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contributed and society's
Women have contributed to the rise of interest in PMS and society's acceptance of it as an illness.
Western society's revulsion to this contributed to a considerable readjustment of valuation of differences.
Heyward edited the society's yearbooks until 1924 and contributed much of their content.
The classical political economists, such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo raised the economic question of which kinds of labour contributed to increasing society's wealth, as against activities which do not increase wealth.
In one of the articles he contributed, Revolution and Religion Merezhkovsky wrote: " Now it's almost impossible to foresee what a deadly force this revolutionary tornado starting upwards from the society's bottom will turn out to be.

contributed and exhibitions
Their collection was representative of two famous art exhibitions that took place during their residence together in Paris, and to which they contributed, either by lending their art, or by patronizing the featured artists.
The media success of the Turner Prize contributed to the success of ( and was in turn helped by ) the late 1990s phenomena of Young British Artists ( several of whom were nominees and winners ), Cool Britannia, and exhibitions such as the Charles Saatchi-sponsored Sensation exhibition.
The Artmachine Iterations, as these works became known, established Tyson ’ s reputation in the UK and internationally as an original artist and thinker, and by 1999 he had mounted solo exhibitions in London, New York, Paris and Zürich, as well as contributed to group shows throughout Europe, North America and Australia.
He contributed to their exhibitions at the Gallery of Le Barc de Boutteville, and later shared a studio with fellow Nabis Bonnard and Maurice Denis.
Gabo contributed to the Agit-prop open air exhibitions and taught at ' VKhUTEMAS ' the Higher Art and Technical Workshop, with Tatlin, Kandinsky and Rodchenko.
Between 1879 and 1905, Paget contributed eighteen miscellaneous paintings, including nine portraits, to the Royal Academy exhibitions.
In 1914 – 1916 Popova together with other avant-garde artists ( Aleksandra Ekster, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Olga Rozanova ) contributed to the two Knave of Diamonds exhibitions, in Petrograd Tramway V and the 0. 10, The Store in Moscow.
* FRAME-The Cleveland Museum of Art is a member of FRAME ( French Regional American Museum Exchange ) and has presented and contributed to FRAME-sponsored exhibitions.
He commenced to exhibit at the Royal Academy in 1795, and contributed from that year to 1821 ( inclusive ) eighty-five works in all to its exhibitions.
To the Royal Academy exhibitions he contributed at intervals from 1805 to 1872, and he was represented at the Westminster Hall competition of 1847 by a large oil painting of the Battle of La Hogue.
He frequently contributed to the exhibitions of the Water-Colour Society, of which he became an associate in 1821, and a full member in 1822.
He did not, however, abandon his artistic practice for, encouraged by Ruskin, he exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1854, and afterwards contributed landscapes in oil and water-colour to London and other provincial exhibitions.
He contributed work he had painted in Europe to several exhibitions and shows.
Between 1834 and 1879 he contributed no fewer than 253 works, many of which were full-length portraits, to the exhibitions of the Royal Academy.
She contributed to a number of the most significant avant-guarde exhibitions in Germany up till World War I.
His first picture, Musidora, was hung at the Royal Academy when he was only 17, and henceforth he contributed almost annually not only to the Royal Academy but later also to the Grosvenor and New Gallery exhibitions.
After his graduation from the Academy, Bendz contributed successfully with a number of works to the annual exhibitions at Charlottenborg in 1826, 1827 and 1828.
The department has contributed to the exhibitions Collaborators: UK Design for Performance 2003-2007 ( in association with the Society of British Theatre Designers ), Kylie-The Exhibition and The Story of the Supremes.
Additional exhibitions housed in the Mint have been devoted to New Orleans Mardi Gras ( since moved to the Presbytere building on Jackson Square ), jazz music ( a large exhibition and additional research materials previously in the New Orleans Jazz Museum was donated to the Museum by the New Orleans Jazz Club ), and Newcomb Pottery, all of which have contributed to New Orleans ' international fame.
Downman is believed to have been " pressed " for the navy as a young man, and on his escape settled down for a while in Cambridge ( 1777 ), eventually coming to London, where he contributed to various art exhibitions.

