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broke and through
Not a bullet touched Cook who was nearer the ambush, but one hit Russell in the leg and another broke his arm, passing on through his body.
Jones had been about a hundred and fifty feet from her when he first broke through to the top of the Reef.
`` He timed it just right and broke through there before the boy ( halfback Terry Isaacson ) had time to turn around.
Patrolman Robert J. Nunes, who investigated, said the thieves broke in through the back door.
His men fought well in the morning, putting up a stout resistance, but as overwhelming Confederate forces massed against them, their line eventually broke and they retreated back through the town of Gettysburg to the relative safety of Cemetery Hill south of town.
In March 1916, the Bureau of Investigation suspected German terrorists were making bombs in the tunnel, and broke through the roof of the tunnel with jackhammers.
With the assistance of a Brooklyn Union Gas Co. ( now National Grid ) engineering crew, he then broke through the massive concrete bulkhead wall, which is several feet thick.
In Ramillies the Allied infantry, now reinforced by the English troops brought down from the north, at last broke through.
Under Sir William Balfour, they broke through the Royalist lines on the night of 31 August, eventually reaching Plymouth 30 miles to the east.
The marines broke down the door with the butts of their rifles, but Wegener squeezes through a scuttle and dropped into the sea.
Although he broke through as a crossover artist with white audiences ( appearing at the Alan Freed concerts, for example ), he rarely tailored his compositions to teenage concerns.
The Germans broke through the area between Munkkiniemi and Pasila, and advanced on the central-western parts of the town.
Meanwhile, the growing confederations of Franks and Alemanni broke through the frontier fortifications and settled along the Rhine frontier, invading Gaul, Hispania and Italy as far as North Africa, while Saxon pirates ravaged the Western Europen coasts.
They were defeated by the Roman navy but managed to escape into the Aegean Sea, where they ravaged the islands of Lemnos and Scyros, broke through Thermopylae and sacked several cities of southern Greece ( province of Achaea ) including Athens, Corinth, Argos, Olympia and Sparta.
First Franks broke through the lower Rhine, invading Gaul.
Then Alamanni broke in, probably through Agri Decumates ( an area between the upper Rhine and the upper Danube ), probably followed by the Juthungi.
But in 1925 when Thalberg hesitated to follow through on his promise, Hawks broke his contract at MGM.
Around 260, the Germanic peoples broke through the Limes and the Danube frontier into Roman-controlled lands.
This broke with the traditional policy of Honduras, which was to encourage a settlement reached through negotiations.
( For example, " An Internet ' hacker ' broke through state government security systems in March.
In September 1918, Entente forces broke through the Central Powers ' lines north of Thessaloniki and within days Austro-Hungarian forces began to withdraw from Albania.
The story of how Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become widely known through the dramatic depictions of the play and film The Miracle Worker.
A deadpan comedy recounting a strange journey of three disillusioned youths from New York through Cleveland to Florida, the film broke many conventions of traditional Hollywood filmmaking.
In 1975, the Reds finally broke through in the post season.

broke and producer
House of Pain abruptly broke up in 1996 after the release of their third album, Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again, which featured guest appearances by rappers Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Guru of Gang Starr, producer / rapper Divine Styler and reggae singjay Cockni O ' Dire ( credited as the Scheme Team ).
Demme broke into feature film working for exploitation film producer Roger Corman from 1971 to 1976, co-writing and producing Angels Hard as They Come and The Hot Box.
Following a dispute over ownership of Casablancas Oscar for Best Picture, head producer Hal B. Wallis broke with Warner and resigned.
In 1958, Holly broke with producer Petty and moved to New York to be more involved with the publishing and recording businesses.
In early 1967, the band broke with their producer Erik Jacobsen, turning to Joe Wissert to produce the single " Six O ' Clock ", which would hit No. 18 US.
On the eve of recording a debut album, the band broke up after a dispute about Wilson and Erasmus's choice of producer, Martin Hannett.
The concert started well, but according to the concert's promoter and producer when the wind machine was turned on " all hell, in a minor way, broke loose.
The two animators broke off ties with Schlesinger later in 1933 over budget disputes with the miserly producer, and went to the Van Beuren studio, which was making cartoon for RKO Radio Pictures.
Although Sky had received a modest amount of acclaim, including being produced by Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller, the band broke up without having any chart success.
The band broke up in 1983, just before they were about to go into the studio to record an album with producer Steve Lillywhite.
After the Smiths broke up, Street was contacted by lead singer Morrissey, who offered him the position of producer and co-songwriter for his forthcoming album, which came to be titled Viva Hate.
Series producer Steven Bochco used a similar incident in Hill Street Blues when a woman bedded one of the police officers in the squad and tricked him into shooting her ex-husband when he ( apparently ) broke into her house.
Gary got drunk at his promotion party, causing a binge in the two-part season finale, “ Bottom of the Bottle .” Ginger caught her record producer husband, Kenny, cheating on her with a singer, Sylvie ( Louise Vallance ), and broke up with him.
She broke up with Bradshaw and began a relationship with French record producer Michel Esteban, dividing her time with him between Paris and New York for two years.
The band broke into the mainstream when " Sing It Back ", an album track from I Am Not A Doctor, was remixed by house music producer Boris Dlugosch.
Afterwards, she dated music producer Jon Brion for five years until they broke up in the fall of 2002.
That year, the band traveled to California to work with an unnamed producer, but the sessions were halted after disagreement broke out between both parties over direction and sound.
Following a dispute over ownership of Casablanca's Oscar for Best Picture, head producer Hal B. Wallis broke with Warner and resigned from the studio.
Smith graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism in 1949, where she wrote for The Daily Texan, then moved to New York where she worked as a typist, a proofreader and a reporter before she broke into the media world as a news producer for Mike Wallace at CBS Radio.
Adler finally broke the typecasting and appeared in a dinner jacket in the 1934 Paramount film Many Happy Returns, and was hired by British theatrical producer C. B. Cochran to perform in a London revue.
Marylin wants revenge and gets it with the help of broke soap producer Donaly, whom she finds living on the street clutching his Emmy statuette.
In late December 1980, Motörhead's drummer, Phil Taylor, broke his neck, preventing his continuing to play, so Motörhead's producer, Vic Maile, suggested they record a single with Girlschool.
He broke in with ESPN as a field producer for the network's Scholastic Sports America, program for two years.
Although O ' Loughlin was credited as " Doctor's Orders " producer the production had in fact been by Meco Monardo who was also responsible for Gloria Gaynor's " Never Can Say Goodbye " which had ascended the Pop charts at around the same time as " Doctor's Orders ": claims have been made for each single to be the hit that broke disco into the Top 40.

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