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added and If
If the background of design is too smooth, or you wish to create a wood-grained effect, it may be added at this time with a dull tool such as the handle of a fine paintbrush.
If you are a party thrower, you may need added capacity.
If tyrosine and a system generating hydrogen peroxide are added to a cell-free homogenate of the thyroid, large quantities of free mono-iodotyrosine can be formed ( Alexander, 1959 ).
" If this is not an error for " ANaesthetic ", then it needs to be added as a noun sense to Wikipedia / Wiktionary?
If weight is added to the boat, the volume below the waterline will increase to keep the weight balance equal, and so the boat sinks a little to compensate.
If the LRM mark is not added, the weak character will be neighbored by a strong LTR character and a strong RTL character.
" To mollify Avedon, Chaplin assured the photographer of his authenticity and added the comment, " If you want to take my picture, you'd better do it now.
If mineral acid is added to the acetic acid mixture, increasing the concentration of hydronium ion, the amount of dissociation must decrease as the reaction is driven to the left in accordance with this principle.
If the combustion takes place using air as the oxygen source, the nitrogen can be added to the equation, as and although it does not react, to show the composition of the flue gas:
If the possibility of adding the empty string to a language is added to the strings recognized by the noncontracting grammars ( which can never include the empty string ) then the languages in these two definitions are identical.
If a user added more than one drive to a system the user had to open the case and cut a trace in the circuit board to permanently change the drive's number, or hand-wire an external switch to allow it to be changed externally.
If additional solute is added to a saturated solution, it will not dissolve, except in certain circumstances, when supersaturation may occur.
If a particular object did not support a, it could be easily added in the module.
If a second hanging tom is used, it is 10 " diameter and 8 " deep for fusion, or 13 " diameter and one inch deeper than the 12 " diameter tom otherwise, or very occasionally a 14 " diameter hanging tom is added to the 12 ", both being 8 " deep.
# If equals are added to equals, then the wholes are equal.
If the spell is successfully cast, it has its normal effects along with added consequences.
If they were added by Cyril, it is likely that they were taken from an alphabet used for Christian scripture.
If manganese is added instead of chromium, beryl becomes pink morganite.
If the barley was not ripe an intercalary month would be added before Nisan.
" To yells of " treason ", Henry added, " If this be treason then make the most of it!
If a text ( such as this one ) discusses multiple bases, and if ambiguity exists, the base ( itself represented in base 10 ) is added in subscript to the right of the number, like this: number < sub > base </ sub >.
If a constant force such as gravity is added to the system, the point of equilibrium is shifted.
If the barley was not ripe, or various other phenomena indicated that spring was not yet imminent, an intercalary month ( Adar II ) would be added.
If desired, antes can be added to further increase the pressure to win more chips.

added and doesn't
" Mercer emphasized that he was not blaming heavy metal music for Gill's actions and added " It doesn't matter actually what music he liked.
He later added it back, claiming that the bit's rhythm doesn't work without it.
" He added that the original episodes were written about a year before transmission – " satirical comedy doesn't change " – and that " writing in 1986, we found the same headlines in 1956 ".
* In a television interview with Julian Assange on 17 April 2012, Nasrallah said that Israel “ is and will be an illegal state … It was established on the basis of occupying the lands of others .” He added,If I occupy your house by force it doesn't become mine in 50 or 100 years .” While “ Hezbollah does not want to kill anyone ”, the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he argued, was to establish a democratic state on Palestinian land where Muslims, Jews and Christians live in peace but that the US “ won't let people listen to Hezbollah .”
However ," he added meaningfully, " it doesn't necessarily mean that I can do anything I want to at I. G "
While Stade complemented Lessing on the book's satire, and her depictions of Zone 6, which he said " have the eerie beauty of ancient Gnostic texts ", he " disapprove " of the novel as a whole, but added, " that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy reading it ".
Sometimes, Misao says, which doesn't have an actual meaning ( this may be a " cute " form of speech the creators added for her to please fans of cute anime girls ).
Water injection, unlike nitrous oxide or forced induction, doesn't add much power to the engine by itself, but allows more power to be safely added.
Some stories by Judge Dredd creator John Wagner have added a stun bullet, while stories by Gordon Rennie have included a stunner beam ( which doesn't always work ).
" The spokesperson added, " f course he doesn't support the offensive nature of the movie ".
" For instance, the P-16 had Krueger leading-edge flaps for added lift ; the Learjet doesn't.
* Has a joystick that doesn't move, added for visual appeal
Pete Croatto of filmcritic criticized the film and added " I can't think of one American Psycho fan who wouldn't be disappointed watching this far inferior ' sequel ', which doesn't even try to flex any intellectual muscles or take any chances.
" He doesn't have the necessary intelligence " added Icke.
" Although Eurogamer's Simon Parkin found Zack's physical appearance to be highly similar to Cloud's, he added that " This fan service doesn't put a foot wrong until he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a mobile phone and speaks.
Lewis's cymbal work was unique and added qualities to his groups that are hard to describe, but that are recognized immediately and virtually impossible to emulate ( Buddy Rich once said that " Mel Lewis doesn't sound like anybody except himself ").
Tim Lucas noted that the spoken soundtrack to these newly added " spicy " shots " doesn't match it correctly.
Unfortunately the Demon, like other Vrubel's works, doesn't look as it did when it was painted, as the artist added bronze powder to his oils in order to achieve particularly luminous, glistening effects.
In the San Francisco Chronicle, Ruthe Stein called the film " deeply moving " and added, " Dear Frankie takes time weaving its magic ... Director Shona Auerbach doesn't rush anything in her remarkably accomplished first feature film.
" He added, " Polemics doesn't define a man.
" The Dallas Morning News noted influences of ABBA, Bananarama and Bow Wow Wow in the song, and added that it " doesn't quite reach the pop heights of ' Wannabe '".
Changing the order of the addends ( numbers you're adding ) doesn't change their sum ( what they equal when added together ).
Dave Wallace of Comics Bulletin said that Dark Victory " doesn't quite live up to the high standards set by The Long Halloween " but praised " Loeb's note-perfect understanding of what makes the Batman tick " and added that " Tim Sale's artwork also keeps on hitting new highs.
He also added that it doesn't matter what West Ham think as it was up to the Olympic people to decide as he was applying for tenancy

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