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also and suggested
If the superintendents do not receive more cooperation from Handlers, it has been suggested that licensed Judges also be qualified to judge this Class.
A further possibility is suggested by the example of the G. I. bills and also by some recent trends in attitudes toward improving college education: that is to provide financial assistance to individuals for vocational training when local facilities are inadequate.
Planes defined as parallel to the surface also cut through it into real space, and a depth is suggested optically which is greater than that established pictorially.
But it also briefly suggested the possibility of a meeting with Mr. Khrushchev before the end of the year if the international climate were favorable and schedules permitted.
Developments in Cuba and Laos also suggested the advisability of an early summit meeting.
Nevertheless, in spite of Rutherford's estimation that gold had a central charge of about 100 ( but was element Z = 79 on the periodic table ), a month after Rutherford's paper appeared, Antonius van den Broek first formally suggested that the central charge and number of electrons in an atom was exactly equal to its place in the periodic table ( also known as element number, atomic number, and symbolized Z ).
The APG III system ( 2009 ) differs only in that the Limnocharitaceae are combined with the Alismataceae ; it was also suggested that the genus Maundia ( of the Juncaginaceae ) could be separated into a monogeneric family, Maundiaceae, but the authors noted that more study was necessary before Maundiaceae could be recognized.
However, metal formation for condensed-phase astatine has also been suggested.
Someone also suggested that these large roads were used to quickly move an army from the canyon to the outlier communities, a purpose similar to the road systems known for the Roman empire.
It has also been recently suggested that the rapid climatic collapse, marking the Akkadian Dark Age, may have been responsible for the religiously prescribed prohibition against the raising and consumption of pigs that spread through the Ancient Middle East from the end of the third millennium BC.
It has also been suggested that the name might be related to the ribat of Waggag ibn Zallu in the village of Aglu ( near present-day Tiznit ), where the future Almoravid spiritual leader Abdallah ibn Yasin got his initial training.
Effects on the intestinal flora, which might result in reduced absorption of estrogens in the colon, have also been suggested, but such suggestions have been inconclusive and controversial.
There is also the strange myth of the brothers Aegyptus and Danaus, sons of Belus, with the latter supposedly coming from Egypt, that Marianne Luban has suggested may date to this time.
He also suggested that since the book does not mention the death of Paul, a central character in the final chapters, it was likely penned before his death.
It has also been suggested that much of the continued faith in astrology could be psychologically explained as a matter of cognitive bias.
In Theosophy, Steiner suggested that human beings unite a physical body of a nature common to ( and that ultimately returns to ) the inorganic world ; a life body ( also called the etheric body ), in common with all living creatures ( including plants ); a bearer of sentience or consciousness ( also called the astral body ), in common with all animals ; and the ego, which anchors the faculty of self-awareness unique to human beings.
* His view of the second coming of Christ is also unusual ; he suggested that this would not be a physical reappearance, but that the Christ being would become manifest in non-physical form, visible to spiritual vision and apparent in community life for increasing numbers of people beginning around the year 1933.
They also suggested that such killing is in fact a benevolent act, because the slaughtered animal will attain a high rebirth in the cycle of reincarnation.
Hipparcos also suggested that Arcturus is a binary star, with the companion about twenty times dimmer than the primary and orbiting close enough to be at the very limits of our current ability to make it out.
It has been suggested that Beowulf was first composed in the 7th century at Rendlesham in East Anglia, as the Sutton Hoo ship-burial also shows close connections with Scandinavia, and also that the East Anglian royal dynasty, the Wuffings, were descendants of the Geatish Wulfings.
Identifications with other Persian monarchs have also been suggested.
Research has suggested that the sensations are genital orgasms caused by nipple stimulation, and may also be directly linked to " the genital area of the brain ".
This connection was first formally made by Dr George Bennett of the Australian Museum in 1871, but in the early 1990s, palaeontologist Pat Vickers-Rich and geologist Neil Archbold also cautiously suggested that Aboriginal legends " perhaps had stemmed from an acquaintance with prehistoric bones or even living prehistoric animals themselves ...

