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Page "reviews" ¶ 597
from Brown Corpus
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believes and greatness
Boromir is portrayed as an honourable and noble character who believes passionately in the greatness of his kingdom, who would have defended its people to the last.
She initially believes that greatness, such as Roark's, is doomed to fail and will be destroyed by the ' collectivist ' masses around them.
Compared to Yuri and Robert's ideology on training, Ryo believes he can attain greatness in his art through hard work and experience.
Sawney Rath, the leader of Juska, a vermin clan, believes Deyna, an otter born of the community at Redwall, is their Taggerung, a warrior destined to lead them to power and greatness.

believes and is
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
He catches criminals not merely because he is paid to do so ( frequently he does not receive a fee at all ), but because he enjoys his work, because he firmly believes that murder must be punished.
Hammarskjold believes the U.N. is an organization that settles matters in a procedural way.
Patchen believes that the world is being destroyed by power-hungry and money-hungry people.
Far from being irrelevant to the ecumenical task, the Pontiff believes that a revivified Church is required in order that the whole world may see Catholicism in the best possible light.
And the thing about hurt feelings, the wet bathing suit pointed out, is that the person who has them is not quite the innocent party he believes himself to be.
The faculty believes that broad autonomy is necessary to preserve its freedom in teaching and scholarship.
He believes that this is a sound approach to gas competition in builder developments where gas is available.
What matters is that while Fromm's reading of the data is not the only one possible, it is precisely the one we would expect from a writer who earnestly believes that every man can and ought to be happy and satisfied.
No optimism is more baseless than that which believes that the high speed of modern digital computers allows for use of the crudest of methods in searching out a result.
He, too, believes in good intentions and is astounded and offended when they are not taken for the deed.
Not only should this provision be enforced but other economic and political actions might be taken which, this author believes, `` must surely be supported by every American who values the freedom that has been won for him and whose conscience is not so dominated by the lines in his account books that he can willingly and knowingly contribute to the enslavement of another nation ''.
Indicating the way in which he has turned his back on his 1910 philosophy, Mr. Reama said: `` A Socialist is a person who believes in dividing everything he does not own ''.
After Cuba and Laos, it was argued, Mr. Khrushchev will interpret the President's consent to the meeting as further evidence of Western weakness -- perhaps even panic -- and is certain to try to exploit the advantage he now believes he holds.
Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.
To be human, he believes, is to seek one's own destruction: the Freudian `` death-wish '' cliche inevitably cited whenever laymen talk about auto race-drivers.
the Briton Stirling Moss, one of the greatest virtuosi of all time, believes that ultra-fast road-circuit driving is an art form related to ballet.
In the popular sense, an agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of a deity or deities, whereas a theist and an atheist believe and disbelieve, respectively.
* The Prefect: The Prefect believes at first that the talk of plague is a false alarm, but on the advice of his medical association, he authorizes limited measures to combat it.

believes and marriage
Wimsey saves her from the gallows, but she believes that gratitude is not a good foundation for marriage, and politely but firmly declines his frequent proposals.
Antipater does not tell us what it is about Euripides ' writing that he believes is misogynistic, he simply expresses his belief that even a man thought to hate women ( namely Euripides ) praises wives, so concluding his argument for the importance of marriage.
The party opposes same-sex marriage, and believes state and local governments have the right to criminalize " offensive sexual behavior ".
For example, the Roman Catholic Church believes that marriage is a sacrament and a valid marriage between two baptized persons cannot be broken by any other means than death.
His tolerant side is demonstrated when he performs a marriage for Hindus ( though he apparently thinks Hindus are a Christian group, or he could believe that Jesus has commanded his followers to respect all people in his statement " Christ is Christ ", and agreed to marry Apu and Manjula on the basis that he believes all people should take part in matrimony.
Spaeth ( 1996 ) believes Ceres may have been included in the sacrificial dedication, because she is closely identified with Tellus and " bears the laws " of marriage.
Olson believes there is a constitutional right for same-sex marriage.
The novel begins with Stevens receiving a letter from a former colleague, Miss Kenton, describing her married life, which he believes hints at an unhappy marriage.
Harriet's unorthodox approach infuriates her sister-in-law ( who believes Harriet has an obligation to abandon her career, do her duty to the family and produce an heir ) but it allows her to solve most of the practical difficulties that might have stood in the way of a successful and happy marriage.
After a year of this arrangement, Boyes believes that she truly loves him and proposes marriage.
He cannot reject the impending marriage with Neville, because he believes he's not of age.
In his book Social Theory and Social Structure, Merton defines self-fulfilling prophecy in the following terms: e. g. when Roxanna falsely believes her marriage will fail, her fears of such failure actually cause the marriage to fail.
Janie has the idea that marriage must involve love, forged in a pivotal early scene where she sees bees pollinating a pear tree, and believes that marriage is the human equivalent to this natural process.
* Family-" CWA believes that marriage consists of one man and one woman.
CWA states that many state and federal laws define marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman, and it calls all forms of civil unions or domestic partnership between same-sex individuals " counterfeit marriage " that the group believes will be used " to take control and to have the force of law to legitimise their disordered, unnatural behaviors.
The Family Research Council opposes legalized abortion, stem-cell research which involves the destruction of human embryos and funding thereof ( instead advocating research using adult stem cells ), legal recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships in the form of marriage or civil unions, and all forms of gambling because it believes it negatively affects one's family, personal, and professional life.
In an interview, Moretti once stated that he believes " marriage is not anything that will secure the future of your relationship ,"
On social issues, he responded that he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman, that English should be the official language of the United States, that he does not support embryonic stem cell research, and that he thinks government should end affirmative-action programs.
** King Norodom Sihanouk, the constitutional monarch of Cambodia, states that he believes his country ought to allow same-sex marriage.
One spring, Newson ( who believes his wife is having second thoughts about the validity of their marriage ) is lost at sea.

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