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also and returned
In this line, Mohamed Temam, Abdelkhader Houamel have also returned through this art, scenes from the history of the country, the habits and customs of the past and the country life.
After this deed he fled to Talmai, the king of Geshur () ( see also or ), his maternal grandfather, and it was not until three years later that he was fully reinstated in his father's favour and finally returned to Jerusalem.
Following the rise of the Taliban in 1996, Massoud, who rejected the Taliban's fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, returned to the armed opposition, serving as the military and political leader of the United Islamic Front ( also known in the West as Northern Alliance ).
It is also the subject of increasing academic study and a small number of his operas have returned to the stage.
It also means that in the case of an irregularity or dispute over a hand before the cards are returned to the board, they can be reviewed and it can be determined who played which cards in what order.
White emigres who had returned due to pledges of amnesty were also sent directly to the Gulag, as were Jews from the Anti-Fascist Committee and other organizations.
" The tour lasted 21 months, and the troupe — which also included Stan Laurel of later Laurel and Hardy fame — returned to England in June 1912.
Many of the Yakoma soldiers who left the country after the mutinies in 1996 – 1997 have now returned and must also be reintegrated into the army.
In 1987 Charlton also returned to Wembley for the first time since the 1947 FA Cup final for the Full Members Cup final against Blackburn.
This also applies when the defence scores on a turnover which is returned for a touchdown — technically, they become the offence until the conclusion of the play, and the scoring team must still kickoff.
Enrollment was also extended to those without dependents ; orphans could make an " enrollee deposit " with the Army finance officer earning 5 % interest returned in full at discharge or in emergency.
The island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea also belongs to this group, but returned to Danish rule in 1660.
In the spring of 1882, Hermann Minkowski ( two years younger than Hilbert and also a native of Königsberg but so talented he had graduated early from his gymnasium and gone to Berlin for three semesters ), returned to Königsberg and entered the university.
She also returned to number one on the country charts later in 2005 by lending her distinctive harmonies to the Brad Paisley ballad, " When I Get Where I'm Goin '".
In 1988 he returned to Bloomington as " College of Arts and Sciences Professor " in both cognitive science and computer science, and also was appointed adjunct professor of history and philosophy of science, philosophy, comparative literature, and psychology, but he states that his involvement with most of these departments is nominal.
Arnaz and Ball's marriage ( 1940 ) was turbulent, and convinced that Arnaz was being unfaithful to her, and also because Desi came home drunk several times, Ball filed for divorce in September 1944, but returned to him before the interlocutory decree became final.
Kaye also later stated that he never returned to the venue because there was no way to re-create the magic of that time.
One is located at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip, List of stores from the Bellagio hotel / casino website the other at the MGM Grand Casino in Macau. Press release by MGM Macau mentioning Chihuly shop ( search for " Chihuly retail ") A number of other galleries also carry his pieces. In 1983 Chihuly returned to his native Pacific Northwest where he continued to develop his own work at the Pilchuck Glass School, which he had helped to found in 1971.
Jones also returned to theater several times after the Monkees.
During his time in Canada, Sapir also acted as an advocate for Indigenous rights, arguing publicly for introduction of better medical care for Indigenous communities, and assisting the Six Nation Iroquois in trying to recover eleven wampum belts that had been stolen from the reservation and were on display in the museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the belts were only returned to the Iroquois in 1988.
Munch returned to Christiania in 1897 where he also received grudging acceptance, where one critic wrote, " A fair number of these pictures have been exhibited before.
Kammu also sponsored the travels of the monks Saichō and Kūkai to China, from where they returned to found the Japanese branches of, respectively, Tendai and Shingon Buddhism.
However, it was also important that the body of the deceased be preserved, as the Egyptians believed that the ba returned to its body each night to receive new life, before emerging in the morning as an akh.
By 4 July, the Australian 9th Division had entered the line in the north, and on 9 July Indian 5th Infantry Brigade also returned taking over the Ruweisat position.
He also appeared in three major TV specials: New York, New York ( 1966 ), The Julie Andrews ' Show ( 1965 ), and Jack and the Beanstalk ( 1967 ) a show he produced and directed which returned to a combination of cartoon animation with live dance, winning him an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program.

also and season
The forthcoming season in Pittsburgh also promises to be of unusual interest.
They have the same men, no age problem, no injuries and they also have Vinegar Bend Mizell for the full season, along with Bobby Shantz ''.
Mantle, the bull-necked blond switch-hitter, had one sensational triple-crown season, 1959, when he batted and also led the American League in home runs, 52, and rbi's, 130.
In announcing Jorda's return, the orchestra also announced that the sale of single tickets for the 50th anniversary season will start at the Sherman Clay box office on Wednesday.
Regina Resnik as Laura and Cesare Siepi as Alvise also were new to the cast, but only with respect to this season ; ;
It is also known as the " Glorious Twelfth " in the United Kingdom, as it marks the traditional start of the grouse shooting season.
It is also representative of the evolution and direction of our team .” During the 2003 preseason Michael Vick broke his leg and missed the first twelve games of the season.
They are also one of three teams to win the treble and the Intercontinental Cup in the same season / calendar year ; This was achieved in the 1971 – 72 season.
They also finished third in the Eredivisie that season, again qualifying for the UEFA Cup, after spending most of the season in the top two spots.
A year later, in the season 2010 – 11, AFAS Erp Software took over as official shirt sponsor, also taking over duties as stadium sponsor.
In 2010 – 11 season Roma was administrated by UniCredit as Sensi family failed to repay the bank and the club was put into the market, which also saw Roma did not had major signing in 2010 – 11 season.
Keats ' To Autumn, written in September 1819, echoes this sense of melancholic reflection, but also emphasises the lush abundance of the season.
In the Anglosphere, most notably in Anglo-America, autumn is also associated with the Halloween season ( which in turn was influenced by Samhain, a Celtic autumn festival ), and with it a widespread marketing campaign that promotes it, in the U. S. A.
Autumn also has strong ties to post-season baseball, with the autumnal equinox occurring with about a week left in the regular season, depending on scheduling.
In Indian mythology, autumn is considered to be the preferred season for the goddess of learning Saraswati, who is also known by the name of " goddess of autumn " ( Sharada ).
The season two episode " The Giant Jackrabbit " also became the most watched telecast up to the time of its airing, and remains the most watched half-hour episode of a sitcom as well.
Unlike many power hitters, Ruth also hit for a high batting average: his. 342 lifetime average is the tenth highest in baseball history, and in one season ( 1923 ) he batted. 393, a Yankee record.
In addition to winning the 1966 MVP, Robinson also won the Triple Crown ( leading the American League in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in ), a feat also achieved the following season by Boston's Carl Yastrzemski but never since.
The Orioles also introduced a new alternate orange uniform to be worn on Saturday home games throughout the 2012 season.
The rainforest was also greatly destroyed from the forest fires of 1997 to 1998, which were started by the locals to clear the forests for crops and perpetuated by an exceptionally dry El Niño season during that period.
A honey bee queen may lay 2000 eggs per day during spring buildup, but she also must lay 1000 to 1500 eggs per day during the foraging season, mostly to replace daily casualties, most of which are workers dying of old age.

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