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also and kept
There had also been a man who must have had St. Vitus or something, because he kept jerking his head.
It was also intended so that Americans with disabilities would be kept in the mainstream in terms of scientific and medical research and developments, especially opening future opportunities in Space exploration to them, as well as public policy changes, healthcare law and policy changes, and civil rights protections and public law changes for Americans with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities.
However, as Cornelius Castoriadis pointed out, other societies also kept slaves but did not develop democracy.
They also punished those who had too large a share of the ager publicus, or kept too many cattle on the state pastures.
The special " O " s that had appeared sometimes in the last year were also kept.
Their tough skin is covered with dermal teeth ( again with Holocephali as an exception as the teeth are lost in adults, only kept on the clasping organ seen on the front of the male's head ), also called placoid scales or dermal denticles, making it feel like sandpaper.
The inflation rate was also kept low during his term.
While this agreement reportedly kept the company in existence, it also left RuneQuest moribund, leading to products of questionable quality, long gaps with no products published at all, and, eventually, the death of the game altogether.
Casimir is the only Polish king who both received and kept the title of the Great in Polish history ( Bolesław I Chrobry is also called the Great, but his title Chrobry ( Valiant ) is now more common ).
He also kept in touch with the other artists of his earlier group, especially Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, and Frédéric Bazille.
US President Reagan also actively hindered the Soviet Union's ability to sell natural gas to Europe whilst simultaneously actively working to keep gas prices low, which kept the price of Soviet oil low and further starved the Soviet Union of foreign capital.
Early cartridge shotguns also used the SxS action, because they kept the exposed hammers of the earlier muzzle-loading shotguns they evolved from.
He also created the Labyrinth on Crete, in which the Minotaur ( part man, part bull ) was kept.
Practically only a very small percentage of addresses is kept as initial reference points ( which also requires storage ), and most of the database data is accessed by indirection using displacement calculations ( distance in bits from the reference points ) and data structures which define access paths ( using pointers ) to all needed data in effective manner, optimized for the needed data access operations.
Practically only a very small percentage of addresses is kept as initial reference points ( which also requires storage ), and most of the database data is accessed by indirection using displacement calculations ( distance in bits from the reference points ) and data structures which define access paths ( using pointers ) to all needed data in effective manner, optimized for the needed data access operations.
The Duke also insisted to his companions that his death be kept a secret until Louis was informed – the men were to journey from Saint James across the Pyrenees as quickly as possible, to call at Bordeaux to notify the Archbishop, and then to make all speed to Paris, to inform the King.
She also used to explore the forests when she was a little girl and wrote of her dreams in a notebook kept by her bedside.
The 2nd AC is also in charge of overseeing the meticulously kept notebooks that record when the film stock is received, used, and sent to the lab for processing.
* The Tattooed Map, a novel by Barbara Hodgson also published by Raincoast Books, reads as a journal being kept by the protagonists as they travel to Morocco, complete with hardwritten notes, photos and magazine cutouts from the journey.
They also kept giraffes as pets and shipped them around the Mediterranean.
Kedrenos also records the story, considered rather implausible, that Kallinikos ' descendants, a family called " Lampros " (" Brilliant "), kept the secret of the fire's manufacture, and continued doing so to his day.
In addition, these ships are also kept available for the use of the other European NATO countries.
Domesticated horses are also subject to inconsistent movement between stabling and work, they must carry or pull additional weight, and in modern times they are often kept and worked on very soft footing, such as irrigated land, arena footing, or stall bedding.
In German criminal law a person that was convicted of certain crimes can also be sentenced to be kept in preventive detention ; see article on preventive detention.

also and grew
But a realization that each group has much of substance to learn from the other also developed, and a strong conviction grew that each had insights and dimensions to contribute to ethically acceptable solutions of urgent political issues.
But his business also grew, and we are told that Mr. Brown found it increasingly difficult to devote as much time to his creative thinking as his inclinations led him to desire.
Vineyards and orchards also grew around Wright's, and deer were rather a nuisance ; ;
) Apple trees grew there also.
Ann Arbor's Jewish community also grew after the turn of the 20th century, and its first and oldest synagogue, Beth Israel Congregation, was established in 1916.
* It was also during the 1990s that the anime craze grew out of video games, and the youth group known as otaku began to pour into Akihabara.
` Abdu ’ l-Bahá also took an interest in the art of horse riding and, as he grew, became a renowned rider.
From his research grew his Disputationes de controversiis christianae fidei ( also called Disputationes ), first published at Ingolstadt in 1581 – 1593.
Total trade with Europe also grew in 2006, expanding by 42 %.
Total trade with Asia also grew significantly at nearly 31 %.
They also grew cotton and tobacco, and ate maize and sweet potatoes.
Mammals came to occupy almost every available niche ( both marine and terrestrial ), and some also grew very large, attaining sizes not seen in most of today's mammals.
As the city's population — and public college enrollment — grew during the early 20th century and the city struggled for resources, the municipal colleges slowly began adopting selective tuition, also known as instructional fees, for a handful of courses and programs.
The basis for later theoretical computer science, in Alonzo Church and Alan Turing also grew directly out of this ' debate '.
The agricultural export interests, centered in the coastal region near Guayaquil, became closely associated with the Liberals, whose political power also grew steadily during the interval.
Plutarch is the source also for the story that the victorious Spartan generals, having planned the demolition of Athens and the enslavement of its people, grew merciful after being entertained at a banquet by lyrics from Euripides's play Electra: " they felt that it would be a barbarous act to annihilate a city which produced such men " ( Life of Lysander )
The FSTA filed an amicus curiae in support of CBC, also arguing that if MLBAM won the lawsuit it would have a dramatic impact on the industry, which was largely ignored by the major sports leagues for years while a number of smaller entrepreneurs grew it into a multi-billion dollar industry, and a ruling could allow the MLBAM to have a monopoly over the industry.
Eastern cults such as Mithraism also grew in popularity towards the end of the occupation.
But anti-French sentiment also grew, particularly among Protestants, who saw the English as their natural allies.
Conditions also grew worse for Catholics after the Jacobite rebellions and Catholicism was reduced to little more than a poorly-run mission.
The settlement grew up around the precincts of another Benedictine monastery, founded in AD 900-950 by Abbot Ulsinus ( also known as Wulsin ).
As the new settlement in Indiana grew, it also began to attract new arrivals, including emigrants from Germany, who expected the Harmonists to pay for their passage to America.
The settlement grew into a group of shacks built mostly with wreckage from the Amaranth ( lumber from which was also used by the young Hawaiian colonists to build surfboards ), but later, stone and wood dwellings were built and equipped with refrigeration, radio equipment, and a weather station.
After World War II, several other forces were also leading the country toward increased equality for blacks, including their accelerated migration to the North, where their political clout grew, and President Harry Truman's desegregation of the military in 1948.

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