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also and served
He was asking had it been she who left the love note in his sheets ( she also served as maid ) when he saw the Grafin followed by a stately blond girl approaching his table.
There was also a lesson, one that has served ever since to keep Americans, in their conflicts with one another, from turning from the ballot to the bullet.
as Pike proved himself adept in the political arena, he also became a social lion in the village of Little Rock, where he served as a symbol of the culture that the ladies of the town were striving so eagerly to cultivate.
It served also as a literary form exactly appropriate to the fragmented audience of modern urban culture.
Their ham butts, cured in oak-log smoke, were also esteemed when roasted or boiled, and served with this original sauce:
The choice of the single member district was dictated to a certain extent by problems of communication and understanding in the more remote areas of the country, but it also served to minimize the national political value of the elections.
A refrigerated item could also be heated and served in less time than is required for frozen foods of the same type.
He had been a choir boy at the Holy Name Cathedral and also served as an acolyte to Father O'Brien.
Mackenzie also served as Minister of Public Works and oversaw the completion of the Parliament Buildings.
Ampère also provided a physical understanding of the electromagnetic relationship, theorizing the existence of an “ electrodynamic molecule ” ( the forerunner of the idea of the electron ) that served as the component element of both electricity and magnetism.
This gave him access to a disciplined corps of workers, who also may have served as his first soldiers.
During the post-Phoenician era of the eighth century a palace was erected and a port was also constructed, which served the trade with the Greeks and the Levantines.
The boule also served as an executive committee for the assembly, and oversaw the activities of certain other magistrates.
His motto, " All is well since all grows better ", served not only as a good rationalization of his successful business career but also in his view of international relations.
He also served on the board of Auto Union, the successor to Audi Automobilwerke GmbH.
Ann Arbor also became a locus for left-wing activism and served as a hub for the civil-rights movement and anti-Vietnam War movement, as well as the student movement.
It starred Adam Brazier as Hapgood, Kate Hennig as Cora, Blythe Wilson as Fay, and Richard Ouzounian as Narrator, who also served as director.
In addition to his public service work for charitable organizations for the handicapped, Capp also served on the National Reading Council, which was organized to combat illiteracy.
* Bar ( establishment ), a retail establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, also the counter at which drinks are served by a bartender
He also served in the U. S. Navy in World War I, as a shipboard radio operator, as an editor of a publication, and as a crash rescue boat commander.
In the 1990s, he had the role of Lennier in the syndicated sci-fi TV series Babylon 5, and he also served as narrator of A & E Network's Emmy Award-winning series, Biography.
He also served as a Nazi spy in the United States and, in 1941, he was caught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) in the largest espionage case in U. S. history: The Duquesne Spy Ring.
They are also an ingredient of the gräddfil sauce served with the traditional herring dish served at Swedish midsummer celebrations.
Carreras ' father, Benjamin Nunez, also served as the Costa Rican ambassador to Israel.

also and consultant
The federal lawyers, according to their witnesses, also were tracing Stein's fees as a labor consultant.
The reference coordinator at headquarters also serves as a consultant, and is available to work with the local librarian in helping to strengthen local reference service.
Recently, August also accepted the invitation from the Hangzhou government to serve as a " culture consultant " for the city.
The MRCS also gives a " Mister " title, but the Doctor cannot become a consultant with an MRCS alone.
But Fermi also participated in preliminary work on the hydrogen bomb at Los Alamos as a consultant, and along with Stanislaw Ulam, calculated that the amount of tritium needed for Edward Teller's model of a thermonuclear weapon would be prohibitive, and a fusion reaction could not be assured to propagate even with this large quantity of tritium.
Similar to an insurance consultant, an ' insurance broker ' also shops around for the best insurance policy amongst many companies.
He was also consultant to the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Swan Company, Ferranti, Edison Telephone, and later the Edison Electric Light Company.
Many are also security consultants, but not every security consultant has the skills and knowledge of a locksmith.
Following Meighen into civilian life were: Robert Borden, who served as Chancellor of Queen's and McGill Universities, as well as working in the financial sector ; Lester B. Pearson, who acted as Chancellor of Carleton University ; Joe Clark and Kim Campbell, who became university professors, Clark also consultant and Campbell working in international diplomacy and as the director of private companies and chairperson of interest groups ; while Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien returned to legal practice.
He also worked as a consultant and vice president for new product research at Kurzweil Music Systems from 1984 to 1988, helping to develop the Kurzweil K2000.
Seitz was also the founding chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute, a tobacco industry consultant and a prominent skeptic on the issue of global warming.
General Bradley also served as a military advisor and consultant to the film's producers.
Randal L. Schwartz ( born November 22, 1961 ), also known as merlyn, is an American author, system administrator and programming consultant.
He was also cast in the title role in Oliver Stone's film Travis McGee, in which he is expected to play a salvage consultant who helps his clients to recover lost property, and is attached to star as a father who kidnaps and tortures the man who kidnapped his daughter in the thriller Prisoners.
Newton-John was recruited for the group Toomorrow formed by American producer Don Kirshner, who was also the music consultant for the earliest recordings of the Monkees.
Malloch cites a short treatise,, that had been written by Martin Azpilcueta ( also known as Doctor Navarrus ), an Augustinian who was serving as a consultant to the Apostolic Penitentiary.
Kelling has also been hired as a consultant to Boston's and Los Angeles's Police Departments.
His wife Margot Wells was also a Scottish 100 / 100 hurdles champion, and they are now based in Guildford, Surrey where she is a fitness consultant, and Allan is a systems engineer.
The team also hired Clint Malarchuk as a goaltending consultant.
The passenger is Alec Harvey ( Howard ), an idealistic doctor who also works one day a week as a consultant at the local hospital.
He also was a consultant for private business.
Dr. Bondar has also been a consultant and speaker to diverse organizations, drawing on her expertise as an astronaut, physician, scientific researcher, photographer, author, environment interpreter and team leader.
Later she was also the landscape consultant to the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts ( 1946 – 50 ).
He was also a consultant to the Times-Mirror Organisation in Los Angeles, during which he visited one of T-M's several publishing companies, Jeppesen & Co., in Frankfurt, Germany.
He was also a consultant to the U. S. Office of Science and Technology Policy, and was a member of the Defense Science Board and the NASA Advisory Council.

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