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from Brown Corpus
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could and afford
`` I could use some help '', Morgan said finally, `` but I can't afford to pay you anything.
They could no longer afford the luxury of the canvas sweat bag that cooled it by evaporation.
Corporations are apt by nature to be impersonal, inhumane, shortsighted and almost exclusively profit-motivated, a picture they could scarcely afford to present to the public.
For centuries the North Atlantic nations dominated the world and as long as they did they could afford the luxury of fighting each other.
This would seem to indicate that we are trying neither `` to halt an influx of migrants '' nor are we `` setting up such standards for development that only the well-to-do could afford to buy land and build in the new sites ''.
But then his son could afford it.
Although it had seemed a good reason, to begin with: no couple could afford to have children.
Of course, her benevolence was limited to those who could afford it, but then there is a limit to what one person can do.
) is for the most part a recondite affair, for manifestly, if everyone in the world who could afford the best wines also liked them, the supply would dry up in no time at all.
Radio broadcasts, however -- now that even plain people could afford `` loud speakers '' on their sets -- held old fans to the major-league races and attracted new ones, chiefly women, who through what the philosopher called the ineluctable modality of audition, became first inured, then attracted, then addicted to the long afternoon recitals of the doings in some distant baseball park.
Back East the more affluent juvenile delinquents, who could afford hyped-up autos instead of switch blades as lethal weapons, played this same game and called it `` Chicken ''.
The need is for reference works of a more specialized nature than individual libraries, adequate to satisfy everyday needs, could afford.
Communities either could not afford music accompaniment or rejected it out of a Calvinistic sense of simplicity, so the songs were sung a cappella.
Those who could grow or afford wheat often had biscuits as part of their breakfast, along with healthy portions of pork.
Their lowest point came during the 1964 – 65 season when manager Juan Carlos Lorenzo announced that the club could not pay its players and was unlikely to be able to afford to travel to Vicenza to fulfil its next fixture.
Gauntlett turned down the role of a KGB colonel in the film, however: " I would have loved to have done it but really could not afford the time.
The Soviets could not afford to ignore Reagan ’ s new endeavor, therefore their policy at the time was to enter negotiations with the Americans.
Potter became the de facto estate manager for the Trust for seven years until the National Trust could afford to buy most of the property back from her.
But most damaging, the new situation effectively trapped Russian foreign policy: After 1913, Russia could not afford losing its last ally in this crucial area and thus had no alternatives but to unconditionally support Serbia when the crisis between Serbia and Austria broke out in 1914.
Knights bachelor were either poor vassals who could not afford to take the field under their own banner, or knights too young to support the responsibility and dignity of knights banneret.
Many ordinary churchgoers — that is, those who could afford a copy, as it was expensive — would own a copy of the prayer book.
Tauranac, an engineer at heart, started to feel his Formula One budget of around £ 100, 000 was a gamble he could not afford to take on his own and began to look around for an experienced business partner.
Perhaps because only the very wealthy could afford the pursuit, in Renaissance times coin collecting became known as the " Hobby of Kings.
However, as attendance began to dwindle — the Rockies fell to just sixth in the National League in attendance in 2002, and ninth in 2003 and 2004 — the club could no longer afford to build through big-name free agents.

could and lose
I had long since begun to lose my general innocence when I lost my trust in you, but this special innocence I lost before ever I loved, through my discovery that one could tremble with desire and even experience a flaming delight that had nothing, nothing whatever to do with friendship or liking, let alone with love.
He'd not care about getting waked so he could give up some of his whisky to a slit of a kid and maybe lose one of his hiding places in the bargain.
As the battle raged in the cloakrooms and caucuses, it became clear that Judge Smith could lose.
Accordingly, as the law stood before 1870, every person who by birth or naturalisation satisfied the conditions set forth, though he should be removed in infancy to another country where his family resided, owed an allegiance to the British crown which he could never resign or lose, except by act of parliament or by the recognition of the independence or the cession of the portion of British territory in which he resided.
* Possibility of apostasy – Wesley fully accepted the Arminian view that genuine Christians could apostatize and lose their salvation, as his famous sermon " A Call to Backsliders " clearly demonstrates.
This term means to focus on a goal so as to lose sight of the " means-whereby " the goal could be most appropriately achieved.
There were long-running claims of corruption and administrative decay within Labour at local level ( the North-East of England was to become a cause célèbre ), and concerns that experienced and able Labour MPs could be deselected ( i. e., lose the Labour Party nomination ) by those wanting to put into a safe seat their friends, family or members of their own Labour faction.
Salt could lose its savour.
In 2008 the rivalry became more intense when in the last game of the year in which both teams could clinch a playoff spot with a victory, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Cowboys 44 – 6, and clinched a playoff spot, where they would go to lose the NFC Championship game to the Arizona Cardinals.
Admiral John Jellicoe, described by Churchill as the only man who could " lose the war in an afternoon " by losing the strategic British superiority in dreadnought battleships, was not a dashing showman like David Beatty.
Carpenter refused to cast Bronson on the grounds that he was too old, and because he worried that he could lose directorial control over the picture with an experienced actor.
He said that Fiji could not afford to lose China, and that the government would ensure that " careless incidences " like Naivalu's vote in Geneva would not recur.
He dictated the manual of Regulations for State Officials, containing 35 chapters and 297 paragraphs in which every public servant in Prussia could find his duties precisely set out: a minister or councillor failing to attend a committee meeting, for example, would lose six months ' pay ; if he absented himself a second time, he would be discharged from the royal service.
Leibniz once said " It is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labour of calculation which could safely be relegated to anyone else if machines were used.
Carthage could keep its African territory but would lose its overseas empire, a fait accompli.
Because of very high rates of evaporation, soil and plants rapidly lose the little moisture obtained from the rain, and vegetation could not survive without extensive irrigation.
Churchill – referring to the fact that a German naval victory would have made it impossible for Britain to supply her army in France, or even import food – described Jellicoe later as ' the only man on either side who could lose the war in an afternoon '.
In the Free State of Saxony, the chairman of the Left Party group, Peter Porsch, could lose his mandate in the Saxon parliament because of his alleged Stasi past.
" This could mean that God will not lose even one of those he has chosen for salvation.
Robert M. Price claims that if the resurrection could, in fact, be proven through science or historical evidence, the event would lose its miraculous qualities.
Other than the heat retention properties of urban areas, the nighttime maximum in urban canyons could also be due to the blocking of " sky view " during cooling: surfaces lose heat at night principally by radiation to the comparatively cool sky, and this is blocked by the buildings in an urban area.
One disadvantage of this round-robin system is that medal winners could be determined before the end of the games, making the audience lose interest in the outcome of the remaining matches.
Descendants of non-Spartan citizens were not able to follow the agoge and Spartans who could not afford to pay the expenses of the agoge could lose their citizenship.

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