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called and composing
The group began composing and performing their own songs during this time including a Brown composition called " Goin ' Back to Rome " and a ballad Brown co-wrote with Terry titled " Please, Please, Please ".
With W. S. Gilbert writing the libretti and Sullivan composing the music, the pair produced 14 comic operas, which were later called Savoy Operas.
Individual letters are assembled into words and lines of text with the aid of a composing stick, and the whole assembly is tightly bound together to make up a page image called a forme, where all letter faces are exactly the same height to form a flat surface of type.
He toyed with the idea of composing a patriotic epic in blank verse called Brutus, but only the opening lines survive.
A map between diffeological spaces is called differentiable if and only if composing it with every plot of the first space is a plot of the second space.
A vanguard of singer-songwriters like Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés arose, composing politically aware songs in a style that came to be called Nueva Trova.
I have been composing a good deal lately, and have called my piano pieces after the names of my favourite haunts, partly because they really came into my mind at these spots, partly because our pleasant excursions were in my mind while I was writing them.
Hatsushiba, as director and main programmer of the project, again called upon Sakuraba's composing services.
Early on, the band began by playing the Consumers songs that Cutler had written, with lyrics changed to fit Cancer's singing style, before concentrating on composing new material like " Black Cross " ( issued as their first single, featuring Pat Smear of The Germs on guitar ) and a fast-paced punk song called " Party Time " ( which was later slowed down and reworked on their 1983 debut album and sole studio release, Sleep in Safety.
Since January 2011, there is an online community called MMLShare dedicated to composing and sharing such files directly within the website.
When Siouxsie and the Banshees called it a day in 1996, The Creatures had already began composing new material.
Perotin even went as far as composing two four-part organa ( quadrupla ), Viderunt omnes and Sederunt principes which were performed in Notre Dame in 1198 on New Year's Day and in 1199 on the feast of St. Stephen ( a decree of Odon de Sully, Bishop of Paris, exists which stipulates the performance of ' organa tripla vel quadrupla ') Apart from organa, Perotin extended the form of the Aquitanian Versus which was henceforth called conductus.
These organic units, composing the coal mass I propose to call macerals, and they are the descriptive equivalent of the inorganic units composing most rock masses and universally called minerals.
In brief, singular homology is constructed by taking maps of the standard n-simplex to a topological space, and composing them into formal sums, called singular chains.
Snuffy Walden, is credited with composing Early Edition's title theme music, and later wrote the theme song to another hit TV show starring Kyle Chandler called Friday Night Lights During Early Edition's original broadcast run in the United States, an edited version of the song " Time Has Come Today " by The Chambers Brothers was used during a revamped opening title sequence from episode 403 until the series ' conclusion.
The students showed their gratitude by composing a set of nine songs called Navaratna Mala glorifying their guru.
He inaugurated a long series of triumphs in Hanover by composing, for the opening of the new opera house in 1689, an opera called Enrico il Leone, which was produced with extraordinary splendour and achieved an immense reputation.
The album sleeve mentions that Vangelis called the album " Direct " to reflect his way of composing, in which the process of composition and recording occurs simultaneously, with few overdubs.
His ability to write a song from almost any source material and at prodigious speed is part of his cabaret act, which includes such diverse gems as singing the instructions from a Swedish payphone ; a pastiche of the King's Singers listing all the kings and queens of England in which he sings all four parts ; and composing a song in the interval from a series of words and musical notes called out by the audience.
Under the 1973 Constitution, Pakistan adopted bicameral system at the centre, called “ The Parliament ”, composing the President, the National Assembly and The Senate.
Michael Stearns, while composing the soundtrack for the film, used a custom-made instrument called " The Beam " to generate many of the sounds he required.
When developing 1080 °, Goddard and Reed used a technique called " skinning " to eliminate joints between the polygons composing the characters.
Some of his lines also come from the film, such as the line " it hurts ..." Music composer Hirokazu Tanaka called him the " embodiment of evil ," composing music for Giygas to suit the player's proximity to Giygas.

