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concluded and Ultimately
Ultimately, some, like John Shosky, have concluded " It is far from clear that any one person should be given the title of ' inventor ' of truth-tables.
Ultimately, the war concluded in 1970 with no change in the front line.
Ultimately, he concluded weight was proportionate to the amount of matter of an object, and not the speed of motion as supposed by the Aristotelean view of physics.
Ultimately, it was concluded that Stewart was guilty and the Alpha Lanterns decided on the judgement of death for his crime.
Ultimately, the SEC required the company to correct its financial reports, but concluded there was insufficient evidence to pursue an insider trading case against Bush.
Ultimately, Thomas concluded that the concept of structure as " rules and resources " in an elemental and ontological way resulted in conceptual confusion.
Ultimately the paper concluded that there is a need to increase awareness of geophysics in post-16 education environments by including geophysics topics in secondary school examinations.
Ultimately, it concluded that France had been the foreign power most involved in limiting the scale of the genocide once it got started, though it regretted that more had not been done.
Ultimately, the BBC concluded that a television image was not covered by existing copyright law and replied to Cura giving him permission to proceed but to “ only photograph the television image of individual artists who have instructed you to do so prior to their television appearance, and that you do not give or sell the photographs to anyone other than the artist in question ”.
" Andrew Sarris, in his review for The New York Observer, wrote, " Ultimately Unfaithful is escapism in its purest form, and I am willing to experience it on that level, even though with all the unalloyed joy on display, there's almost no humor ," and concluded that it was " one of the very few mainstream movies currently directed exclusively to grown-ups.
Ultimately, the Japanese concluded that, " It is impossible to fight the enemy and at the same time suppress the activities of the guerrillas.
Ultimately, the Mozilla core developers concluded that the old code could not be salvaged.
" Ultimately, he concluded that " I was glad we were killed off in the end ".
Ultimately the Supreme Court concluded:
Ultimately, however, Washington concluded that he was " of inadequate abilities "; his known vice of drinking too much alcohol also concerned Washington.

concluded and rewards
Not only have Leknes and Tracey, two leading neuroscientists in the study of pain and pleasure, concluded that pain and reward processing involve many of the same regions of the brain, but also that the functional relationship lies in that pain decreases pleasure and rewards increase analgesia, which is the relief from pain.
The researchers concluded that expected rewards undermine intrinsic motivation in previously enjoyable activities.

concluded and Magic
Therefore, Lazarsfeld concluded that the effects of the campaign were not all powerful to the point where they completely persuaded " helpless audiences ", a claim that the Magic Bullet, Hypodermic Needle Model, and Lasswell asserted.
In addition, the DVD song set order was radically altered to present Tommy as if having been performed at the second-half of the concert ( with " See Me, Feel Me "/" Listening to You " as the conclusion ), when, in fact, Tommy was performed in the middle of their lengthy set, and the closing title was " Magic Bus ", which concluded some Who concerts at that time.
The White Witch played a prominent part in the so-called " Magic Wars ", which concluded Legion of Super-Heroes ( vol.
Blue Magic concluded their tour with a two-week engagement in the Virgin Islands.

concluded and III
When the assembly was concluded, Otto III and his mother Theophanu travelled across the Alps in order for Otto III to receive his coronation at Aachen, the traditional site for the coronation of the German kings.
Subsequent re-evaluations of Richard III have questioned his guilt, but in 1992 Alison Weir concluded that the ultimate responsibility could only lie with Richard, considering the time line of the events, and what Richard III had done, and more significantly what he had not done, to distance himself from the disappearance of the princes.
Politically, he concluded the Concordat of Vienna, or Aschaffenburg ( 17 February 1448 ) with the German King, Frederick III, by which the decrees of the Council of Basel against papal annates and reservations were abrogated so far as Germany was concerned.
In May 1289 he crowned King Charles II of Naples and Sicily after the latter had expressly recognized papal suzerainty, and in February 1291 concluded a treaty with Kings Alfonso III of Aragon and Philip IV of France looking toward the expulsion of James II of Aragon from Sicily.
It was in the nearby town of Villeneuve-Loubet that the two monarchs in 1538 concluded, through the mediation of Pope Paul III, a truce of ten years.
By a treaty concluded in 1860 between the Sardinian king and Napoleon III, the County was again ceded to France as a territorial reward for French assistance in the Second Italian War of Independence against Austria, which saw Lombardy unified with Piedmont-Sardinia.
Following King John's death, Llywelyn concluded the Treaty of Worcester with his successor, Henry III, in 1218.
Following King John's death Llywelyn concluded the Treaty of Worcester with his successor Henry III in 1218.
After the Treaty of Tilsit, which Frederick William III of Prussia and Czar Alexander I of Russia concluded with Napoleon in July 1807, Frederick Augustus was also named duke of Warsaw.
On 24 March 1359 Edward and John concluded a new treaty in London whereby John would be released back to France on payment of a huge ransom and would make over to Edward III large tracts of French territory – including all of Charles of Navarre's French lands.
After the comparative failure of Edward's campaign in the winter of 1359 – 60 ( the Dauphin did not offer battle and pursued a ' scorched earth ' policy with the populace seeking shelter in the walled towns while the English endured terrible weather ) a final peace treaty was agreed between Edward III and John II at Brétigny, while John II concluded a separate peace with Charles of Navarre at Calais.
Philip successfully prevented an arrangement between the papacy in Avignon and Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV although, in July 1337, Louis concluded an alliance with Edward III.
Researchers concluded that she may be Tutankhamun's biological mother, an unnamed daughter of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, not Queen Nefertiti.
In Nordic affairs, Ivan III concluded an offensive alliance with Hans of Denmark and maintained regular correspondence with Emperor Maximilian I, whom called him a " brother ".
Emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes of Nicaea concluded an alliance with Bulgaria, which in 1235 resulted in joint campaign against the Latin Empire, and an unsuccessful siege of Constantinople the same year.
Condensing the three plays into two, Heinrich VI and Eduard IV, Palitzsch's adaptation concluded with the opening monologue from Richard III.
Condensing the three plays into two, Heinrich VI and Eduard IV, Palitzsch's adaptation concluded with the opening monologue from Richard III.
Condensing the three plays into two, Heinrich VI and Eduard IV, Palitzsch's adaptation concluded with the opening monologue from Richard III.
After Christian III had consolidated his reign in Denmark and Norway against his adversaries there he concluded with his younger half-brothers, having come of age, to share with them in the rule of the duchies in 1544.
If Tervel had survived this long, he would have been the Bulgarian ruler who concluded a new treaty ( confirming the annual tribute paid by the Byzantines to Bulgaria, the territorial concessions in Thrace, regulating commercial relations and the treating of political refugees ) with Emperor Theodosius III in 716.
Polish king John III Sobieski planned to restore Polish suzerainty over the Duchy of Prussia, and for this purpose concluded an alliance with France on 11 June 1675.
Frederick III, present at the negotiations as crown prince, assured the Habsburgs of the continuation of the alliance once he was in power, and secretly concluded an amendment to return Schwiebus to the Habsburgs, which he eventually did in 1694.
The Treaty of Roskilde was concluded on 26 February ( OS ) or 8 March 1658 ( NS ) during the Second Northern War between Frederick III of Denmark – Norway and Charles X Gustav of Sweden in the Danish city of Roskilde.

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