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continued and We
We also continued to run a series of ads featuring endorsement of Rhode Island by industrialists who had recently established new plants here.
The same editorial continued that `` We expected to democratize Japan and Korea and to see a new China pattern itself easily on our institutions.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
He described the Cold War: " We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method ..." and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that " we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military – industrial complex.
It said: " We firmly believe that this law, which Congress passed to protect good order, discipline and morale in the unique environment of the armed forces, deserves continued support.
" I think the biggest black mark against our management to date is the Cukor situation and we can no longer be sentimental about it .... We are a business concern and not patrons of the arts ..." Cukor was relieved of his duties, but he continued to work with Leigh and De Havilland off the set.
" He then continued by focusing on the manner in which the poem was composed, ' We could have informed Mr. Coleridge of a reverend friend of ours, who actually wrote down two sermons on a passage in the Apocalypse, from the recollection of the spontaneous exercise of his faculties in sleep.
" He continued, " We may question without end what it means, but few of us question if the poem is worth the trouble, or whether the meaning is worth the having.
In August 2011, the APA clarified their support of same-sex marriage in light of continued research suggesting that the same community benefits accepted as result of hetero-sexual marriage apply to same-sex couples as well, " We knew that marriage benefits heterosexual people in very significant ways, but we didn't know if that would be true for same-sex couples ," said Dr. Clinton Anderson, associate executive director of the APA and director of the Office on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns.
The band continued the acoustic and organic approach that was featured on Furthermore for their fifth studio album entitled Who We Are Instead, which released on November 4, 2003.
After their Defeat the Rebels retired to the Isle aux Noix, where they continued till lately, sending out some Parties, and many Emissaries, to debauch the Minds of the Canadians and Indians, in which they have proved too successful, and for which they were too well prepared by the Cabals and Intrigues of these two last years ; We knew of their being reinforced, and very considerably, I suppose, as they appeared in Numbers near St. John's last Sunday Evening ; where or when they landed, or the Particulars since, we have but very imperfect Accounts of, all Communications with the Forts of St. John's and Chambli, being, as far as I can find, entirely cut off.
" We could know all the facts about a person's continued existence and not be able to say whether the person has survived.
As the situation worsened in early 1918, Clemenceau continued to support the policy of total war – " We present ourselves before you with the single thought of total war "and the policy of " la guerre jusqu ' au bout " ( war until the end ).
We believe that continuance in a state of salvation depends upon continued obedient faith in Christ.
Greeley was an abolitionist, and Wheeler continued, " We hold the right of self-government even when invoked in behalf of those who deny it to others.
As the 1990s continued, the Melody Makers ' sales slowly declined, beginning with Joy and Blues ( 1993 ) and continuing with Free Like We Want 2 B ( 1995 ).
We see Pierre Rougon ( the legitimate son ) in his attempts to disinherit his Macquart half-siblings, his marriage to Felicité Puech, the voraciously ambitious daughter of a local merchant, and their continued failure to establish the fortune, fame and renown they seek, despite their greed and relatively comfortable lifestyles.
The English translations of the documents of John Paul II dispensed with this practice, using the singular " I ," even though the Latin original usually continued to use the first person plural " We.
We have no record indicating the use of ḡalyān at the court of Nader Shah, although its use seems to have continued uninterrupted.
" We took all our favorite buildings in New York from where they actually stood and sort of put them into one neighborhood ," Gassner continued, " a fantasy vision which adds to the atmosphere and flavor.
In 1792, she continued this theme of national responsibility in an anti-war sermon entitled Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation which argued that each individual is responsible for the actions of the nation: " We are called upon to repent of national sins, because we can help them, and because we ought to help them.
During World War II, he continued his close collaboration with Capra by composing scores for his Why We Fight series, consisting of seven films commissioned by the U. S. government to show American soldiers the reason for the war.
He also continued to compose music, including the comic opera Castle Bang ( 1894 ) and the sketches The Ibsenite Drama ( 1895 ) and Do We Enjoy Our Holidays?
According to Sergeant Miller,We continued to treat the patients, continued moving ammunition and grenades to where they were needed.

continued and believe
It would be profitable, I believe, to read these realistic humorists alongside Faulkner's works, the thought being not that he necessarily read them and owed anything to them directly, but rather that they dealt a hundred years ago with a class of people and a type of life which have continued down to our time, to Faulkner's time.
