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continues and appear
The first mention of Nijmegen in history is in the 1st century BC, when the Romans built a military camp on the place where Nijmegen was to appear ; the location had great strategic value because of the surrounding hills, which gave ( and continues to give ) a good view over the Waal and Rhine valley.
In the United States, Virgil and specifically the Aeneid were taught in the fourth year of a Latin sequence, at least until the 1960s ; the current ( 2011 ) Advanced Placement curriculum in Latin continues to assign a central position to the poem: " The AP Latin: Virgil Exam is designed to test the student's ability to read, translate, understand, analyze, and interpret the lines of the Aeneid that appear on the course syllabus in Latin.
Caratacus does not appear in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain ( 1136 ), although he appears to correspond to Arviragus, the younger son of Kymbelinus, who continues to resist the Roman invasion after the death of his older brother Guiderius.
Network Ten continues to broadcast V8 Supercar once a year when they appear on the support program for the Australian Grand Prix, a Network Ten broadcast event.
Welk's band continues to appear in a dedicated theater in Branson, Missouri.
As Peter Riley and his friends ' self-destructive addiction to Hearts continues, the Vietnam War grows closer, and signs of defiance appear in the hearts and minds of the students, even in Riley's room-mate, a shy pre-dent student struggling with doing what he feels is right and just or disappointing his parents.
Lawrence of Arabia continues to appear on lists of the greatest films ever made, and frequently comes in first on lists of the greatest " epic " films.
Spike continues to appear in the ongoing Angel spin-off series by IDW, under the pens of Kelley Armstrong, Bill Willingham and others.
* Non-parental fatherunmarried father whose name does not appear on child's birth certificate: does not have legal responsibility but continues to have financial responsibility ( UK )
His likeness is still almost always found in ceremonial locations such as in front of legislatures and classrooms of public schools, from elementary to senior high school, and he continues to appear in new coinage and currency.
A massive portrait of Sun continues to appear in Tiananmen Square for May Day and National Day.
He continues to appear as Roo's friend and joins the gang on many adventures.
During his tenure, the Philharmonic inaugurated the " Live From Lincoln Center " television series in 1976, and the Orchestra continues to appear on the Emmy Award-winning program to the present day.
Despite widespread belief, Huitzilopochtli's name does not appear to mean " left-handed hummingbird " as Classical Nahuatl " huītzilin "-" hummingbird " modifies " opōchtli "-" left-hand side " in this compound rather than the reverse ; there continues to be much disagreement as to the meaning of this name.
Chatterton had a school, a store and a post office, but it has disappeared even though the name continues to appear on maps.
While the fleur-de-lis has appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries, it is particularly associated with the French monarchy in a historical context, and continues to appear in the arms of the King of Spain and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and members of the House of Bourbon.
Stream of consciousness continues to appear in contemporary literature, expanding on the innovations of predecessors.
Since it was a semi-autonomous village within Lakeville Township before the city's incorporation, it continues to appear today on maps as Argonne.
However, the name of Fallbridge continues to appear in various documents.
The Russian Hymn tune continues to appear in various modern English language hymnals, such as those of the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church ( U. S. A .), the Lutheran Book of Worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or as Russia in The Hymnal 1982 of the U. S. Episcopal Church.
Tory !, and continues to appear regularly on TV, such BBC's Question Time.
Francis continues to appear live on stage to this day ( as of November 2011 ).
She continues to appear in venues nationwide, in concerts and in speaking engagements.
Upon first seeing the wheel which towered over everything in its vicinity, Julian Hawthorne, son of the author Nathaniel, was amazed that anything of such a size " continues to keep itself erect ... it has no visible means of support — none that appear adequate.

continues and live
Orton's legacy stands to live on in his hometown, Leicester ; the development of the " cultural quarter " of the city, a former industrial area, continues apace and the new Theatre, Curve, the central development in the area, has a new pedestrian concourse outside the theatre's main entrance named " Orton Square.
Rock has actively raised Robert Jr., born in 1993, as a single father since birth, and continues to live with him in Michigan.
Julia appears to love Luis, but Walter has too much control over her, so she continues to work for him as she and Luis run off to live in secret with the supposedly dead Walter on their tail.
High continues that the norns that live by the holy well Urðarbrunnr each day take water from the well and mud from around it and pour it over Yggdrasil so that the branches of the ash do not rot away or decay.
Slapstick continues to maintain a presence in modern comedy that draws upon its lineage, running in film from Buster Keaton and Louis de Funès to Mel Brooks to the Jackass movies to the Farrelly Brothers, and in live performance from Weber & Fields to Jackie Gleason to Rowan Atkinson.
Despite this, the indigenous population continues to live in the area, constructing makeshift homes and shops out of salvaged materials.
While the wandering lifestyle practised by the Buddha and his disciples continues to be the ideal model for forest tradition monks in Thailand and elsewhere, practical concerns-including shrinking wilderness areas, lack of access to lay supporters, dangerous wildlife, and dangerous border conflicts-dictate that more and more ' meditation ' monks live in monasteries, rather than wandering.
It is logical to infer that Shakespeare had special intentions with Cordelia ’ s death, as he was the only writer to have Cordelia killed ( in the version by the anonymous author, she continues to live happily, and in Holinshed ’ s, she restores her father and succeeds him ).
For example, some parasitic species prey on a host organism and then lay their eggs on it for their offspring to feed on it while it continues to live or on its decaying corpse after it has died.
Dickinson continues to perform live and has recently signed a recording contract with Universal Music Canada.
" The person who has truly been made righteous in Jesus Christ did not simply have faith at some point in life, but continues to live in that faith (" the righteous will live by faith.
Aesacus still attempts to dive into the depth yet continues still to live in the form of a diving bird.
Morrison continues to record and tour, producing albums and live performances that sell well and are generally warmly received, sometimes collaborating with other artists, such as Georgie Fame and The Chieftains.
Mary continues to live for another month before successfully ending her life by taking sleeping pills.
It continues to live up to its nicknames: La Perla del Sur ( The Pearl of the South ) and La Ciudad Señorial ( The Noble or Lordly City ).
< http :// www. barksdalerichmond. org / history. html >.</ ref > Barksdale continues to produce live theatre at the Tavern, as well as at several locations in Richmond.
The river pilots ' expertise continues to be critical, but now they generally live with their families in more populated areas, and stay at Pilottown temporarily for work.
After an additional seven years, Madeline continues to live well financially in Beverly Hills with Ernest, but the two are miserable in their marriage.
Worrell left the band in 1981, but continues to contribute to P-Funk studio albums and occasionally appears live with Parliament-Funkadelic as a special guest.
Trice continues to live in Bakersfield and is active in the Rosedale Highway Lions Club, Bakersfield Elks Lodge.
Although the stadium closed their doors nearly 50 years ago, the music continues to live on.
Former Georgia Governor and U. S. Senator Zell Miller was born in and continues to live in Young Harris.
The parade ends at the St. Catherine of Bologna Church Parish Center, where the celebration continues with live music and entertainment for the whole family

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