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called and them
And both in their objectives of non-discrimination and of social progress they have had ranged against them the Southerners who are called Bourbons.
and, as in the March home, any young man who called on the Szolds found himself confronted with a phalanx of femininity which made it rather difficult to direct his particular attention to any one of them.
During the trial he told off the jury, called them `` Just Asses '' and called a freeman `` a saucy boy and Jack-an-Apes ''.
That fall he submitted to Professor Baker the first acts and outlines of the following acts of several plays, six of them, according to some of his associates, and he also worked on a play that he first called Niggertown, the material for which he had collected during the summer at home.
Those who wanted to close the theaters, for example, pointed to Plato's Republic and those who wished to keep them open called on the Plato of the Ion to testify in their behalf.
Aroused by what they considered an evil influence, some members of the clergy, joined by city authorities, merchants, and master craftsmen, began the attack on the plays and the actors for what they called `` the abuses of the art '', but by 1582 some of them began to denounce the whole idea of acting.
A voice called, and what made it even more terrible and unreal was that the redcoat ranks never paused for an instant, only some of them glancing toward the stone wall, from behind which the voice came.
The concierge called out to them as they were passing through the foyer.
Now place 12 pieces 1/2'' '' sq. on this edge as we did before and space them with the 5-3/4'' '' long `` tappets '', as they are called.
We didn't even know them till about a month after we moved -- at that time, they had called on us, after I met Fran at a PTA meeting, and had taken us in hand socially.
They were always leaping to light cigarettes, open car doors, fill plates or glasses, and I mistrusted the whole lot of them to the same degree that I mistrusted bake shops that called themselves `` Sanitary Bake Shops ''.
he sometimes called them `` an expiation '', and he would not allow them to be published in periodicals.
Artillery and air strikes were called in to kill them by the hundreds.
Hereford cattle were often called `` white faces '', or `` open-face cattle '', and the old-time cowman gave the name of `` hothouse stock '' to them newly introduced cattle.
I'm sending you a couple of customers -- yeah -- just get them out of my hair and keep them out -- I don't give a damn what you tell them -- only don't believe a word they say -- they're out to make trouble for me and it is up to you to stop them -- I don't care how -- and one more thing -- Cate's Cafe closed at eleven like always last night and Rose and Clarence Corsi left for Quebec yesterday -- some shrine or other -- I think it was called Saint Simon's -- yeah, yesterday.
Marty knew how the Union soldiers must have felt at Chancellorsville and Antietam and Gettysburg when the ragged gray ranks charged at them, screaming the wild banshee howl they called the Rebel yell.
I think her husband strongly suspects so, and that's why he called me in on the thing in direct defiance of his confederates and almost certainly without telling them why he was doing so.
Casey watched them go, still frowning absently and then dismissing the matter as he called for his check.
County Supervisor Weldon R. Sheets, who is a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, today called for an end to paper ballots in those counties in the state which still use them.
All these he hung in his burglarproof home called Stone's Throw, outside Pittsburgh, and only people he liked and trusted ever got to see them.

called and former
I called the other afternoon on my old friend, Graves Moreland, the Anglo-American literary critic -- his mother was born in Ohio -- who lives alone in a fairy-tale cottage on the Upson Downs, raising hell and peacocks, the former only when the venerable gentleman becomes an angry old man about the state of literature or something else that is dwindling and diminishing, such as human stature, hope, and humor.
According to the definition by IUPAC, the former two are alkanes, whereas the third group is called cycloalkanes.
His parents were working-class Rusyn emigrants from Mikó ( now called Miková ), located in today ’ s northeastern Slovakia, part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The bill called for former President George W. Bush to recognize and use the word genocide in his annual April 24 speech which he never used.
These authors, the former a medieval historian and the latter an early modernist, quickly became associated with the distinctive Annales approach, which combined geography, history, and the sociological approaches of the Année Sociologique ( many members of which were their colleagues at Strasbourg ) to produce an approach which rejected the predominant emphasis on politics, diplomacy and war of many 19th and early 20th-century historians as spearheaded by historians whom Febvre called Les Sorbonnistes.
