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from Brown Corpus
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cleaned and left
These additions were removed when the stone was cleaned in 1999, revealing the original dark grey tint of the rock, the sparkle of its crystalline structure, and a pink vein running across the top left corner.
After this test the instrument is cleaned to remove nicotine and other deposits left by the smoke.
Between 1993 and 2000, parts of the outer wall were cleaned ( left ) to repair the Colosseum from automobile exhaust damage ( right )
When aiming for great accuracy, muzzle-loaders are usually cleaned (" swabbed ") before reloading, so that there is no residue left in the barrel to reduce accuracy, though in competitions run by the international governing body, the MLAIC, this is prohibited for military rifle and musket events.
" Passengers, he added, " have been ' poisoned ' as a result of coffee machines not being cleaned correctly, with cleaning fluids left in situ ".
Similarly, anilox rollers that are used with water and oil based inks, which dry when left sitting out and unagitated, must be cleaned immediately after use or a problem known as plugging occurs, where minuscule amounts of ink dry in the cells.
During the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, when many people left the city, Olmos went out with a broom and worked to get communities cleaned up and rebuilt.
The film ends with a voiceover from McGinty saying that when the players left the game that night, there were no endorsement deals or victory parades waiting for them, just a locker waiting to be cleaned out, but it didn't matter, because they each got a second chance at glory, which lasts forever.
Vancouver Province photo of debris left by 1935 storm and warning of the fire hazard if not cleaned up.
Soon after nursing, the calf is slaughtered, and its intestines are cleaned, but the milk is left inside.
* " Excuse me, I'm the deputy prime minister of Canada, and I think your horse just left a whole pile of shit on the sidewalk, and I want you to have it cleaned up.
While the problems at HRDC mostly date from the time of her predecessor, Pierre Pettigrew, Stewart took the brunt of the attack but was also the Minister widely viewed to have cleaned up the mess left behind by her predecessor.
Today, the ham is first cleaned, salted, and left for about two months.
The prosecution's theory was that, in a five-to ten-minute absence from the camp fire, Lindy returned to her tent, did whatever was necessary to stop her young son Aidan from following her, changed into track suit pants, took Azaria to her car, obtained and used scissors to cut Azaria's throat, waited for Azaria to die ( options were carotid arteries or jugular – all experts said there was an absence of evidence of arterial bleeding on the jump suit blood stains and it would take up to 20 minutes if the death was from cutting the jugular ), hid the body in a camera case in the car, cleaned up blood on everything including the outside of the camera case, removed the tracksuit pants, obtained baked beans for her son from the car, returned to the tent, did something to leave blood splashes there and brought her son Aidan back to the campfire without ever attracting the attention of other campers except for camper Greg Lowe who gave evidence that he observed her to go to the tent with Azaria and Aidan and then walk to the car with her left arm around Aidan and her right arm unimpeded.
Cameras left with tapes inserted for long periods of time may also need the tape path to be cleaned and a pinch wheel replacement.
On February 7, 2008, he left his post as secretary of Florida's Department of Corrections because, saying that he felt he had cleaned up the corruption left behind by Crosby.
Smith had cleaned the victim's house on the day in question and left a receipt ( for his work ) with his name on the victim's kitchen counter.
After cooling, pots are removed and cleaned to reveal patterns and colors left by ash and salt deposits.
Images from sol 420 indicate that the left front hazard-avoidance camera has been mostly cleaned off.
They cleaned any signs of fingerprints from around the house and then left.
Mrs. Longfellow wrote on May 5, 1844, " Worcester family left us in complete possession the house, with rooms nicely cleaned, and uncarpeted stairs and entries ".
* 1994: Geoff Bodine cleaned house in the Yankee 400 on Hoosier Tires while Indycar veteran John Andretti turned heads qualifying second in Richard Petty's Pontiac after Wally Dallenbach, Jr. was released, but the story of the weekend was a savage crash in practice that left Ernie Irvan fighting to live ; Irvan would recover from near-fatal injury over a year later.
The intestines are cleaned and skinned, but the Chyme is left inside.

cleaned and against
* Another way to protect against pathogen transmission is the use of protected or properly cleaned dildos and other sex toys.
The material in these erasers does not abrade ; once they are saturated with chalk or ink, the are cleaned by clapping them against a hard surface.
This often resulted in a delay-of-game penalty against Hamilton while the ice was cleaned.
Once all the holes are perfected, the bansuri is steeped in a solution of antiseptic oils, after which it is cleaned, dried and its ends are bound with silk or nylon threads for both decoration as well as protection against thermal expansion.
During the occupation, the School was policed against intruders, and cleaned ; teach-ins and discussions were organised ; and medical services were set up and staffed.
To prevent this, the bridge is cleaned, and the critical parts of the concrete are covered with an elastic membrane that protects the concrete against the manure and the harmful content.

