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also and put
Aristotle also tended to stratify all aspects of human nature and activity into levels of excellence and, like Plato, he put the pure and unimpassioned intellect on the top level.
He also disliked Runyon, for no good reason other than the fact that the Demon's talent was so marked as to put him well beyond the Hetman's say-so or his supervision.
Steps should also be taken to link the Food for Peace Program with the Peace Corps, so that foreign currencies accumulated by the sale of U.S. surplus food under P.L. 480 can be put to use to pay some of the host country expenses of Peace Corps personnel.
We are abstracting from the fact of strikes here, but it should be obvious that the extent to which the public-limit price is raised by a given increase in the basic wage rate is also a function of the show of resistance put up by the industry.
Egyptians also believed that being mummified and put in a sarcophagus ( an ancient Egyptian " coffin " carved with complex symbols and designs, as well as pictures and hieroglyphs ) was the only way to have an afterlife.
Charon, also known as the ferry-man, would take the soul across the river to Hades, if the soul had gold: Upon burial, the family of the dead soul would put coins under the deceased's tongue.
Elam and the northern part of Mesopotamia ( Subartu ) were also subjugated, and rebellions in Sumer were put down.
At first, the falcon crest logo was also put on the jersey sleeves, but it was replaced by a red and white stripe pattern four years later.
King Josiah also had the Ark put in the Temple ( 2 Chron.
Hill also recounted an instance in which Thomas examined a can of Coke on his desk and asked, " Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?
In 2010 – 11 season Roma was administrated by UniCredit as Sensi family failed to repay the bank and the club was put into the market, which also saw Roma did not had major signing in 2010 – 11 season.
Much effort is also put into analyzing biological systems.
A cappella can also describe the practice of using just the vocal track ( s ) from a multitrack, instrumental recording to be remixed or put onto vinyl records for DJs.
That same year, Formosus died, leaving Lambert once again in power, and both he and Berengar killed any officials who had been put in place by Arnulf, as Ratold also fled from Milan to Bavaria.
Still, Thomson's model ( along with a similar Saturnian ring model for atomic electrons, also put forward in 1904 by Nagaoka after James Clerk Maxwell's model of Saturn's rings ), were earlier harbingers of the later and more successful solar-system-like Bohr model of the atom.
The original ending, in which Ash oversleeps in the cave and wakes up in a post-apocalyptic future, was restored to the film for the UK VHS release, which also had the cinematic ending put in as a post credit extra.
If the defense makes no attempt to put the baserunner out ( for example, if the catcher doesn't even look his way ), the play is scored as defensive indifference ( also called fielder's indifference ), and no stolen base is credited to the runner.
A player completes a turn batting when: he strikes out or is declared out before reaching first base ; or he reaches first base safely or is awarded first base ( by a base on balls, hit by pitch, or catcher's interference ); or he hits a fair ball which causes a preceding runner to be put out for the third out before he himself is put out or reaches first base safely ( see also left on base, fielder's choice, force play )
In the book, she also made comparisons of her close gay friends to today's homosexuals, who " jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through " and that some contemporary homosexuals behave like " fairground freaks ".
They also made it available to high schools in the Hanover area and put a considerable amount of effort into promoting the language.
Additionally, though the Chronicler's principal source is the Deuteronomistic History, coming primarily, as stated above, from the books of 2 Samuel and 1 – 2 Kings and other public records and sources ( see above ), the Chronicler also uses other biblical sources, particularly from the Pentateuch, as redacted and put together by P ( the Priestly Source ).
In this third covenant, unlike the first two, God hands down an elaborate set of laws ( scattered through Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers ), which the Israelites are to observe ; they are also to remain faithful to Yahweh, the god of Israel, meaning, among other things, that they must put their trust in his help.
Patients who are restless may also try to pull on tubes or dressings so soft cloth wrist restraints may be put on.

also and forward
He and other Soviet leaders responsible for the document were proud of having brought forward some new formulas, such as the early replacement of the dictatorship of the proletariat by an `` All People's State '', and also of having laid down the lines for a much greater `` democratization '' of the whole hierarchy of Soviets, starting with the Supreme Soviet itself.
The end or aim of the action, of course, is also important, especially where it is not alone a matter of changing community customs but of the use of deadly economic power to intimidate a person from stepping forward to claim his legal rights, e.g., against Negroes who register to vote in Fayette County, Tennessee, at the present moment.
However, it is also a Christian insight to know that unless charity interpenetrates justice it is not likely to be freedom that marches forward.
He also " gallantly stepped forward " to contribute a quarter of the costs of dramatising P. G. Wodehouse's A Damsel in Distress.
The magic word " Ablanathanalba ," which reads in Greek the same backward as forward, also occurs in the Abrasax-stones as well as in the magic papyri.
The rest of Marlborough's army, waiting in their ranks on the forward slope, were also forced to bear the cannonade from the French artillery, suffering 2, 000 casualties before the attack could even be begun.
A Dutch cavalry brigade under Averock was also called forward but soon came under pressure from Marsin's more numerous squadrons.
It also allowed forward compatibility, since old monaural FM radio receivers still could receive a signal from a new transmitter.
There are also forward differencing methods, but great care must be taken to analyse error propagation.
The new style was also pushed forward by changes in the economic order and in social structure.
In the catalyzed elementary reaction, catalysts do not change the extent of a reaction: they have no effect on the chemical equilibrium of a reaction because the rate of both the forward and the reverse reaction are both affected ( see also thermodynamics ).
( This applies to the forward articulation ; both may also have either an affricate or non-affricate rear articulation as well.
Yet he also put forward arguments that suggested that polytheism had much to commend it in preference to monotheism.
He puts forward the idea that when men have the opportunity to possess property and work on it, they will “ learn to love the very soil which yields in response to the labor of their hands, not only food to eat, but an abundance of the good things for themselves and those that are dear to them .” He states also that owning property is not only beneficial for a person and their family, but is in fact a right, due to God having “... given the earth for the use and enjoyment of the whole human race ”.
This also made it difficult to pass the ball when very close to one's own end zone, since merely dropping back to pass or kick would result in a safety ( rules of the forward pass at the time required the passer to be five yards behind the line of scrimmage, which would make throwing the forward pass when the ball was snapped from behind one's own five-yard line illegal in itself ).
" However the Times also reflected widespread skepticism as to whether the forward pass could be effectively integrated into the game: " There has been no team that has proved that the forward pass is anything but a doubtful, dangerous play to be used only in the last extremity.
" In 1954, Stagg disputed Cochems ' claim to have invented the forward pass :" Eddie Cochems, who coached at St. Louis University in 1906, also claimed to have invented the pass as we know it today ...
Increased use of the forward pass encouraged adoption of a narrower ball, starting with changes in the 1920s which enhanced rifled throwing and also spiral punting.
Heavy lens diffusion was also used on all the other shots carrying forward the romantic and sentimental parts of the story of this film.
They also contribute to the desired effect of converting the ( kinetic energy ) push of the sloped wave face combined with the rider's mass on the sloped wave face ( potential energy ) into redirected energy-lift ( lift ( physics ))-the surfer deflects his surfboard and fins off the water of the wave face ( and / or vice-versa ) to make forward progress across the wave face, or " down the line ," that is, parallel to the wave crest and beach-riding parallel to the crest ( perpendicular to the pull of gravity down the wave's slope ) in this way is known as " trimming.
The Liberty cap, also known as the Phrygian cap, or pileus, is a brimless, felt cap that is conical in shape with the tip pulled forward.
He also takes forward the exotic ‘ gypsy ’ style of Liszt and Brahms.

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