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concluded and So
So it was concluded that it was physicians who had been spreading disease from one laboring mother to the next.
Summers then concluded his discussion of the three hypotheses by saying: So my best guess, to provoke you, of what's behind all of this is that the largest phenomenon, by far, is the general clash between people's legitimate family desires and employers ' current desire for high power and high intensity, that in the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.
So to ease their minds, and free them from any superstitious thoughts or forebodings of evil, Timoleon halted, and concluded an address suitable to the occasion, by saying, that a garland of triumph was here luckily brought them, and had fallen into their hands of its own accord, as an anticipation of victory: the same with which the Corinthians crown the victors in the Isthmian games, accounting chaplets of parsley the sacred wreath proper to their country ; parsley being at that time still the emblem of victory at the Isthmian, as it is now at the Nemean sports ; and it is not so very long ago that the pine first began to be used in its place .” “” ( Plutarch, Life of Timoleon ).</ ref > Victors could also be honored with a statue or an ode.
Robbins explained, " It sounds like it might be pretentious ; it's not, because Eno is comfortable with those pretensions "; he concluded that " a man who can write songs like ' Burning Airlines Give You So Much More ', has seen the future, and the future is a sonic Disney named Eno, who makes music you can live with ".
He concluded his statement with ," So there you have it: two very key people in the overall success of Mambo are at the helm.
Drinking toasts can take the form of anecdotes or not-so-short stories, concluded with " So here's to ..." with a witty punchline referring to the initial story.
So did Suetonius and a small portion of his army, but, arriving ahead of the rebels, concluded he did not have the numbers to defend the city and ordered it evacuated before it was attacked.
When So It Goes concluded on Granada TV, Tony Wilson wanted to remain involved in the local music scene, so he started an event night at the old Russell Club in Hulme called The Factory along with his friends ( soon to be business partners ) Alan Erasmus and Alan Wise.
So, in 1993, ( nearly a year after the series was concluded ), the show was replaced / succeeded by Sooty & Co., also presented by Matthew Corbett and was made by Granada TV in Manchester, North-West of England.
N. Aristov asserted: " Possession So, laying in the north from the Hun country, i. e. from the present Mongolia, should be on the northern side of Altai mountains, for its southern slopes were part of the Hun lands ... From that, with sufficient reliability can be concluded that the legendary forefather of the Turks descended from the tribe So that lived in the northern Altai, and that the clan So is a small remainder of that, probably not too small tribe during the prehistoric times ".
The proctor concluded in March 2009: " So I am pleased to say that, except perhaps at the highest level of national politics, the Bullingdon Club this year has been quiescent.
So, Hirayama concluded that the editorial had no effect in 1885.
" He concluded, " So disconnected and lunatic are the picture's incidents, so irrelevant and monstrous its people, that one lives through it in constant expectation of seeing a group of uniformed individuals appear suddenly from behind the furniture and take the entire cast into protective custody.

concluded and please
( The legal issues have been carefully considered by Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully, who concluded that ' no-one was going to find out, so they may as well do as they please '.
" He felt the plot twist " renders everything that came before completely nonsensical " and concluded, " If you figure it out, please let me know.
Gamespot praised the game for its high level of customizability and concluded, " Warzone 2100's highly navigable 3D engine, unique campaign structure, and multiplayer gameplay should please most real-time strategy fans.
A contributor for The Dallas Morning News concluded that the game " will please N64 owners starving for a decent adventure game ...
" The reviewer concluded that Omphalos contained " idle speculations, fit only to please a philosopher in his hours of relaxation, but hardly worthy of the serious attention of any man, whether scientific or not ".
He was legendary throughout Sicily, and children concluded their prayers at night saying, "... and please save Guiliano from the Carabinieri ".