cleaned and fence
Under his direction, the cast iron fence was restored and repaired, and the cathedral exterior was cleaned and repaired.

cleaned and picked
Materials to be recycled are either brought to a collection center or picked up from the curbside, then sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials bound for manufacturing.
At school, they shelled, cleaned and graded seed corn, picked fruit, and studied reading, writing and arithmetic.
Dirt particles with an extremely reduced contact area are picked up by water droplets and are thus easily cleaned off the surface.

cleaned and up
They had the house cleaned up by noon, and Wilson sent the boy out to the meadow to bring in the horses.
They had cleaned up an old ice box and begun to buy fifty-pound blocks of ice in town, as the electric refrigerator came nowhere near providing enough ice for the crowds who ate and drank there.
With all deck battens in place, the bilge is cleaned and painted up to the floor line.
The difficulty was that each day seemed to produce its quota of details which must be cleaned up immediately.
They'd cleaned her up some, of course, and she'd pretty much slept off her drunk.
He retained elements of the original, but threw some country music aspects in to the song ( specifically, Western Swing ) and cleaned up the lyrics.
The city is west of the former site of Times Beach, the site of dioxin contamination discovered in the 1980s ; the area was cleaned up and became Route 66 State Park.
In May 1985, the vessel was instrumental for ' Operation Exodus ', the evacuation of about 300 Rongelap Atoll islanders whose home had been contaminated with nuclear fallout from a US nuclear test two decades ago which had never been cleaned up and was still having severe health effects on the locals.
Raft turned down the lead in John Huston's directorial debut The Maltese Falcon ( 1941 ), due to its being a cleaned up version of the pre-Production Code The Maltese Falcon ( 1931 ), his contract stipulating that he did not have to appear in remakes.
Although Kemp did not affect much policy as HUD's director, he cleaned up HUD's reputation, and developed a plan to salvage the troubled Federal Housing Administration.
Shortly after, all the band members except for Mars underwent drug rehabilitation ; Mars cleaned up on his own.
Water-based paints tend to be the easiest to clean up after use ; the brushes and rollers can be cleaned with soap and water.
The film, originally intended for the Spanish-language low-budget home-video market, was " cleaned up " with several hundred thousand dollars before being distributed by Columbia Pictures in the United States, still being promoted as " the movie made for $ 7, 000 ".
The eventual bipartisan 1986 act aimed to be revenue-neutral: while it reduced the top marginal rate, it also partially " cleaned up " the tax base by curbing tax loopholes, preferences, and exceptions, thus raising the effective tax on activities previously specially favored by the code.
After the flood was cleaned up, express service was able to resume on September 17 with trains running between Van Cortlandt Park – 242nd Street and 14th Street, making local stops north of and express stops south of 96th Street, while and trains made all stops in Manhattan ( but bypassed all stations between Canal Street and Fulton Street until October 1 ).
He also cleaned up the Veterans Bureau in March 1923.
It took three days before the flood was cleaned up enough to allow business to begin to resume and cost the city an estimated $ 1. 95 billion.
The ink receives impressions like traditional soft ground, resists the ferric chloride etchant, yet can be cleaned up with warm water and either soda ash solution or ammonia.
The story of a girl being groomed to be a courtesan by her grandmother made Freed doubt making it as a straight drama would be acceptable to the American censors, so they " cleaned it up " and turned it into a musical.
Heinlein also assumes that the Russians are running China, " The Russian bureaucrats had even cleaned up China to the point where bubonic plague and typhus were endemic rather than epidemic .".
The town is now 98 % cleaned up and the Superfund designation is about to expire.
Some battery-powered handheld vacuums are wet / dry rated ; the appliance must be partially disassembled and cleaned after picking up wet materials, to avoid developing unpleasant odors.
After print publication, the " cleaned up and finalized " electronic copy is available both on line through the monthly bundle or as a single title ( priced variably $ 3 – 6 ) and through the parallel practice Baen instituted of using promotional CD-ROMs with permissive copyright licenses with many of its stable of authors works.
As a result, Iron Crown cleaned up and republished the RM2 rules with new typesetting and illustrations in 2007 as Rolemaster Classic ( RMC ).

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