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demanded and her
But every time I suggested this to her, Mrs. Wright turned it down and demanded that I go out and punish Mr. Wright.
Miss Pulova has a voice that Maria Callas once described as `` like chipping teeth with a screw driver '', and her round, opalescent face becomes fascinatingly reflective of the emotions demanded by the role of Rosalie.
In one extreme case, cited by a Pittsburgh psychologist, an office worker's wife refused to have sexual relations with her husband unless he bought her the luxuries she demanded.
He in turn told her she demanded too much.
There were several missions which demanded instant attention but Helva had been of interest to several department heads in Central for some time and each man was determined to have her assigned to his section.
She refused to go with them and demanded that they allow her to pray to the Mother of God for protection.
Heracles captured her and demanded Hippolyta's girdle in exchange for her freedom.
She demanded that young girls " act the bear " at her sanctuary in atonement for the bear's death.
He presented the embalmed corpse at court with a crown on her head and demanded that all his courtiers kneel and individually pay homage to her decomposed hand.
Freyja lends Loki her falcon cloak to search for it ; but upon returning, Loki tells Freyja that Thrymr has hidden the hammer and demanded to marry her in return.
Her custom of giving away food and clothing without asking anyone's permission cost her family significantly but she demanded nothing for herself.
However, Hera was not completely fooled and demanded that Zeus give her the heifer as a present.
One night, while Jadwiga was leaving by a secret door, Jagiello sprang out of the bushes and demanded to see what was in her apron.
The Niobe narrative appears in Ovid's Metamorphoses, ( Book VI ) where Latona ( Leto ) has demanded the women of Thebes to go to her temple and burn incense.
Some historians believe that La Malinche saved her people from the Aztecs, who held a hegemony throughout the territory and demanded tribute from its inhabitants.
The Electress demanded in no uncertain terms that the Queen Dowager should prevent her son's journey, as " being prejudicial to Brandenburg's interests in view of the state of war existing between Sweden and Poland ".
When Richard arrived he demanded that his sister be released and given her inheritance ; she was freed on 28 September, but without the inheritance.
" He was one of several critics to react negatively to her reinterpretation of Lady Macbeth in 1955, saying that her performance was insubstantial and lacked the necessary fury demanded of the role ; however, after her death he revised his opinion, describing his earlier criticism as " one of the worst errors of judgment " he had ever made.

demanded and return
Charles was outraged, and upon their return in October, he and Buckingham demanded that King James declare war on Spain.
Aurangazeb guaranteed the independence of Madras, but in return demanded that the English supply troops in the event of a war against the Marathas.
When Elizabeth II made a state visit to India marking the 50th anniversary of Independence in 1997, many Indians in India and Britain including several MPs demanded the return of the diamond.
In June 1969, however, they were temporarily paroled under an amnesty for political prisoners, but in November of that year, the Federal Constitutional Court ( Bundesverfassungsgericht ) demanded that they return to custody.
The latter demanded Nur al-Din return the lands given to him as a dowry for marrying his daughter when he received reports that she was being abused and used by him to gain Seljuk territory.
When NBC tried to cancel it in early 1968, the show was so popular among fans that a campaign organized by Bjo Trimble successfully demanded its return, redefining the relationship between television networks and audiences.
After the passing of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, which demanded that Iraq give " immediate, unconditional and active cooperation " with UN and IAEA inspections, Hussein allowed U. N. weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix to return to Iraq.
Near the end of the ninth year since the landing, the Achaean army, tired from the fighting and from the lack of supplies, mutinied against their leaders and demanded to return to their homes.
After Japan's defeat in 1945, due to the help of Seri Thai, American support mitigated Allied terms, although the British demanded repatriations in the form of rice sent to Malaya, and the French, return of territories lost in the Franco-Thai War.
After the war, U. S. influence prevented Thailand from being treated as an Axis country, but the British demanded three million tons of rice as reparations and the return of areas annexed from Malaya during the war.
Lucius demanded the return of the principality of Capua, while Roger instead wanted additional territory that formed part of the Papal States in the south.
Edward III of England, however, in 1364-65, in the name of his wife Philippa, demanded the return of Hainaut and other inheritances which had been given over to the Dukes of Bavaria – Straubing.
They exacted harsh terms: in the Treaty of Vienna ( 1731 ), Great Britain demanded that Austria abolish the Ostend Company in return for its recognition of the Pragmatic Sanction.
Those classed as terrorflieger had been scheduled for execution after October 24 ; their rescue was effected by Luftwaffe officers who visited Buchenwald and, on their return to Berlin, demanded the airmen's release.
Over the course of the fifth season, Lupus's William " Willy " Armitage appeared in thirteen of its twenty-four episodes, to the outrage of fans who demanded Armitage's return.
In 1988, amid the ATA's Return Our Land Movement, in which aborigines demanded the return of lands to the original inhabitants, the ATA sent its first representative to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations.
In Germany a number of monarchists gathered around the German National People's Party which demanded the return of the Hohenzollern monarchy and an end to the Weimar Republic.
Morocco had demanded the return of the Spanish cities Ceuta and Melilla along with several small rocks and islets off the coast of Morocco.
When the displaced Sybarites sought refuge at Croton and Telys demanded their return, an opportunity for the Crotoniates to destroy a powerful neighbor presented itself.
Iran demanded the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Iranian territory and the return to the status quo ante for the Shatt al-Arab, as established under the Algiers Agreement.
Mary sent John Hay, Commendator of Balmerino, to speak to Elizabeth ; Elizabeth demanded Darnley's return, and gave John Hay plainly to understand her small satisfaction.
In 427, Felix accused Bonifacius of being a traitor and demanded that he return to Italy.
This was the first time that French Jews had been covered by such a charter, and Louis was careful to justify his decision with reference to the policies of his ancestor Saint Louis IX, the position of Pope Clement V and an argument that the people of France had demanded a return of the Jews.

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