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also and played
He added that he also stresses the works of these favorite masters on tour, especially Mahler's First and Fourth symphonies, and Das Lied Von der Erde, and Bruckner's Sixth -- which is rarely played -- and Seventh.
Chicago was also a welcome host: there, in 1921, Prokofieff conducted the world premiere of the Love For Three Oranges, and played the first performance of his Third Piano Concerto.
There have been a number of radio adaptations of the Poirot stories, most recently twenty seven of them on BBC Radio 4 ( and regularly repeated on BBC 7 ), starring John Moffatt ( Maurice Denham and Peter Sallis have also played Poirot on BBC Radio 4, Mr. Denham in The Mystery of the Blue Train and Mr. Sallis in Hercule Poirot's Christmas ).
Angela Lansbury, who had played Miss Marple in the movie, The Mirror Crack'd, directed by Guy Hamilton, went on to star in the TV series Murder, She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who also solves crimes.
In September 1977, veteran actress and authoress Dulcie Gray played the Miss Marple character in a stage adaptation of A Murder Is Announced at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, England that featured also Dinah Sheridan, Eleanor Summerfield, Patricia Brake and Barbara Flynn.
Currently, the team has played in the 2007 Holiday Bowl, 1997 Rose Bowl and also won the Rose Bowl in 1987 as well as the Fiesta Bowl in 1982, 1975, 1973, 1972, and 1971.
Oceanic models have shown that the opening of these two passages limited polar heat convergence and caused a cooling of sea surface temperatures by several degrees ; other models have shown that CO < sub > 2 </ sub > levels also played a significant role in the glaciation of Antarctica < sup >.</ sup >
These alleged refugees claimed the ancestry of Sargon of Akkad ( whose dynasty died out some 15 centuries before the fall of Assyria ), they also contradictionally claimed ancestry from Nabopolassar, a Babylonian king of Chaldean extraction who played a major part in the destruction of the Assyrian Empire.
Korner also played on B.
He composed also a number of different works including many art songs in different languages and a number of important piano pieces, like the five " Doloras " ( 1914 ), which he later orchestrated and are normally played in concerts in Chile and Latinamerica.
In 1984, the first official representative matches of International Rules were played, and these were played annually each October between the AFL and the Gaelic Athletic Association, also known as the GAA, between 1998 and 2006.
Art historians and theorists such as Cesare Brandi have also played a significant role in developing conservation-restoration theory.
Archaeoastronomy ( also spelled archeoastronomy ) is the study of how people in the past " have understood the phenomena in the sky, how they used phenomena in the sky, and what role the sky played in their cultures.
Larry Blyden, who played Hysterium, the role created by Jack Gilford, also co-produced.
This version was also played in Hamburg, Dresden, Hanover, and Berlin, although, in the wake of protests and a lack of success, Niemann-Raabe eventually restored the original ending.
* c. 3500 BC: Senet is played in Predynastic Egypt as evidenced by its inclusion in burial sites ; also depicted in the tomb of Merknera.
The introduction also employs the use of the mediant to tonic relationship which further distorts the tonic key until it is finally played by the bassoon in the lowest possible register.
In baseball, the statistic applies also to players who, prior to a game, are included on a starting lineup card or are announced as ex ante substitutes, whether they actually play or not, although, in Major League Baseball, the application of this statistic does not extend to consecutive games played streaks.
" Gladstone also hinted at the strength of his own faith, and the role it played in his public life, when he addressed Disraeli's most personal and private appeal:
The team also played the regional side of South Africa ( South Africa did not exist as a political unit in 1891 ), winning all three matches.
The Lions also played a test against Canada on their way home, winning 19 to 8 in Toronto.
The bass guitar ( also called electric bass, or simply bass ; ) is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, thumping, or picking.
Badminton is also played outdoors as a casual recreational activity, often as a garden or beach game.
Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world.

also and phenomenally
The interiors were designed by artists and architects of the time, and besides being very luxurious were also phenomenally spacious.
Panorama producer David Wickham, also at the conference, later described Birt in an interview as “ phenomenally arrogant ”.
But Kant's solution is to point out that we do not only exist phenomenally but also noumenally.
He was also phenomenally strong, able to smash rocks into pieces, uproot trees, and bend trunks like twigs.

also and successful
He has also enjoyed a successful career as an entertainer ( his records have sold in the millions ) and is a sharp businessman.
In addition to the heart and aorta, successful measurements of liver and spleen have also been made by this technique.
Another case may be given in illustration of a successful use of analysis, and also of the employment of a procedure for intensive analysis.
Radiopasteurization has also been successful, and the shelf life of chicken can be extended to a month or more under refrigerated storage as compared with about 10 days for the untreated product.
Dwan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood directors, Victor Fleming, who went on to direct The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, and Marshall Neilan, who became an actor, director, writer and producer.
Ambrose also made successful efforts to improve the moral life of women in the Milan of his time by promoting the permanent institution of Virgins, as also of widows.
Carnegie also opposed the annexation of Cuba by the United States and in this, was successful with many other conservatives who founded an anti-imperialist league that included former presidents of the United States, Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison, and literary figures like Mark Twain.
His motto, " All is well since all grows better ", served not only as a good rationalization of his successful business career but also in his view of international relations.
There have also been relatively successful attempts with regard to chess and music.
Her goal was to become the first Christian singer-songwriter who was also successful as a contemporary pop singer.
In infinite space many civilizations are bound to exist, among them civilizations that are also wiser and more " successful " than ours.
Still, Thomson's model ( along with a similar Saturnian ring model for atomic electrons, also put forward in 1904 by Nagaoka after James Clerk Maxwell's model of Saturn's rings ), were earlier harbingers of the later and more successful solar-system-like Bohr model of the atom.
The purpose of advertising may also be to reassure employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful.
The Orioles are also well known for their successful stadium, the trend-setting Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which opened in 1992 in downtown Baltimore.
The main weapons of assassination chosen organised the successful assassination of King Alexander I of Serbia and his consort Draga ; he confirmed that Captain Dragutin Dimitrijevic, who had personally led the group of Army officers who killed the royal couple in the Old Palace at Belgrade on the night of 28 / 29 May 1903 ( Old Style ), was also the Black Hand's leader.
The Greek army was also successful.
Chaplin decided not to release the film in the United States, which also meant that it was financially much less successful than his earlier films, despite moderate commercial success in Europe.
A 2002 adaptation of its Resident Evil series faced similar criticism but was also successful in theaters.
John and Roy Boulting also wrote and directed a series of successful satires, including Private's Progress ( 1956 ) and I'm All Right, Jack ( 1959 ).
The women's Ultimate club team, known as " Snatch ", has also been very successful in recent years, ranking 44 of over 200 college teams in the Ultimate Player's Association.
The character Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer, was featured in his own successful spin-off, Frasier, which also ran for 11 seasons and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major, and some minor, Cheers characters.
They also argue that satellite radio will boost Canadian culture by giving vital exposure to independent artists, instead of concentrating just on the country's stars, and point to the CRTC's successful extraction of promises to program 10 % Canadian content on satellite services already operational in the United States as important concessions.
Dutch Calvinist settlers were also the first successful European colonizers of South Africa, beginning in the 17th century, who became known as Boers or Afrikaners.
Richelieu was so successful that his successor, Jules Mazarin, was also a cardinal.

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