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departed and for
The 1958 military pay act departed from this established formula by providing for a 6% increase rather than a proportionate increase for everyone retired prior to its effective date of June 1, 1958.
Its entire complement of non-commissioned officers on the platoon level had departed as cadre for another unit, and its vehicles were still those used in the drive across Luzon in World War 2.
This scene is a `` white ballet '' in which a lovelorn hero searches for his departed love's spirit among twenty-eight extraordinarily beautiful `` shadows '' who can all dance like nothing human -- which, of course, is altogether fitting.
While 2 November remained the liturgical celebration, in time the entire month of November became associated in the Western Catholic tradition with prayer for the departed ; lists of names of those to be remembered being placed in the proximity of the altar on which the sacrifice of the mass is offered.
About 1 hour and 22 minutes after arriving, the astronauts departed for station thirteen, a large boulder field about from North Ray.
Theseus departed for Crete.
Capone departed New York for Chicago without his new wife and son, who joined him later.
Disraeli had been considering a political career as early as 1830, before he departed England for the Mediterranean.
Froissart states that "... the Earl Douglas of Scotland, who fought a season valiantly, but when he saw the discomfiture he departed and saved himself ; for in no wise would he be taken by the Englishmen, he would rather there be slain ".
Within a week Bonaparte had resupplied his ships, and on 19 June his fleet departed for Alexandria in the direction of Crete, leaving 4, 000 men at Valletta under General Claude-Henri Vaubois to ensure French control of the islands.
The introduction, " Let us pray for the whole state of Christ's Church militant here in earth " remained unaltered and only a thanksgiving for those " departed this life in thy faith and fear " was inserted to introduce the petition that the congregation might be " given grace so to follow their good examples that with them we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom ".
In 1995 a similar process could be observed as elsewhere with the production of A Prayer Book for Australia which departed from both the structure and wording of the BCP.
Embittered, O ' Higgins departed for Peru, where he died in 1842.
LaPread left in 1986 and moved to New Zealand, and Reynolds departed for Earth, Wind and Fire in 1987, which prompted trumpeter William " WAK " King to take over primary guitar duties for live performances.
After the season and free agent outfielder Manny Ramírez departed for the Boston Red Sox.
After Yan communicated these demands and Chiang agreed to comply with them, Li departed for Guangdong.
Egypt is identified in the Bible as the place of refuge that the Holy Family sought in its flight from Judea: " When he arose, he took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod the Great, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt I called My Son " ( Matthew 2: 12 – 23 ).
David Smith departed as crew chief of the No. 3 team and RCR at the end of the year for personal reasons, and was replaced by Larry McReynolds.
The relational model, first proposed in 1970 by Edgar F. Codd, departed from this tradition by insisting that applications should search for data by content, rather than by following links.
Diocletian exacted an oath of allegiance from the defeated army and departed for Italy.
Chris Morgan and Brian Holland, both with drug offense histories, had abruptly departed for Oceanside, California, four days after the bodies were discovered.
It is estimated that 10. 5 million immigrants departed for points across the United States from the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, located just across a narrow strait.

departed and Palestine
Given that Saint Stephen ’ s relics were uncovered on 26 December 415, Orosius must have departed from Palestine after that date.
After the 16th Infantry Brigade departed for Palestine in January 1940, the 18th Infantry Brigade moved into its vacated accommodation at Ingleburn, New South Wales.
As the free Gaza Movement activists departed four days later Gaza PM Haniyeh issued genuine Palestinian passports with diplomatic status to the majority describing them as Ambassadors for Palestine.
At the end of World War II, the British Labour Party conference voted to rescind the White Paper and establish a Jewish state in Palestine, however the Labour Foreign Minister, Ernest Bevin persisted with the policy and it remained in effect until the British departed Palestine in May 1948.
Having dedicated Jerusalem and Palestine for the ingathering of the Jews, Hyde departed the mountain after building a small altar with stones.

departed and shortly
Ethridge departed shortly thereafter.
However, his interest in theosophy did not prove to be enduring and he left the society shortly afterwards Brooks departed as his tutor.
Bob Hale, a DJ with KRIB-AM, was working the concert that night and flipped the coin in the ballroom's sidestage room shortly before the musicians departed for the airport.
Guess departed shortly thereafter, leaving Lowery and Molla briefly to take turns swapping drumming duties.
With two female singers, the original lineup was unusual for the time, and indeed, never performed live, as the Woods departed the band shortly after the release of their debut album, Hark!
Her parents departed from Acre shortly after her birth, traveling to Sicily and Spain before leaving Joan with Eleanor's mother, Joan, Countess of Ponthieu, in France.
Mantrid sent some of his drones to follow the Lexx over the course of many episodes to toy with them, destroying any place they visited shortly after they departed and using the raw materials to manufacture more drones.
Mexican General Mariano Arista began positioning his artillery, infantry and cavalry around the fort shortly after General Taylor departed on May 1, 1846.
The embassy was unsuccessful and shortly after it departed back to Britain Staunton decided to leave China permanently.
Rowe rejoined in the mid-1970s, and shortly thereafter, Gare departed, leaving a Rowe-Prévost duo for a period.
Emin still had not expressed a firm intention to leave Equatoria, and 5 April, after a heated argument, Stanley determined to leave shortly, and the expedition departed Kavalli's for the coast on 10 April.
Original bassist Andy Warren had departed shortly after recording the album to join former Ants guitarist Lester Square in The Monochrome Set.
Murphy departed before their next demo, which was recorded without vocals, and Weber departed shortly thereafter.
Bidlock departed due to stage fright in 1982, shortly before the group recorded their initial two-song demo cassette, " Life of a Bag Lady ", with Scott Juskiw playing the bass tracks as a studio guest.
With the arrival of a keyboardist Frédéric Leclercq and the replacement of departed bassist Laurent Jean with Piere-Emmanuel Pelisson, Heavenly underwent another lineup change shortly before they supported Stratovarius on their ' Infinite ' tour.
In the middle of 1999, Superheist toured nationally with Sepultura but shortly afterwards Durrant departed, apparently due to musical differences.
Waldrup departed the band shortly after taking over guitar duties, and was replaced by Dustin Nadler, who remained with the band until their breakup.
In 1996, Top Cow briefly departed from Image during a power struggle with Image associate Rob Liefeld until Liefeld left the company shortly after.
But William Dayton was stricken with poor health, and departed New York shortly afterwards for more temperate climes.
Not surprisingly, the AELC proved to be a more socially and theologically liberal church than the LCMS, and shortly after its inception, it departed from LCMS practice on ordination by opening the ministry to women.
Timmy Jack Ray departed the group shortly after.
Parajanov departed Kiev shortly afterwards for his motherland of Armenia.
On June 30, 1898, the first passenger train arrived in Port aux Basques, and the Bruce departed for North Sydney shortly afterward.
The band left the label, and shortly thereafter drummer Atom Willard departed the group.

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