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Page "adventure" ¶ 418
from Brown Corpus
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He'd and started
He'd started 269 consecutive games.

He'd and put
He'd put on his old brown corduroy coat and it was already soaked.
" He'd like to eradicate homosexuality, but since he can't put LGBT people in physical concentration camps, is doing his best to put them in psychological concentration camps.
He'd also rather not face them or Gustavus again in battle, and in particular not the American rifles which tore up his jaw and put him in declining health since he could not ingest solids.

He'd and on
He'd be an idiot to let them stay he thought, but he couldn't send them on, either.
He'd landed the plane on a small airstrip in Connecticut and as soon as the aircraft had coasted to a stop, everyone had burst into chatter at the same moment.
Then it hit me: He'd been giving me all this bullshit about his wife and his two kids in London, when in fact he was gay, and he was makin ' a move on me!
He concentrates on one key phrase hidden under the sound of a street musician: " He'd kill us if he had the chance ".
Tim Finnegan lived in Walken streetA gentleman Irish, mighty oddHe had a brogue both rich and sweetAnd to rise in the world he carried a hodYou see he'd a sort of a tipplin ' wayWith a love for the liquor he was bornAnd to send him on his way each day, He'd a drop of the craythur every morn '
He'd also done time on tour as a guitar tech for The Ataris just prior to Peña's departure.
He'd also lost on points to another rising prospect and future heavyweight champion Michael Dokes.
He'd be out there squinting because he could see, at midnight, the moonlight and shadows, and that was his way of not seeing the weeds or imperfections that would plague him during the day ..." Talking of the tranquility he felt at Friar Park, Harrison once said: " Sometimes I feel like I'm actually on the wrong planet, and it's great when I'm in my garden.
He'd write ' em songs, and I'd throw my ideas on the guitar.
' He'd probably be run over by a Yellow Cab on Park Avenue and killed ,' my wife said.
He'd received — on payment of £ 3 6s 8d — admittance to the Inner Temple in London in 1761, but did not begin his law studies until the new year in 1763.
He'd become friends with him by letting him think Tommy was gone on his behalf.
He'd always said you had to be ready to take off on short notice.
Featured on the cover of the January 1981 issue of Contemporary Keyboard magazine ( a story that was reprinted in Contemporary Keyboards book on the greatest rock keyboardists ), DeYoung described many of his steps along the way through his keyboard-playing career: He'd never played an acoustic piano until the recording session for 1972's " Lady "; he recorded the track for 1979's " Babe " in a friend's basement on a Rhodes electric piano he'd never touched before ; the odd feeling of switching back to playing accordion for the song " Boat On The River " and discovering how small the keys felt to his fingers after years of playing electric organs and pianos.
He'd skipped out on several local Democratic club meetings, and his campaign Website hadn't been updated since 2011.
He'd overdosed on the cough syrup.
In Hellblazer # 64, it is said ( but not confirmed ) that Jesus was conceived from the archangel Gabriel's rape of a woman named Mary (" He'd committed rape behind a carpenter's in Nazareth, and a cycle of agony began that ended on a hill above Jerusalem ...").
He'd had an unhappy childhood that warped him a little and gave him a sour outlook on life.
He'd go on to finish 16th in the event.
' He'd be kissing the receiver and lavishing affection – ' Hello, lovey dovey ' – on a dog!

He'd and now
He'd told Hank Maguire and Luis Hernandez about his wife's refusal to come with him and about what he now intended to do.
He'd been sent by Pittsburgh's GM Branch Rickey to evaluate Clemente's teammate Joe Black, a pitcher Rickey himself had originally signed for the Dodgers and was now thinking of reacquiring for Pittsburgh.
' He'd die now ,' according to George's sister Nancy, ' with limos picking them up.

He'd and was
He'd shoot at anything if it was the rear end of a horse or his own sentry.
He'd have to think, but the main thing, the imperative necessity, was to leave before Sam Bentley was up and about, and before Millie detained him with sympathy.
He'd spearheaded the Ace line, he was the originating editor-in-chief of the Avon paperback list in 1945, and I think he was hurt and took it personally.
He'd shoot from wingovers, zooms, and barrel rolls, and after a few passes the sleeve was ribbons.
He'd consult the daily directory in the lobby and find a party — usually a Bar Mitzvah reception — and he would go up to the room and ask to speak to whoever was paying for the affair.
He'd play the record but he'd improvise over what Earl was doing ..... ' course, when you heard Art play you didn't hear nothing of anybody but Art.
He'd first learned of the revolution when he noticed the Securitate was no longer tailing him.
He'd gotten into the oscillating resonances idea because he'd seen that any one type of molecule has differing absorptions at differing radiant frequencies and he was entirely persuaded that the only difference between one frequency and another is the frequency.
" He'd come and see where I was working, and he might say, ' Very nice, very nice.
Comparing Richards to Lemon, Bannister said, " He'd post the lineups 10 minutes before the game, and only then we'd find out who was playing and where.
He'd end up doing all of that and I was the one that got squeezed out ; I was doing almost nothing.
He'd grab a guy's tie and slam his chin into the table before the guy knew he was in a war.
He'd become a celebrity and was more interested in talking to Dag Hammarskjold and Adlai Stevenson.

He'd and at
He'd been there several times, back when, while he and Radic had been friends, or at least not enemies.
He'd mentioned it, himself, at church and everybody seemed to have the idea that Tolley had left because Jenny had jilted him for Roy Robards.
He'd often look down at the floor gathering his thoughts.
George's son Dhani would later recall for the Scorsese documentary: " He'd garden at night-time until midnight.
He'd come give a talk at Christmas and they'd give him $ 10, 000.
He'd have to do something before we could consider him bad at it.
*" He'd overthrow his slider and it would back up and have a rotation like a spitball " -- former Tigers catcher Bill Freehan, at The Detroit Free Press.
He'd helped found the School of Communications and Theater at Temple.

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