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became and Commissioner
Selig became an increasingly vocal opponent of Commissioner Fay Vincent, and soon became the leader of a group of owners seeking his removal.
For this purpose, an agreement was signed with the French government, represented by the High Commissioner for French Polynesia, whereby Clipperton became French state property.
The country lobbied aggressively for the establishment of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and became the first nation to recognize the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Human Rights Court, based in San José.
Mr. Wait convinced the New York Commissioner of Highways to construct an experimental section of highway near New Paltz, New York, using one sack of Rosendale to six sacks of synthetic cement, and it was proved a success and for decades the Rosendale-synthetic cement blend became common use in highway and bridge construction.
After Frick retired in 1967, William Eckert became the new Commissioner of Baseball.
He later became the Highway Commissioner for the State of Indiana and was assigned to building a highway from Indianapolis, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky.
English Captain John Strong, commander of the Welfare, sailed between the two principal islands in 1690 and called the passage " Falkland Channel " ( now Falkland Sound ), after Anthony Cary, 5th Viscount Falkland ( 1659 – 1694 ), who as Commissioner of the Admiralty had financed the expedition and later became First Lord of the Admiralty.
Arthur Grimble became the Resident Commissioner of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands colony in 1926.
* Togoland was split into British Togoland ( under an Administrator, a post filled by the colonial Governor of the British Gold Coast ( present Ghana ) except 30 September 1920 – 11 October 1923 Francis Walter Fillon Jackson ) and French Togoland ( under a Commissioner ) ( United Kingdom and France ), 20 July 1922 separate Mandates, transformed on 13 December 1946 into United Nations trust territories, French Togo Associated Territory ( under a Commissioner till 30 August 1956, then under a High Commissioner as Autonomous Republic of Togo ) and British Togoland ( as before ; on 13 December 1956 it ceased to exist as it became part of Ghana )
In 1853 he became Inspector of Charities and was later Assistant Commissioner on the Royal City Charities Commission, about which he published several books.
Porter's friend Richard Hall became Texas Land Commissioner and offered Porter a job.
When, by the Treaty of Paris of 5 November 1815, the Ionian Islands became a protectorate of the United Kingdom as the United States of the Ionian Islands, Corfu became the seat of the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.
In 1942, he became Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation.
However, three days after Giamatti became Commissioner, lawyer John M. Dowd was retained to investigate these charges against Rose.
He was assisted in this task by Sir Robert Mark, who later became Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, and Sir James Robertson, the then Chief Constable of Glasgow.
During what became known as the October Crisis, on October 5, 1970 members of the FLQ's Liberation Cell kidnapped the British Trade Commissioner James Cross from his Montreal home as part of a violent attempt to overthrow the elected government and to establish a socialist Quebec state independent of Canada.
In 1837 Henry Leavitt Ellsworth, a Yale-educated attorney interested in improving agriculture, became Commissioner of Patents, a position within the Department of State.
Howard Rand also promoted the British Israelite theory and became National Commissioner of the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America in 1928.
In 1919, MacDonald became Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Roads ( BPR ), a post he held until 1953, when he oversaw the early stages of the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways.
He became the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on January 1, 2001 and served until his resignation on February 20, 2005.

became and Native
The Native American cuisine became part of the cookery style that the early colonists brought with them.
Native Chinese astronomy flourished during the Song Dynasty, and during the Yuan Dynasty became increasingly influenced by medieval Islamic astronomy.
He became famous for his advocacy of the rights of Native Americans, whose cultures, especially in the Caribbean, he describes with care.
Since the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, America's policy had been to allow Native Americans to remain east of the Mississippi as long as they became assimilated or " civilized ".
On September 27, 1830, the Choctaw signed the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and became the first Native American tribe to be voluntarily removed.
" Scientology claims that Hubbard became a " blood brother " of the Native American Blackfeet tribe at the age of six through his friendship with a Blackfeet medicine man.
) In addition, horses became such a valuable, central element of Native lives that they were counted as a measure of wealth.
Slavery became a caste of people who were foreign to the English ( Native Americans, Africans and their descendants ) and non-Christians.
Native Palauans soon became a small minority in their own homeland.
Mission to Native Americans, African Americans, and populations all over the world became a hallmark of the church.
In North America, for example, some nations broke apart and reformed, as was the case with the Confederation of American States and the United Canadian and American States ; others became havens for specific racial or ethnic groups, like the councils of the Native American Nations, the Native Americans having used their new found magical abilities to regain massive tracts of land ; or the Elvish principality of Tír Tairngire, that encompasess all of the state of Oregon.
* Native support became partially available in Internet Explorer 9 ( the current version of IE, as of March 2011 ).
The " all-new, all-different X-Men " were led by Cyclops from the original team and consisted of the newly created Colossus ( from the Soviet Union ), Nightcrawler ( from West Germany ), Storm ( from Kenya ), and Thunderbird ( a Native American from the Apache nation ), along with three previously introduced characters, Banshee ( from Ireland ), Sunfire ( from Japan ), and Wolverine ( from Canada ), who eventually became the breakout character on the team and, in terms of comic sales and appearances, the most popular X-Men character.
After the United States became independent, trading with the Indians / Native Americans was nominally regulated by the Trade and Intercourse Act, first passed on July 22, 1790.
* 1948: The organization " Native Esperanto speakers " became part of TJO.
Certain Native American peoples, especially in the area that later became the eastern half of the United States, engaged in the sacrificial torture of war captives.
As a result of this work, " People of the Book " became the usual vernacular locution to refer to Christians among many African, Asian, and Native American people of both hemispheres.
The traditional tribal organization, a defining characteristic of Native Americans as a social unit, became apparent to the non-native communities of the United States and created a mixed stir of emotions.
" Thaxter Academy, founded by Leavitt Thaxter as first principal in 1825, became known for educating both white and Native American youth.
Until the 1830s, the Pawnee in what became United States territory were relatively isolated from interaction with Europeans and escaped some of the losses due to introduction of Eurasian infectious diseases, such as measles, smallpox, and cholera, to which Native Americans had no immunity.
The Native Americans became exposed to new diseases such as smallpox and measles and died in very large numbers, usually before large-scale European settlement began.
As a trader, he became familiar with local Native American peoples and likely learned the dominant language.
The treaty became controversial because the Native leaders had not been authorized by their tribal councils to cede lands.

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