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continued and advisor
He also continued to take the Jesuit part in their conflict with the Jansenists, whose condemnation he had vigorously supported as advisor to Pope Innocent X.
He followed his father to the United Kingdom, where he continued to be a key advisor to the government-in-exile and his father.
After drawing one Space Moose cartoon, Husereau left the strip's production but continued to be an advisor.
He continued in his role of advisor during the reigns of Cnut's sons, Harold Harefoot and Harthacnut.
After the installation of Pu Yi as Emperor of Manchukuo, Kawashima continued to play various roles and, for a time, was mistress of Major General Hayao Tada, who was chief military advisor for Pu Yi.
He continued as a director of the company but served only as an advisor on design.
In support of helping Williams get back on his feet, The Temptations continued to pay Williams his same one-fifth share of the group's earnings, and kept Williams on their payroll as an advisor and choreographer, and Williams continued to help the group with routines and dance moves for the next two years.
Bloembergen belongs to prolific J. J. Thomson academic lineage tree, following in footsteps of other Nobel Laureates beginning with Lord Rayleigh ( Physics Nobel Prize in 1904 ) and J. J. Thomson ( Nobel 1906 ), and continued with Ernest Rutherford ( Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1908 ), Owen Richardson ( Physics Nobel, 1928 ) and finally Bloembergen's advisor, Edward Purcell ( Physics Nobel 1952 ).
Over the ensuing years he continued to serve the government in both a legal capacity – supreme state court judge in Sonora ; legal advisor to the Ministry of War – and in elective office: he was elected to Congress in 1917, 1921, and 1923, and he served as governor of his native Tamaulipas on two occasions ( 1920 and 1925 ).
He continued to employ Hakuseki as his advisor.
Sir Gordon's riding career ended in 1954 following a pelvis injury, but he continued to indulge his passion for racing, by becoming a horse trainer and advisor.
Stein continued to serve as Bettman's special advisor for three months after conclusion of the HOF incident, retiring in October 1993.
As Beber continued to serve as an advisor for the local Omaha group, he also began planning for a much larger undertaking: an international Jewish youth group.
Holland then accepted a fellowship at the Centre for Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex and continued as an economic advisor to the Labour Party.
After the fall of the communist regime in Poland in 1990, Giertych continued his scientific work ; between 1993 and 2000 he was an advisor to the Ministry of Environmental Affairs.
When Hot Rod recovered the Matrix from Galvatron and became Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus decided to step down as leader to give the role to Rodimus, but continued to act as his friend and advisor, keeping him on the straight and narrow and always reassuring him, attempting to urge him out of the shadow of Optimus Prime.
In retirement back in his hometown of Huntingdon, he continued to show an active interest in Democratic politics until very shortly before his death in 1976, apparently being used as an unofficial advisor to younger Democratic political figures on several occasions.
His military career continued, accompanying King Edward to France in 1338 as an advisor and being present at the naval battle of Sluys on 24 June 1340.
Bloet continued to be an advisor to the king even after Rufus was succeeded by King Henry I, and was a supporter of Henry during the rebellion of 1102.
He continued to act as an advisor to Flair during his first WWF run ( and coined the phrase, " That's not fair to Flair " and " You got to be fair to Flair ").
His career in Greece, started in 1994 as a special advisor to former Prime Minister and President of the Socialist International George A. Papandreou and continued as the director of personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during Theodoros Pangalos's post in the Ministry in 1996.
After Kublai Khan ’ s death, Guo continued to be an advisor to Kublai ’ s successors, working on hydraulics and astronomy.

continued and when
`` But you want a job guaranteed when you return '', I continued my attack.
In 1453 when the last vestige of ancient Roman power fell to the Turks, the city officially shifted religions -- although the Patriarch, or Pope, of the Orthodox Church continued to live there, and still does -- and became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Thus, when specifically permitted, the operand of a given line on the Autocoder coding sheet may be continued in the operand of from one to four additional lines which immediately follow.
The Troop is proud of its camping-out program -- on year-round schedule and was continued even when sub-zero temperatures were registered during the past winter.
Although federal and city narcotic agents sometimes worked together, Sokol continued, rivalries developed when they were `` aiming at the same criminals ''.
The Butler Lordship of Burrishoole continued into the late 14th century when Thomas le Botiller was recorded as being in possession of Akkyll & Owyll.
Fighting continued, however, until May 1994 when Russia brokered a cease-fire.
However, he continued his slave trading career until 1754 or 1755, when he ended his seafaring altogether and began studying Christian theology.
While in India, Hasan Ali Shah continued his close relationship with the British, and was even visited by the Prince of Wales when the future King Edward VII was on a state visit to India.
In 1069, when the northern thegns rebelled against William and attempted to install Edgar the Ætheling as king, Ealdred continued to support William.
As chairman of the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expense, Johnson continued his relentless opposition to spending, especially when the capital city was the beneficiary ; he argued it was egregious to expect citizens in other states to fund the infrastructure of another locality, regardless of the fact it was the seat of government.
The development of the AFV continued into World War I, when the tracked tank was introduced on the Western Front-a machine that was armoured because it was specifically designed to be fired upon.
He continued to write new operas per imperial contract until 1804, when he voluntarily withdrew from the stage.
Diabelli's firm continued to publish Schubert's work until 1823 when an argument between Cappi and Schubert terminated their business.
This continued until 1815 when steps were taken to preserve the remaining ruins.
The observations were continued, and the star was seen to continue its southerly course until March, when it took up a position some 20 ″ more southerly than its December position.
Princeton University continued to publish the annals on its own until 1933, when the Institute for Advanced Study took joint editorial control.
Alan Jay Lerner's pattern of financial mismanagement continued until his death from cancer in 1986, when he reportedly owed the US Internal Revenue Service over US $ 1, 000, 000 in back taxes, and was unable to pay for his final medical expenses.
Exploration of the outback continued in the 1950s when Len Beadell explored, surveyed and built many roads in support of the nuclear weapons tests at Emu Field and Maralinga and rocket testing on the Woomera Prohibited Area.
William F. Miller was interim CEO until September of that year, when Whitney G. Lynn became interim president and CEO and then continued to have a succession of CEOs including Dale Fuller and Tod Nielsen.
The Herald continued to grow, expanding its coverage and increasing its circulation until 2001, when nearly all newspapers fell victim to declining circulations and revenue.
The research continued throughout World War I until 1919, when the now avirulent bacilli were unable to cause tuberculosis disease in research animals.
Even when, on the invention of gunpowder and firearms, the bow had fallen into disuse as a weapon of war, the prohibition was continued.
These programs continued until 1969, when by executive order President Richard Nixon shut down all programs related to American offensive use of biological weapons.
Holly's transition to rock continued when he opened for Bill Haley & His Comets at a local show organized by Eddie Crandall, the manager for Marty Robbins.

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