also and Harvard
Kennedy administration policies also have been assailed now from another direction by 70 Harvard, Boston University, Brandeis, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology educators.
A Modest Proposal is the name of The University of Texas at Dallas ' Alternative Student Newspaper, the monthly opinion paper of the University ; it was also the name of a regular column in SWIFT Magazine of Harvard University, a satire publication that also takes its name from Jonathan Swift.
Animal species diversity was also significantly impacted: in one study, a Harvard biologist found 24 species of birds and 5 species of mammals in a sprayed forest, while in two adjacent sections of unsprayed forest there were 145 and 170 species of birds and 30 and 55 species of mammals.
A 2008 Senate investigation found that Biederman also received $ 1. 6 million in speaking and consulting fees between 2000 and 2007 — some of them undisclosed to Harvard — from companies including makers of antipsychotic drugs prescribed for children with bipolar disorder.
The so-called Harvard architecture of the Harvard Mark I, which was completed before EDVAC, also utilized a stored-program design using punched paper tape rather than electronic memory.
Harvard Square was originally the northwestern terminus of the Red Line and a major transfer point to streetcars that also operated in a short tunnel — which is still a major bus terminal, although the area under the Square was reconfigured dramatically in the 1980s when the Red Line was extended.
Harvard would eventually go on to fully adopt the McGill version of the game that included more carrying of the ball and also used an oblong ball that was easier to carry and throw.
Mayr joined the faculty of Harvard University in 1953, where he also served as director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology from 1961 to 1970.
This also has to do with the different models preferred by British and American players .< ref name =" Harvard Dictionary of Music ">
After the 1932 release of MGM's adaptation of The Mask of Fu Manchu, which featured the Asian villain telling an assembled group of " Asians " ( consisting of caricatural Indians, Persians and Arabs ) that they must " kill the white men and take their women ", a Harvard University student group petitioned MGM producer William Randolph Hearst ( who had also serialized the novel in his Cosmopolitan magazine ) to cease making further films based on the property.
Harvard may also refer to:
* Harvard referencing, a citation style also known as the " author-date method "
As an extreme example of the nature of light-slowing in matter, two independent teams of physicists were able to bring light to a " complete standstill " by passing it through a Bose-Einstein Condensate of the element rubidium, one team at Harvard University and the Rowland Institute for Science in Cambridge, Mass., and the other at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, also in Cambridge.
Agassiz served as a non-resident lecturer at Cornell while also being on faculty at Harvard.
She has also been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from Yale University, Harvard University, Williams College, and Smith College.
Its current name was coined by Charles L. Bouton of Harvard University, who also developed the complete theory of the game in 1901, but the origins of the name were never fully explained.
Reagan was also the last United States President who did not attend either Harvard or Yale.
The Pembroke-King's Programme is also the programme for which the prestigious Thouron Prize is awarded, fully supporting nine American undergraduates from Harvard, Yale, and UPenn.
RISC designs are also more likely to feature a Harvard memory model, where the instruction stream and the data stream are conceptually separated ; this means that modifying the memory where code is held might not have any effect on the instructions executed by the processor ( because the CPU has a separate instruction and data cache ), at least until a special synchronization instruction is issued.
However, the sessions with Cale in September 1973 also coincided with the death of their friend Gram Parsons ( a former Harvard student, like Harrison and Brooks ), and produced no usable recordings.
He also edited The Harvard Advocate.
In Heller's 1998 Harvard Law Review article, he noted that after the fall of Communism, in many Eastern European cities there were a lot of open air kiosks, but also a lot of empty stores.
On July 17, 1850, Vega became the first star ( other than the Sun ) to be photographed, when it was imaged by William Bond and John Adams Whipple at the Harvard College Observatory, also with a daguerreotype.

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