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borrowed and many
They feature many letters that appear to have been borrowed from or influenced by the Greek alphabet and the Hebrew alphabet.
" Amazing Grace " was one of many hymns that punctuated fervent sermons, although the contemporary style used a refrain, borrowed from other hymns, that employed simplicity and repetition such as:
It was said that he also borrowed from Eubulus and many other playwrights in some of his plays.
For many years, the U. S. has borrowed and bought while in general, the rest of the world has lent and sold.
Cranmer collected the material from many sources ; even the opening of Preface ( above ) was borrowed.
From early 20th century Shanghainese, many English words are borrowed, such as 高尔夫 / 高爾夫 gāoěrfū " golf " and the above-mentioned 沙发 / 沙發 shāfā " sofa ".
In some cases, such as " shirt " and " skirt ", one of the cognate pairs has an ultimate source in another language related to English, while the other one is native, as happened with many loanwords from Old Norse borrowed during the Danelaw.
In Anglo-Saxon England, as prescribed in Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England ( also called Læceboc ) ( many of whose recipes were borrowed from Greek medicinal texts ), dill was used in many traditional medicines, including medicines against jaundice, headache, boils, lack of appetite, stomach problems, nausea, liver problems, and much more.
At the institutional level, many of the institutions also changed denominations, but the end result was a system that borrowed from both systems:
However, Bombelli borrowed many of the problems for his own book Algebra.
" Finally, Geoffrey borrowed many of the names for Arthur's possessions, close family and companions from the pre-Galfridian Welsh tradition, including Kaius ( Cei ), Beduerus ( Bedwyr ), Guenhuuara ( Gwenhwyfar ), Uther ( Uthyr ) and perhaps also Caliburnus ( Caledfwlch ), the latter becoming Excalibur in subsequent Arthurian tales.
While it was by no means the only creative force behind Arthurian romance, many of its elements were borrowed and developed ( e. g., Merlin and the final fate of Arthur ), and it provided the historical framework into which the romancers ' tales of magical and wonderful adventures were inserted.
It has been considered as a roman à clef — Jupiter has been identified in some sources as Pope Eugenius IV and Pope Nicholas V. Alberti borrowed many of its characters from Lucian, one of his favorite Greek writers.
It took Van Buren and his partisan friends a decade and a half to form the Democratic Party ; many elements, such as the national convention, were borrowed from other parties.
When developing his basic yogic program, Crowley borrowed heavily from many other yogis, such as Patanjali and Yajnavalkya.
It borrowed many features from ALGOL 68 but was designed for machine-oriented programming.
When an alphabet is borrowed to represent a different language than that for which it originally developed ( as has been done with the Latin alphabet for many languages in Europe and elsewhere or Japanese Katakana being used for foreign words ), it often proves to be defective in representing the new language's phonemes.
Some libraries consist entirely or to a large extent of books which may not be borrowed ; these include national libraries and many special libraries.
This series, produced by Steven Bochco, featured many elements borrowed from soap operas such as an ensemble cast, multi-episode storylines, and extensive character development over the course of the series.
Although the Ari himself was born Ashkenazi, he borrowed many elements from Sephardi and other traditions, since he felt that they followed Kabbalah and Halacha more faithfully.
It is probably best to view it as an object-oriented language, with many ideas borrowed from Eiffel.
All of this growth was done on borrowed money by many banks in the United States, having over-speculated in the railroad industry.
( Note that many of these languages have also borrowed forms such as " vampir / wampir " subsequently from the West ; these are distinct from the original local words for the creature.
They are necessarily complex algorithms with many rules and exceptions, because English spelling and pronunciation is complicated by historical changes in pronunciation and words borrowed from many languages.