contributed and upwards
He also issued numerous appeals, with the result that in 1841, when he resigned his office as convener of the church extension committee, he was able to announce that in seven years upwards of 300, 000 had been contributed, and 220 new churches had been built.

contributed and three
He contributed around three hundred papers to the transactions of various learned societies, and few of his contemporaries wrote as much for the various reviews.
Most ( approximately 98 %) contribute to only a single article ; however, 64 contributed to three articles, 23 contributed to four articles, 10 contributed to five articles, and 8 contributed to more than five articles.
Butler developed the three chapters of Erewhon that make up " The Book of the Machines " from a number of articles that he had contributed to The Press, which had just begun publication in Christchurch, New Zealand, beginning with " Darwin among the Machines " ( 1863 ).
Swedish band Broder Daniel, who contributed three English language songs to the movie, released an EP titled Fucking Åmål.
Guinea has participated in both diplomatic and military efforts to resolve conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Bissau, and contributed contingents of troops to peacekeeping operations in all three countries as part of ECOMOG, the Military Observer Group of ECOWAS.
According to the " Mad Magazine Contributor Appearances " website, more than 700 contributors have received bylines in at least one issue of Mad, but fewer than three dozen of those have contributed to 100 issues or more.
It also featured three of Carter's compositions ( the only time he contributed compositions to Davis's group ).
He has directed three videos for her and she contributed the theme song for Jonze's Being John Malkovich film.
As of 2006, the country has donated £ 49 billion in aid in the previous three decades, but exclusively to Muslims ( except for one donation amounting to the equivalent of £ 250, 000 ) This aid has contributed to the spreading of Islam of the sort found in Saudi Arabia ( Wahhabism ) rather than fostering the traditions of the receiving ethnic groups.
MacKenzie contributed to three Yello albums ; One Second ( 1987 ), Flag ( 1988 ) and Baby ( 1991 ).
* The Soviet War in Afghanistan caused three million deaths and contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union.
East Slavs settled on the territory present-day Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, assimilating local Baltic — ( Yotvingians, Dniepr Balts ), Ugro-Finnic ( Russia ) and steppe nomads ( Ukraine ) already living there, their early ethnic integrations contributed to the gradual differentiation of the three East Slavic nations.
In 1949, Wright contributed to the anti-communist anthology The God That Failed ; his essay had been published in the Atlantic Monthly three years earlier and was derived from the unpublished portion of Black Boy.
The only genuinely ancient items-Moscow Mathematical Papyrus and Story of Wenamun-had been contributed by Vladimir Golenishchev three years earlier.
While La jolie fille was in rehearsal, Bizet worked with three other composers, each of whom contributed a single act to a four-act operetta Marlborough s ' en va-t-en guerre.
Smith also contributed a new song, " Miss Misery ," and three previously-released tracks (" No Name # 3 ", from Roman Candle, and " Angeles " and " Say Yes ", from Either / Or ).
Wilson contributed to three out of eight songs on Beach Boys ' Carl and the Passions – " So Tough " in early 1972, and reluctantly agreed to accompany the band to the Netherlands, where they based themselves to record Holland.
The contrasting personalities of the three leaders who contributed the most to Japan's final unification — Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu — are encapsulated in a series of three well known senryū:
Although Taylor made single figures in the three Tests following his century, he contributed 76 and 45 in the series-clinching Test at Nottingham.
The good architectural and structural quality of many properties in Kennington — characterised by Georgian and Victorian terraces of yellow London stock brick, typically three storeys or higher, fronting the main roads and squares — has unquestionably contributed to the gentrification of the area, and so has a perception of " good value "-that investment in a property in the district will yield a decent return.
He also contributed orchestrations to the Danger Mouse produced second album by UK psychedelic three piece The Shortwave Set in 2008.

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