However, the Church declared that "' Extreme unction ' ... may also and more fittingly be called ' anointing of the sick '" ( emphasis added ), and has itself adopted the latter term, while not outlawing the former.
He ordained further that some should be called " Abbreviators of the Upper Bar " ( Abbreviatores de Parco Majori ; the name derived from a space in the chancery, surrounded by a grating, in which the officials sat, which is called higher or lower ( major or minor ) according to the proximity of the seats to that of the vice-chancellor ), the others of the Lower Bar ( Abbreviatores de Parco Minori ); that the former should sit upon a slightly raised portion of the chamber, separated from the rest of the hall or chamber by lattice work, assist the Cardinal Vice-Chancellor, subscribe the letters and have the principal part in examining, revising, and expediting the apostolic letters to be issued with the leaden seal ; that the latter, however, should sit among the apostolic writers upon benches in the lower part of the chamber, and their duty was to carry the signed schedules or supplications to the prelates of the upper bar.
The three highest buildings in the city are the radio mast of WDR in Bonn-Venusberg ( 180 m ), the headquarters of the Deutsche Post called Post Tower ( 162. 5 m ) and the former building for the German members of parliament Langer Eugen ( 114. 7 m ) now the new location of the UN-Campus.
( In a display of authorial equity, the former is usually called the Kernighan – Lin algorithm, while the latter is styled Lin – Kernighan.
Their former territory was now called deserta Boiorum ( deserta meaning ' empty or sparsely populated lands ').
In certain manuscripts of Tobit, the former is called Achiachar, which, like the Greek Cyaxares, is thought to be derived from Persian Akhuwakhshatra.
In 1923 she bought a former deer park and vast sheep farm in the Troutbeck Valley called Troutbeck Park Farm, restoring its land, its thousands of Herdwick sheep, and establishing her as one of the major Herdwick sheep farmers in the area.
" Various female politicians, including former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, have been called Boadicea.
The first elected trustees of the town were the slate of Denis Kearney's Workingman's Party, who were particularly favored in the working class area of the former Ocean View, now called " West Berkeley.
As of September 2011, the government is attempting to form what is called the Forces Armées Nationales de Côte d ' Ivoire ( FANCI ), which aims to merge 5, 000 former rebels of the FRCI with 30, 000 veterans of the former regular army ( Forces de défense et de sécurité-FDS ).
In Russia, Ukraine and some other countries of the former Soviet Union, electrical multiple unit passenger suburban trains called Elektrichka are widespread.
Ditka worked for both the NFL on NBC and CBS's The NFL Today, and he currently works on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown and provided Friday night analysis on the Bears on CBS 2 Chicago, the CBS Chicago affiliate, called " 2 on Football " with former CBS 2 Sports Director Mark Malone.
Notable former Indians broadcasters include Tom Manning, Jack Graney ( the first ex-baseball player to become a play-by-play announcer ), Jack Corrigan ( now with the Colorado Rockies ), Jimmy Dudley who received the Ford Frick Award in 1997, Ken Coleman, Joe Castiglione, Van Patrick, Joe Tait, Bruce Drennan, Jim " Mudcat " Grant, Harry Jones, Rocky Colavito and Herb Score, who called Indians ' baseball for 34 seasons.
The 2000 film Bring It On, about a San Diego high school cheerleading squad called " The Toros ", starred real-life former cheerleader Kirsten Dunst.
In Louisiana and former French territories, a formalized system of concubinage called plaçage developed.
In 1969, the county was abolished and Carson City and a few small surrounding settlements within the former county were merged into a newly formed independent city called Carson City Consolidated Municipality.
Dutch physicists Hendrik B. G. Casimir and Dirk Polder at Philips Research Labs proposed the existence of a force between two polarizable atoms and between such an atom and a conducting plate in 1947, and, after a conversation with Niels Bohr who suggested it had something to do with zero-point energy, Casimir alone formulated the theory predicting a force between neutral conducting plates in 1948 ; the former is called the Casimir-Polder force while the latter is the Casimir effect in the narrow sense.
A claimant for the oldest building is a former merchant's house in Higher Street, now a Good Beer Guide listed public house called the Cherub, built circa 1380.

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