At no time does he seem to have proposed marriage, and Mrs. King was evidently torn between a concern for her daughter's emotions and the desire to believe that the friendship might be continued without harm to her reputation.
Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism do not believe in Purgatory as such, though the Orthodox Church is willing to allow for a period of continued sanctification ( the process of being made pure, or holy ) after death.
Some scholars believe film noir never really ended, but continued to transform even as the characteristic noir visual style began to seem dated and changing production conditions led Hollywood in different directions in this view, post-1950s films in the noir tradition are seen as part of a continuity with classic noir.
Left Communists, led by Nikolai Bukharin, continued to believe that there could be no peace between a Soviet republic and a capitalist country and that only a revolutionary war leading to a pan-European Soviet republic would bring a durable peace.
Thus, Ahmadis believe this prediction was fulfilled and continued by his movement.
This group of Adventists continued to believe that Christ's second coming would be imminent.
Surrealists believe that non-Western cultures also provide a continued source of inspiration for Surrealist activity because some may strike up a better balance between instrumental reason and imagination in flight than Western culture.
Despite the AFL's New York Jets winning the previous season's Super Bowl, many sports writers and fans thought it was a fluke and continued to believe that the NFL was still superior to the AFL, and thus fully expected the Vikings to defeat the Chiefs ; the Vikings entered the Super Bowl as 12. 5 to 13-point favorites.
They continued to believe that all of the NFL teams were far and away superior to all of the AFL teams.
The denazification procedures against Heidegger continued until March 1949, when he was finally pronounced a " Mitläufer " ( literally, mit = with, Läufer = runner, i. e. " one who runs along with ", but the equivalent meaning in English is closer to " bandwagon effect " or " herd instinct ", standing for the notion that people often do and believe things merely because many other people do and believe the same things ) of National Socialism, and no punitive measures against him were proposed.
However, as late as June, the gold forces, which still controlled the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ), continued to believe that the nominee could be pro-gold.
Nevertheless, Wright continued to believe in far-left democratic solutions to political problems.
Paul Foot and some other campaigners continued to believe in Hanratty's innocence and argued that the DNA evidence could have been contaminated, noting that the small DNA samples from items of clothing, kept in a police laboratory for over 40 years " in conditions that do not satisfy modern evidential standards ", had had to be subjected to very new amplification techniques in order to yield any genetic profile.
In 2003, he revealed he had voted for Labour and admired what they had done for health and education but distanced himself from the Labour government over Tony Blair ’ s support for George W. Bush and Britain ’ s involvement in the Iraq War, which he strongly opposed, although he continued to believe Blair was a man of conscience.
Although the first tantric Buddhist texts appeared in India in the 3rd century and continued to appear until the 12th century, scholars such as Hirakawa Akira believe that the Vajrayana probably came into existence in the 6th or 7th century, while the term Vajrayana first came into evidence in the 8th century.
Major railroad shippers also continued to believe that they would be better served by more flexibility to arrive at tailored arrangements that were mutually beneficial to a particular shipper, and to the carrier serving a particular shipper.
He believed the fundamentals of the conflict had not changed ; the South Vietnamese regime's unpopularity remained its " Achilles heel " and he continued to believe victory could be achieved through a combination of uprising against the South Vietnamese regime and a communist offensive against it.
According to Vietnamese Air Force General Đổng Văn Khuyên, “ Our leaders continued to believe in U. S. air intervention even after the U. S. Congress had expressly forbidden it ... hey deluded themselves .”
Martin was a committed anti-Communist, but he seriously underestimated the severity of the South Vietnamese situation, to the point that in the spring of 1975, when most American officials were convinced that South Vietnam was doomed to collapse, he continued to believe that Saigon and the Mekong Delta area could be held because of the tenacity of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam ( ARVN ) in the Battle of Xuan Loc under the command of General Le Minh Dao.
However, many analysts believe that even though the TFX project itself was a failure, McNamara was ahead of his time as the trend in fighter design has continued toward consolidation the F-16 Falcon and F / A-18 Hornet emerged as multi-role fighters, and most modern designs combine many of the roles the TFX would have had.

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