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also and submitted
Following the glorious lead of the heroes of Pawtuxet, they also submitted themselves to the protection of Massachusetts.
That fall he submitted to Professor Baker the first acts and outlines of the following acts of several plays, six of them, according to some of his associates, and he also worked on a play that he first called Niggertown, the material for which he had collected during the summer at home.
This claim, as submitted to the District Court and dismissed by it, 126 F.Supp.235, alleged violation not only of 7 of the Clayton Act, but also of 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act.
A grant application to build a proof of concept prototype was submitted in March 1939 to the Agronomy department which was also interested in speeding up computation for economic and research analysis.
Transmission, Gregory Chaitin also presents this theorem in J. ACM – Chaitin's paper was submitted October 1966 and revised in December 1968, and cites both Solomonoff's and Kolmogorov's papers.
This is also the period in which almost all chroniclers agree that the Saxon people of pre-unification England submitted to Alfred.
He also had a fruitful songwriting collaboration with Lasse Berghagen, with whom he wrote several songs and submitted " Hej, Clown " for the 1969 Melodifestivalen-the Swedish Eurovision Song Festival finals.
He had submitted to using spoken dialogue, partly out of acceptance that he had no other choice but also because he recognised it as a better method for delivering a political message.
Howard also wrote " The Frost-Giant's Daughter ", inspired by the Greek myth of Daphne, and submitted both stories to Weird Tales magazine.
( Pine tar has historically also been used for this purpose, but has been banned as a medical product by the FDA, since no evidence was submitted proving it is effective.
Orwell also submitted his name to the Central Register for war effort but nothing transpired.
Although the Coalition was joined by other allies, the French Empire was also not alone since it now had a complex network of allies and submitted states.
If civil commitment proceedings follow, the evaluation is presented in a formal court hearing where testimony and other evidence may also be submitted.
However he did gain the support of Parliament through his proposals to increase its powers, and he also presented his policy to Parliament a week before he submitted them to the Council.
Cases could also be submitted directly by states, but they were not bound to submit material unless it fell into those three categories.
Every RFC is submitted as plain ASCII text and is published in that form, but may also be available in other formats.
This Slavic tribe, also known as the Alpine Slavs, was submitted to Avar rule before joining the Slavic chieftain Samo's Slavic tribal union in 623 AD.
It also sifted through 1600 letters and memoranda submitted by individuals, organisations and political parties.
It was also planned to include variants and expansions submitted by TFT players, as well.
* To All Who These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, that in consequence of propositions of peace, or cessation of hostilities, being submitted to me, as Commandant of the California Battalion of the United States forces, which have so far been acceded to by me as to cause me to appoint a board of commissioners to confer with a similar board appointed by the Californians, and it requiring a little time to close the negotiations ; it is agreed upon and ordered by me that an entire cessation of hostilities shall take place until to-morrow afternoon ( January 13 ), and that the said Californians be permitted to bring in their wounded to the mission of San Fernando, where, also, if they choose, they can move their camp to facilitate said negotiations.
At COP9, the parties also agreed to review the first national reports submitted by 110 non-Annex I countries.
There's also " Up The Arse Corner ", where photographs are submitted of people whose pose, and / or facial expression, could be misconstrued as being in the midst of an act of buggery.
Archbishop Stigand submitted to William there, and when the duke moved on to Berkhamsted soon afterwards, Edgar the Ætheling, Morcar, Edwin and Archbishop Ealdred also submitted.
The Constitutional Review Commission set up by Mwanawasa also hit some turbulence, with arguments as to where its findings should be submitted leading to suspicions that he has been trying to manipulate the outcome.

also and letter
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
The earliest certain ancestor of " A " is aleph ( also called ' aleph ), the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet ( which, by consisting entirely of consonants, is an abjad rather than a true alphabet ).
An abugida ( from Ge ‘ ez አቡጊዳ ’ äbugida ), also called an alphasyllabary, is a segmental writing system in which consonant – vowel sequences are written as a unit: each unit is based on a consonant letter, and vowel notation is secondary.
The Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar a grandson of Aurangzeb, is also known to have sent a letter to the Ottomans bu this time it was received by the Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha providing a graphic description of the informing him of the efforts of the Mughal commander Syed Hassan Ali Khan Barha against the Rajput and Maratha rebellion.
The Letter of Philip ( speech 12 ) to which speech 11 seems to respond may also be by Anaximenes, or it may be an authentic letter by Philip, perhaps written with the aid of his advisers.
His criticisms of the scientific community, and especially of several mathematics circles, are also contained in a letter, written in 1988, in which he states the reasons for his refusal of the Crafoord Prize.
In 1983 he wrote an extended manuscript ( about 600 pages ) entitled Pursuing Stacks, stimulated by correspondence with Ronald Brown, ( see also R. Brown and Tim Porter at University of Bangor in Wales ), and starting with a letter addressed to Daniel Quillen.
Guthrie also saw traces of Acts in Polycarp's letter to the Philippians ( written between 110-140 ) and one letter by Ignatius († about 117 ) and thought that Acts probably was current in Antioch and Smyrna not later than c. 115, and perhaps in Rome as early as c. 96.
The printed edition ( Presburg, 1838 ), prepared by M. L. Bislichis, contains: ( 1 ) Preface ; ( 2 ) a treatise of eighteen chapters on the incorporeality of God ; ( 3 ) correspondence ; ( 4 ) a treatise, called Sefer ha-Yarḥi, included also in letter 58 ; ( 5 ) a defense of The Guide and its author by Shem-Tob Palquera ( Grätz, Gesch.
He also asked permission to publish his manuscript ( which accompanied the letter ) in a newspaper to explain the dangers posed by this kind of defense.
" In a letter written from his exile, he cheered up a fellow physicist and human rights activist with the words: " Fortunately, the future is unpredictable and also — because of quantum effects — uncertain.
In languages such as English with morphophonemic variation, an alphabet song usually chooses a particular pronunciation for each letter in the alphabet ( e. g. " cake " is, not ) and also typically for some words in the song.
Because the English language has 40 sounds and only 26 letters, children and beginning readers also need to learn the different sounds ( phonemes ) associated with each letter.
There are also songs that go through the alphabet, making each letter stand for something in the process.
There is also a U. S. Supreme Court case that predates the dictionary, Jackson ex dem Bradford v. Huntington, that uses the phrase " black letter " in the same sense as black letter law: " It is seldom that a case in our time savors so much of the black letter, but the course of decisions in New York renders it unavailable.
The lowercase letter o for octet is defined as the symbol for octet in IEC 80000-13 and is commonly used in several non-English languages ( e. g., French and Romanian ), and is also used with metric prefixes ( for example, ko and Mo )
The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without anesthetizing them first but also said, in reference to Muslims, that she was " fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its habits ".
Wilfrid did not respond to the accusation, but a monk present relayed the episode to Bede, who replied within a few days to the monk, writing a letter setting forth his defence and asking that the letter be read to Wilfrid also.
Bede also travelled to the monastery of Lindisfarne, and at some point visited the otherwise unknown monastery of a monk named, a visit that is mentioned in a letter to that monk.
Cuthbert's letter also relates a five-line poem in the vernacular that Bede composed on his deathbed, known as " Bede's Death Song ".
Cuthbert's letter on Bede's death, the Epistola Cuthberti de obitu Bedae, moreover, commonly is understood to indicate that Bede also composed a five line vernacular poem known to modern scholars as Bede ’ s Death Song

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