concluded and ,"
Lavoisier concluded, " la respiration est donc une combustion ," that is, respiratory gas exchange is a combustion, like that of a candle burning.
" Speaker Martin concluded that Eisenhower worked too much through subordinates in dealing with Congress, with results, " often the reverse of what he has desired " because Members of Congress ," resent having some young fellow who was picked up by the White House without ever having been elected to office himself coming around and telling them ' The Chief wants this '.
Because reported AIDS cases in Africa and other parts of the developing world include a larger proportion of people who do not belong to Duesberg's preferred risk groups of drug addicts and male homosexuals, Duesberg writes on his website that " There are no risk groups in Africa, like drug addicts and homosexuals ," However, many studies have addressed the issue of risk groups in Africa and concluded that the risk of AIDS is not equally distributed.
concluded that a certain equation considered by Diophantus had no solutions, and noted without elaboration that he had found " a truly marvelous proof of this proposition ," now referred to as Fermat's Last Theorem.
In his essay Galvani concluded that animal tissue contained a here-to-fore neglected innate, vital force, which he termed " animal electricity ," which activated nerves and muscles spanned by metal probes.
* " On Thin Ice: How Advocates and Opponents Could Misread the Public's Views on Vouchers and Charter Schools ," Public Agenda, 1999 Public opinion study that concluded most Americans did not understand the voucher concept, even in communities that already had such programs.
" He mentions Joseph Schacht as one scholar who argues this, claiming that Schacht " found no evidence of legal traditions before 722 ," from which Schacht concluded that " the Sunna of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material " dating from later.
Goebbels concluded that " Two thousand years of Western history are in danger ," and he blamed Germany's failures on the Jews.
Indeed, Friedman later concluded that all government intervention associated with the New Deal was " the wrong cure for the wrong disease ," arguing that the money supply should simply have been expanded, instead of contracted.
Paisley concluded that " Whitacre's fraud case was minuscule as compared to the ADM case Whitacre cooperated with .” " Had it not been for the fraud conviction ," Paisley said, " he would be a national hero.
From this scarce notice, it has been concluded that a small church which encompassed a cave complex might have been located in Nazareth in the early 4th century ," although the town was Jewish until the 7th century AD.
" Arguing a year later that " with nuclear weapons more widely available, deterrence is decreasingly effective and increasingly hazardous ," the authors concluded that although " it is tempting and easy to say we can't get there from here,.
A 1992 Central Intelligence Agency report " acknowledged that the FARC had become increasingly involved in drugs through their ' taxing ' of the trade in areas under their geographical control and that in some cases the insurgents protected trafficking infrastructure to further fund their insurgency ," but also described the relationship between the FARC and the drug traffickers as one " characterized by both cooperation and friction " and concluded that " we do not believe that the drug industry Colombia would be substantially disrupted in the short term by attacks against guerrillas.
In his letter of acceptance to the party, Grant concluded with " Let us have peace ," which became his campaign slogan.
In an interview conducted for Stars and Stripes just after his capture, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt summed up the predominant German view of the American general: " Patton ," Rundstedt concluded simply, " he is your best.
It concluded that two allegations were founded — that Taleyarkhan had claimed independent confirmation of his work when in reality the apparent confirmations were done by Taleyarkhan's former students and was not as " independent " as Taleyarkhan implied, and that Taleyarkhan had included an additional colleague's name on one of his papers who had not actually been involved in the research (" the sole apparent motivation for the addition of Mr. Butt was a desire to overcome a reviewer's criticism ," the report concluded ).
" Against considerable odds, we do like characters ," Turan concluded.
John Y. Simon, editor of Julia Grant's memoirs, concluded that Longstreet " may have been a groomsman ," and Longstreet biographer Donald Brigman Sanger called the role of best man " uncertain " while noting that neither Grant nor Longstreet mentioned any such role in either of their memoirs.
" Admitting " a certain reservation, even disappointment ," Anthony Boucher nevertheless concluded that Heinlein was " simply creating an agreeably entertaining light novel, and in that task he succeeds admirably.
" The Tribune < nowiki >' s </ nowiki > editors concluded that " nobody of sound mind can read < nowiki > transcripts </ nowiki > and continue to think that Mr. Nixon has upheld the standards and dignity of the Presidency ," and called for Nixon's resignation.
" While praising Clarke's work as " Stapledonian its historic concepts and also for the quality of its prose and thinking ," they concluded that Childhood's End was " an awkward and imperfect book.
" P. Schuyler Miller characterized the novel as " all imagination and poetry ," but concluded it was " not up to some of Clarke's other writing " due to weakness in its " episodic structure.
" It could be tomorrow or it could be 10 years or more from now ," he concluded in September 2005.

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