borrowed and details
Some details were borrowed from Nagant's design.
The name is a misnomer from the legal point of view ( taking into consideration the legal provisions of Russian law at that time, i. e. the law of the country to adopt the rifle ) and from technical point of view, as none of the details borrowed from Nagant's design, even if removed, would prevent the rifle from firing.
Moreover, from the technical point of view the rifle that can be called " Mosin-Nagant " ( or " Nagant-Mosin ") is the design proposed by Mosin, as further amended by Mosin with some details being borrowed from Nagant's design.
Configuration files also do more than just modify settings, they often ( in the form of an " rc file ") run a set of commands upon startup ( for example, the " rc file " for a shell might instruct the shell to change directories, run certain programs, delete or create files —- many things which do not involve modifying variables in the shell itself and so were not in the shell's dotfiles ); according to the Jargon File, this convention is borrowed from " runcom files " on the CTSS operating system ; see run commands for details.
He notes that several months before Boas first related his claims, a similar story was printed in the November 1957 issue of the periodical O Cruzeiro, and suggests that Boas borrowed details of this earlier account, along with elements of the contactee stories of George Adamski.
In addition to noting the novel's gruesome details, a review in Burton's Gentleman's Magazine ( possibly William Evans Burton himself ) criticized its borrowed descriptions of geography and errors in nautical information.
Graindor borrowed details from the chroniclers to make his work more lively and more accurate, for his object from the start was to tell the true praiseworthy tale, not cozen his listeners of their coin:
However problems began mounting in production costs, as some details had to be borrowed from the older models, at least initially such as the Chaika's axle.
No other sources actively collaborate with the story, many names mentioned in the chronicles do not appear anywhere else, details of the account are borrowed from earlier and later campaigns.
The report details that the government paid Ornge C $ 700 million over five years and that Ornge also borrowed an additional C $ 300 million for aircraft purchases.

borrowed and from
Shakespeare did not usually invent the incidents in his plays, but borrowed them from old stories, ballads, and plays, wove them together, and then breathed into them his spark of life.
Again the student of evolutionary biology will find a fascinating, if to our minds grotesque, anticipation of the theory of chance variations and the natural elimination of the unfit in Lucretius, who in turn seems to have borrowed the concept from the philosopher Empedocles.
If he borrowed money from Shakespeare or with his help, he would now have been able to repay the loan.
Now, driving the horse and sulky borrowed from Mynheer Schuyler, he felt as if every bone was topped by burning oil and that every muscle was ready to dissolve into jelly and leave his big body helpless and unable to move.
The amount which may be borrowed from the SBA depends on how much is required to carry out the intended purpose of the loan.
Moreover, the most artistically successful of the nonfiction films have invariably borrowed the narrative form from the fiction feature.
Beauty borrowed from afar
To learn technical military terms, Lincoln borrowed and studied Henry Halleck's book, Elements of Military Art and Science from the Library of Congress.
After the war, enough British and American anthropologists borrowed ideas and methodological approaches from one another that some began to speak of them collectively as ' sociocultural ' anthropology.
" What the West borrowed from the Middle East ", in Savory, R. M.
The use of the word abacus dates before 1387 AD, when a Middle English work borrowed the word from Latin to describe a sandboard abacus.
The pronunciation of a language often evolves independently of its writing system, and writing systems have been borrowed for languages they were not designed for, so the degree to which letters of an alphabet correspond to phonemes of a language varies greatly from one language to another and even within a single language.
For example, the spelling of the Thai word for " beer " retains a letter for the final consonant " r " present in the English word it was borrowed from, but silences it.
" English borrowed the word from Spanish in the early 18th century.
The name Ardipithecus ramidus stems mostly from the Afar language, in which Ardi means " ground / floor " ( borrowed from the Semitic root in either Amharic or Arabic ) and ramid means " root ".
There is no documented evidence for this theory, however, and, the word liti was probably borrowed from 16th-18th century writings in Latin, where the word lituus could describe various wind instruments, such as the horn, the crumhorn, or the cornett.
Agathon introduced certain innovations into the Greek theater: Aristotle tells us in the Poetics that the characters and plot of his Anthos were original and not, following Athenian dramatic orthodoxy, borrowed from mythological subjects.
Individuals who survived to this, the latest and highest stage of evolutionary progress would be “ those in whom the power of self-preservation is the greatest — are the select of their generation .” Moreover, Spencer perceived governmental authority as borrowed from the people to perform the transitory aims of establishing social cohesion, insurance of rights, and security.
Along with tarot divination, astrology is one of the core studies of Western esotericism, and as such has influenced systems of magical belief not only among Western esotericists and Hermeticists, but also belief systems such as Wicca that have borrowed from or been influenced by the Western esoteric tradition.
Robert Castleden suggests Plato may have borrowed his title from Hellanicus, and that Hellanicus may have based his work on an earlier work on Atlantis.
Shanty repertoire borrowed from the contemporary popular music enjoyed by sailors, including minstrel music, popular marches, and land-based folk songs, which were adapted to suit musical forms matching the various labor tasks required to operate a sailing ship.

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