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Page "Oscar Hammerstein II" ¶ 12
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He's and about
He's crazy about water skiing and swimming and this vigorous exercise in conjunction with the added food supplements packed pounds of solid muscle on his skinny frame.
As she told it, `` He's a rich boy friend, an old guy about 60 ''.
`` He's got this idea about drying out ''
`` He's about sixty, now.
He's the one to turn to when the shit hits the fan is an indication that the person being talked about is dependable and will not run from trouble or abandon their allies in tough situations.
He's not very enthusiastic at first, but after initially struggling with how to approach the topic in a fresh way, Green is inspired to adopt a Jewish identity (" Phil Greenberg ") and writes about his own first-hand experiences.
Chuck Tanner who managed the World Series winning 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates said about James that " He's full of shit, and you be sure to tell him that.
" Near the end of the Brief Lives story arc, Desire says of Dream, " He's stuffy, stupid, and thinks he knows everything, and there's just something about him that gets on my nerves.
In Not the Messiah ( He's a Very Naughty Boy ), the song " A Fair Day's Work " makes references to " The Lumberjack Song ", with Eric Idle singing about the masculine virtues of work, but also of dressing in women's clothing to go to " naughty bars ".
" He's maintained the secrets about what he's done with the women, he won't ever tell, it's the last control that he's got ," said one investigator.
He's got really, really bad problems with it ... not tinnitus, it's deterioration and he's seriously now worried about actually losing his hearing.
He's enormously incompetent on both the domestic and international scenes .... Now the fact that we were lied to about the reasons for entering into war against Iraq and thousands of people have died – it's just as immoral as racism.
Zheng He's translator Ma Huan wrote a detailed description about Majapahit and where the king of Java lived.
He's also unhappy about Else needing to use a wheelchair and the fact he has to push her around everywhere and that, after a lifetime of hard work and paying contributions to the Welfare State, he has to fight the social security system for a decent living allowance.
* He's not about to go / He is not about to go ..... Is he not about to go ?..... Isn't he about to go?
He's just so good on the drums, but doesn't want to make a big deal about it.
He's Scotch and all these allegations about spending all this money have just made his little soul furious.
He's not here and there are a lot of others in this locker room who really care about the game.
He's also been known to tweet vulgar and / or insensitive jokes about Jews, Asians, Christians, young girls and women in general as well as retweeting comments from his wife.
He's also appeared a few times on a VOA Persian TV show to talk about Internet censorship and methods to get around filters.
" Greg Osby said about Gary Thomas: " He's extremely intelligent and has a capacity for absorption that exceeds that of most people that I know He has his own compositional and improvisational method that is peerless in my opinion.

He's and .
`` He's leavin.
`` He's not your brother, he's Gavin's son.
`` He's a friend.
`` He's having some kind of a fit ''.
`` He's in Morgan's Ferry ''.
He's quite a rat, you know.
He's informed them of everything you've ever written him.
`` He's finished eating '', Hogan said.
He's got the tightest running gear in the train now.
`` He's there '', he got out tersely, curbing his rising excitement.
`` He's one hell of a decent boy.
`` He's okay.
He's a nice guy ''.
`` He's a wrong-o '', said Runyon, `` and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw the Statue of Liberty ''.
He's got a lot of friends, and he ought to come along and let us know if he wants our help ''.
`` He's got high blood pressure, too, and bum kidneys '', the doctor said to me.
He's past helping.
He's as good as gone ''.
He's hitting the ball hard, in the batting cage, and his whole attitude is improved over this time last year.
He's been entirely different all spring.
He's approached his Democratic duties in hard-nosed engineering fashion.
`` He's all right, Craig '', Rachel said.
He's getting plenty of rest ''.
He's telling them now to write letters to their Congressmen opposing the disarmament of Germany.
He's probably spending the evening with friends ''.

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