called and experience
Within the individual the reaction has been called various names, all, however, pointing to the same basic experience.
His recent experience in motor car advertising, a love for cars of themselves, the existence of A-Z's useless Wisconsin set-up, exposure to exciting conceptions of Hamrick's that nobody would buy, and the coincidental recent failure of a respected but out-dated small-car manufacturer called Ticonderoga Motors had given him an idea of such dimensions he was almost afraid to broach it.
He spoke about what he considered to be his direct experience of the Akashic Records ( sometimes called the " Akasha Chronicle "), thought to be a spiritual chronicle of the history, pre-history, and future of the world and mankind.
His primary interest was in applying the methodology of science to realms of inner experience and the spiritual worlds ( Steiner's appreciation that the essence of science is its method of inquiry is unusual among esotericists ), and Steiner called anthroposophy Geisteswissenschaft ( lit.
In a seminar at the Charles Schulz Museum on November 8, 2008, Lazarus called his experience at Toby " the five funniest years of my life.
After the good experience of writing the screenplay for a film called Easy Wheels, Sam and his brother Ivan Raimi decided to co-write the film together.
An apple, it claims, does not have the properties red or juicy, but rather observers who already believe in a concept called Red use that concept to experience an apple as red.
Beauty ( also called prettiness, loveliness or comeliness ) is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.
A set of ontological distinctions related by a single conceptual metaphor was called an ontological metaphor by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, who claimed that such metaphors arising from experience were more basic than any properties or symbol-based comparisons.
When a film is primarily about the experience of civilians called into military service and being trained, it may be referred to as a " service comedy ".
She called this experience " the falling apple " that led to her discovery of Christian Science.
He called those concepts that result from abstraction " a posteriori concepts " ( meaning concepts that arise out of experience ).
Alia had been born with her ancestral memories in the womb, a circumstance the Bene Gesserit called Abomination, because in their experience it is inevitable that the individual will become possessed by the personality of one of their ancestors.
The dyad is energeia emanated by the one that is then the work, process or activity called nous, Demiurge, mind, consciousness that organizes the indeterminate vitality into the experience called the material world, universe, cosmos.
This subjective experience is often called a quale ( plural qualia ), and it describes the private " raw feel " or the subjective " what-it-is-like " that is the inner accompaniment of many mental states.
When working memory is absent from the readers representations of the working memory they experience something called " deactivation.
The classical Hollywood cinema has a very distinct style, sometimes called the Institutional Mode of Representation: continuity editing, massive coverage, three-point lighting, " mood " music, dissolves, all designed to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
Christian philosophy, on the contrary, so quickens the human mind that without difficulty it pierces the heavens, and, illumined with divine light, contemplates first, the eternal source of light, and in its radiance all created things: so that we experience with the utmost pleasure of mind that we have been called, as the Prince of the Apostles says, out of darkness into his admirable light, and believing we rejoice with joy unspeakable.
When a magnetic field is present that is not parallel to the direction of motion of moving charges, these charges experience a force, called the Lorentz force.
When Lawrence died on June 9, 2000, the New York Times called him " One of America's leading modern figurative painters " and " among the most impassioned visual chroniclers of the African-American experience.
Camille Paglia, who called the poem " the greatest poem of the twentieth century ," and said " all human beings, like Leda, are caught up moment by moment in the ' white rush ' of experience.
In the traditional monolithic operating systems the authors had direct experience with which parts of the kernel called which others, allowing them to fine tune their pager to avoid paging out code that was about to be used.
Mereological nihilism ( also called compositional nihilism ) is the position that objects with proper parts do not exist ( not only objects in space, but also objects existing in time do not have any temporal parts ), and only basic building blocks without parts exist, and thus the world we see and experience full of objects with parts is a product of human misperception ( i. e., if we could see clearly, we would not perceive compositive objects ).
Czech oral history ( likewise the oral history applied in others so called post communist countries ) did not experience that building period in 1960s and 1970s, partly at the beginning in 1980s, where in the world is spoken about social movement more than a method.

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