Betty Hutton, Helen Hayes, James MacArthur, June Allyson, Liz Smith, and Rex Reed stated that they had witnessed abuse.
It had musical interludes by close harmony singing group the Fraser Hayes Four, and accompaniment by the big band of Edwin Braden (" the great, hairy fool " according to Kenneth Williams ), known as Edwin Braden and the Hornblowers.
At one point Baddeley insisted that Sophia stop living with one Doctor Hayes, and in the financial negotiations that followed Baddeley ended up fighting a duel with David Garrick's brother and business manager George, who had disputed his version of events.
As a result, one set of Electoral Votes from each of these three states had cast their ballots for the Republican Hayes, and another set had cast their ballot for the Democrat Tilden.
In fact, Hayes had long before, in his letter accepting the Republican nomination, indicated his desire that the South enjoy " the blessings of honest and capable local government " ( but only with guarantees that the states would guard the civil rights of the freedmen ).
Tilden runs parallel between Grant Street and Hayes Street, as if he had won the presidency in 1876.
Thompson, as Secretary of the Navy, had never been among the leading figures of the Cabinet ( William Evarts, John Sherman, or Carl Schurz ) nor had been even a close colleague and friend of President Hayes like Vice President William Wheeler.
At the 1964 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, Hayes had his finest hour as a sprinter.

Hayes and met
Hayes met Lewis during shooting of the televised film and went on to receive a nomination to the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actor.
With her mother, she moved to Ohio where in 1847 she met Rutherford B. Hayes.
He later met a local schoolteacher and his future wife, Maureen Hayes, who encouraged him to further his education.
Around 1836, James Crawford and John Hayes saw that a town was springing up and donated ten acres of land, at a point where their farms met, to be used for educational and religious purposes.
Previously a route to reconnect the Hatherton Canal to Grove Basin on the Cannock Extension Canal had been favoured, but met with opposition from landowners and on environmental grounds, whereas the Lord Hayes route satisfies the environmental concerns, is preferable to landowners, and would reduce the number of new road bridges needed.
In the winter of 1969-1970, a group of students met at Columbia University to hear Denis Hayes talk about his plans for Earth Day.
Moorehead met the actress Helen Hayes who encouraged her to try to enter films, but her first attempts were met with failure.
Her parents, Adebisi Adu, a Nigerian lecturer in economics of Yoruba background, and Anne Hayes, an English district nurse, met in London, married in 1955 and moved to Nigeria.
" Hindman then met with Enarson at a country club near Jacksonville, and the two agreed that Hayes had to go.
Having met Hayes at a reception following a Buckeye win over Iowa in 1957, Nixon recalled, " I wanted to talk about football and Woody wanted to talk about foreign policy.
When President Rutherford B. Hayes met Chief Ouray in 1880 in Washington, DC, he said that the Ute was " the most intellectual man I've ever conversed with.
De Lesseps then went to Washington, met with President Rutherford Hayes, and testified to the House Interoceanic Canal Committee.
Bassist Robert Levon Been and guitarist Peter Hayes met at high school in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Lafayette and quickly formed a band ; Hayes having recently left The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
" I do not think it is necessary for me to describe the disappointment which I felt when I met Stephen Hayes, although I had already been warned.
When travelling in Tibet, Hayes met the Dalai Lama in 1987.
He met Williams at Rock Depot on the Hayes River.
During the 1999 Cannes Film Festival, Alinur Velidedeoğlu, a Turkish advertiser, met Billy Hayes by chance and interviewed him on the film Midnight Express.
Olly Maw ( previously with South London grunge band Spire ) and Dan Hayes met as bassist and DJ ( respectively ) in 2000, and formed what, in its early days, was a dub act with two further members, Steve Barnes ( guitar ) and Bren O ' Donnell ( drums ).
On the way to Fatehgarh, General Wheeler's forces under the command of Fletcher Hayes and Lieutenant Barbour met two more Englishmen, Fayrer and Carey.
Stuart, MacBride, Seamus O ' Donovan, and IRA Chief of Staff Stephen Hayes then met at O ' Donovan's house.
Hayes is also known to have met with German agent Hermann Görtz on 21 May 1940 in Dublin shortly after the latter ’ s parachuting into Ireland on 5 May 1940 as part of Operation Mainau.
Slaughter and his men plus Captain Hayes force met the hostile Indians at the crossing of the White River, and on 4 November 1855 fought without decisive results.

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