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credited and mother
Her mother relied on the counsel of Grigori Rasputin, a Russian peasant and wandering starets or " holy man ," and credited his prayers with saving the ailing Tsarevich on numerous occasions.
* Rosamund is mentioned and is credited as the mother of a would-be nun of the same name in Lynsay Sands ' romance novel, Always.
Montferrand's mother, Marie Francoise Louise Fistioni, remarried to Antoine de Commarieux, who is credited with educating Montferrand.
Burns ' mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when Burns was 3, and died when he was 11, a circumstance that he said helped shape his career ; he credited his father-in-law, a psychologist, with a signal insight: " He told me that my whole work was an attempt to make people long gone come back alive .".
Duff has also starred in Material Girls with her sister Hilary, where she is credited as co-producer and her mother and sister are credited as producers.
But when Charles IX and his mother learned of the involvement of the duke of Anjou, and being so dependent on his support, they issued a second royal declaration, which while asking for an end to the massacres, credited the initiative with the desire of Charles IX to prevent a Protestant plot.
The single " Here Come Those Tears Again " was credited as co-written with Nancy Farnsworth, Phyllis Major's mother.
Nearing's father was a small businessman and stockbroker, his mother a vigorous, energetic, and idealistic woman who Nearing later credited for providing an appreciation of the higher things in life — nature, books, and the arts.
By commercializing the market for rap records, Robinson is credited as the mother of modern hip-hop.
Their translation from Jerusalem to the complex of palaces that became the ancient seat of popes in the 4th century is credited to Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine I.
He credited the guidance of a strong mother and support of his family with keeping him grounded.
He is credited with creating the standard chef's hat, the toque ; he designed new sauces and dishes, he published a classification of all sauces into groups, based on four mother sauces.
Iorga credited the five-generation-boyar status, received from his father's side, and the " old boyar " roots of his mother ( the Miclescu family ), with having turned him into a political man.
In 2004, she published her own cookbook, Cooking with Faith, and credited her mother and two grandmothers for having taught her how to cook.
When asked about the comparison with her sister, Kapoor explained that they were " poles apart " and credited her mother for allowing them to be themselves.
This is evidenced because both he and his mother are credited with opening a worker village at the site of Deir el-Medina.
Her articles about the burgeoning rock scene are now credited as being foundation stones of serious rock writing, and she has since been described by other leading critics as " the mother of rock ".
Sheffield's Broadway performances credited as Reggie Sheffield include Evidence ( 1914 ), in which his mother, Alice Sheffield, also appeared, The Merry Wives of Windsor ( 1916 ), If ( 1917 ), The Betrothal ( 1918 ) and Helena's Boys ( 1924 ).
Langerová has credited her mother, who played piano and guitar around her house when she was growing up, with nurturing her musical talent.
His father was a past president of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and his mother was a hymn writer, credited with over 500 hymns, most notably " Blessed Assurance " with Fanny Crosby.
It is interesting to note that Dmitry's mother came from the Beklemishev family, just like the mother of Mikhail Kutuzov, who would be credited with saving Russia precisely two centuries after him.
The marriage led to a permanent rift between Prem Rawat and his mother, and was also credited with causing a profound disruption in the movement.

credited and later
The representation of Aphrodite Ourania, with a foot resting on a tortoise, was read later as emblematic of discretion in conjugal love ; the image is credited to Phidias, in a chryselephantine sculpture made for Elis, of which we have only a passing remark by Pausanias.
He picked up another credited Weil conjecture, around 1967, which later under pressure from Serge Lang ( resp.
Alzheimer is credited with identifying the first published case of " presenile dementia ", which Kraepelin would later identify as Alzheimer's disease.
Most arrangements for large ensembles, big bands, in the swing era, were written down, however, and credited to a specific arranger, as were later arrangements for the Count Basie big band by Sammy Nestico and Neal Hefti.
Among the famous mathematicians and cryptanalysts working there, the most influential and the best-known in later years was Alan Turing who is widely credited with being " The Father of Computer Science ".
Another of his tunes, " Matchbox Blues ", was recorded more than 30 years later by The Beatles, albeit in a rockabilly version credited to Carl Perkins, who himself did not credit Jefferson on his 1955 recording.
Although Wegener's theory was formed independently and was more complete than those of his predecessors, Wegener later credited a number of past authors with similar ideas:
The song " Boadicea ", also from this album, would later be sampled by The Fugees on their single " Ready or Not " ( 1996 ), causing a brief stir because the group neither sought permission from Enya nor gave her credit initially, and by Mario Winans, who did give her credit ( the Winans track, " I Don't Wanna Know " which features a rap by P. Diddy and is officially credited to all three artists, became Enya's highest charting single in the US, when it peaked at # 2 on the Hot 100 in 2004 ).
Its authorship has traditionally been credited to Paul, but it is considered by some scholars to be Deutero-pauline, that is, written in Paul's name by a later author strongly influenced by Paul's thought.
Ephrem is popularly credited as the founder of the School of Nisibis, which in later centuries was the centre of learning of the Syriac Orthodox Church.
Esperanto is credited with influencing or inspiring several later competing language projects, such as Occidental ( 1922 ) and Novial ( 1928 ).
In later years, Douglass credited The Columbian Orator, which he discovered at about age twelve, with clarifying and defining his views on freedom and human rights.
He was later credited with bringing Scottish Christianity into conformity with the Catholic Church.
Brown refused to listen, releasing the album, Live at the Apollo, which would later be credited to Brown and his group the Famous Flames after not being credited on the album in its initial release.
As a teenager, she befriended a group of outcasts, one of whom had albums by African-American blues artists Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Lead Belly, whom Joplin later credited with influencing her decision to become a singer.
Her first two albums were recorded with and fully credited to Big Brother and the Holding Company and the later two being solo albums.
Nkrumah later credited James with teaching him ' how an underground movement worked '.
It was two years later, in 1914 that the Sisters partnered with Dalhousie University, enabling Mount Saint Vincent to offer the first two years of a bachelors ' degree program to be credited toward a Dalhousie degree.
By the 14th century, the form further crystallized under the pen of Petrarch, whose sonnets were later translated in the 16th century by Sir Thomas Wyatt, who is credited with introducing the sonnet form into English literature.
Sixtus I is credited as having instituted several Roman Catholic liturgical and administrative traditions, but historians believe that these were attributed to him by later writers who were interested in bolstering the papacy's claims to ancient supremacy.
He later credited these climbs for strengthening his back and leg muscles.
He is sometimes credited, mainly starting in the 19th century, as one of the earliest European advocates of the modern scientific method inspired by the works of Aristotle and later pseudo-Aristotelian works, like the works of Muslim scientist Alhazen.
Although they appeared in print later, Philip Sidney's three sestinas may have been written earlier, and are often credited as the first in English.

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