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exacted and surrender
Consequently, when the British government pacified the tribes of the lower Persian Gulf, which it had labeled as " pirates " ( hence the term " Pirate Coast "), in a series of naval engagements in the early 19th century, and then exacted from them a general surrender in 1820 and a maritime truce in the 1830s ( hence the term " Trucial " Shaikhdoms ), the Qasemi of the Persian coast were spared the ravages and humiliation suffered by their namesake in the lower Persian Gulf.

exacted and from
His feeling always exacted sacrifices from her.
For example, Psalm 34 is attributed to David on the occasion of his escape from the Abimelech ( king ) Achish by pretending to be insane-according to the narrative in 1 Samuel 21, instead of killing the man who had exacted so many casualties from him, Abimelech allows David to depart, exclaiming, " Am I so short of madmen that you have to bring this fellow here to carry on like this in front of me?
Diocletian exacted an oath of allegiance from the defeated army and departed for Italy.
With the rise of Islam in the 7th century the power of Aksum declined and the Kingdom became isolated, the Dahlak archipelago, northern and western Eritrea, came under increasing control of Islamic powers based in Yemen and Beja lands in Sudan. The Beja were often in alliance with the Umayyads of Arabia who themselves established footholds along stretches of the Eritrean coastline and the Dahlak archipelago while the Funj of Sudan exacted tribute from the adjacent western lowlands of Eritrea.
Part of his proposal was the idea that micropayments could be automatically exacted from the reader for all the text, no matter how many snippets of content are taken from various places.
In his reign Russia concluded the union with republican France to contain the growing power of Germany, completed the conquest of Central Asia, and exacted important territorial and commercial concessions from China.
In 1726, the British Governor of New York exacted a promise from the Iroquois to return all runaway slaves who had joined up with them.
The Varangians ( Varyags, in Old East Slavic ) are first mentioned by the Primary Chronicle as having exacted tribute from the Slavic and Finnic tribes in 859.
In addition to annexing much of the colonial possessions of the vanquished states, the Triple Entente exacted punitive restitution payments from their former foes, plunging Germany in particular into economic depression.
* The huge indemnity exacted from China is used to establish the Yawata Iron and Steel Works.
He exacted several tallages specifically from Jews to raise money for his campaigns.
I may say with truth, that in few countries so much is left to the share of the laborer, and so little exacted from him, or where there is more kind attention paid to him in sickness or infirmities of age.
By strict economy of time he accomplished an immense amount of work ; he exacted similar application from his dependents, and proved himself a hard husband, a strict father, a severe and cruel master.
There are two possible occasions when this could have happened: the first was in 145 BC, when Ptolemy VIII purged Alexandria of the intellectuals who supported his rivals for the throne ; and in 132 BC after Ptolemy, who had been driven from his kingdom by a rebellion in Alexandria, returned and exacted reprisals on that city.
Though, except for the Dogger-Bank skirmish, no major battles were fought in European waters, and the British blockade encountered little opposition from the Dutch fleet, the blockade itself exacted its toll on the British seamen, who were at sea for long times at a stretch ( which even exposed them to the danger of scurvy ) and the ships, that suffered from severe wear and tear.
He also ruled over the greater part of Germany, made expeditions into Saxony, and for some time exacted from the Saxons an annual tribute of 500 cows.
Moreover, the Sarmatians exacted tribute from the Cotini and Osi, and iron from the Cotini ( ch.
In 1742 the Peshwa advanced to Mandla and exacted tribute, and from this time until 1781, when Gond dynasty of Garha-Mandla was finally overthrown, Garha-Mandla remained practically a Maratha dependency.
The area appears to have remained largely British in the first century or so after Britain left the Roman Empire, but pagan burials and place names in its north-eastern sector suggest an inflow of Angles along the Warwickshire Avon and perhaps by other routes ; they may have exacted tribute from British rulers.
He exacted promises of just government from Rufus, and was not afraid to remonstrate when the promises were disregarded.
The Horde exacted tax payments from its subject peoples – Rus ' people, Armenians, Georgians, Circassians, Alans, Crimean Greeks, Crimean Goths, and others ( Bulgarians, Vlachs ).

exacted and even
At the same time, he planned to reduce the abuses perpetrated by the senators, many of whom cultivated their local interests disregarding the imperial policies, even refusing paying taxes and keeping for themselves the taxes they had exacted.
This exemption was extended even to priests who taught in secondary schools, where a university degree was exacted from lay teachers.
This military campaign gained notoriety for the brutality it exacted on not only the violent ; but also elected officials, magistrates and University of Tucumán faculty ( even secondary school teachers ).
The following decisions will serve in illustration: Interest may not be exacted even from non-Jews, nor even such minor profits as the Talmud designates as " the dust of interest ", these being allowed only when customary in non-Jewish business circles (" Sha ' are Tzedek ," iv.

exacted and .
This prompted a refutation later that year by Samuel Gardiner, who argued that Gerard had gone too far in trying to " wipe away the reproach " which the plot had exacted on generations of English Catholics.
The Senators posted a 99 – 53 record and cruised to the pennant seven games ahead of the New York Yankees, but in the 1933 World Series the Giants exacted their revenge, winning in five games.
The Jets exacted revenge on their opponent when they eliminated the Colts in a narrow 17 – 16 victory that saw Nick Folk kick the game-winning field goal for New York as time expired.
If the light yoke and sweet burden of Christ were to be preached to the most obstinate people of the Saxons with as much determination as the payment of tithes has been exacted, or as the force of the legal decree has been applied for fault of the most trifling sort imaginable, perhaps they would not be averse to their baptismal vows.
In the department of medicine, a severe and prolonged examination, conducted by the most eminent physicians of the capital, was exacted of all candidates desirous of practicing their profession, and such as were unable to stand the test were formally pronounced incompetent.
A tax is a " pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property owners to support the government [...] a payment exacted by legislative authority.
" A tax " is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution, exacted pursuant to legislative authority " and is " any contribution imposed by government [...] whether under the name of toll, tribute, tallage, gabel, impost, duty, custom, excise, subsidy, aid, supply, or other name.
They typically express the emotional toll exacted on the colonists by their isolation.
The expedition had exacted a large cost-one ship and over half the men had been lost.
Following this victory, savage retribution was exacted on the rebels.
Although he had dominated Wales, exacted unprecedented submissions and raised the status of the prince of Gwynedd to new heights, his three major ambitionsa permanent hegemony, its recognition by the king, and its inheritance in its entirety by his heirremained unfulfilled.
They exacted harsh terms: in the Treaty of Vienna ( 1731 ), Great Britain demanded that Austria abolish the Ostend Company in return for its recognition of the Pragmatic Sanction.
The carrier gave a receipt for the consignment, took all responsibility, and exacted a receipt upon delivery.

complete and surrender
`` You see, first of all and in a sense as the source of all other ills, the unshakeable American commitment to the principle of unconditional surrender: The tendency to view any war in which we might be involved not as a means of achieving limited objectives in the way of changes in a given status quo, but as a struggle to the death between total virtue and total evil, with the result that the war had absolutely to be fought to the complete destruction of the enemy's power, no matter what disadvantages or complications this might involve for the more distant future ''.
* HLD ( or H )— Hold: number of games entered in a save situation, recorded at least one out, did not surrender the lead, and did not complete the game
The offensive ended with a complete success, and Mieszko II was forced to surrender some lands.
A regional peace-monitoring force and a UN observer mission monitors the government and provincial leaders who have established an interim administration and are working toward complete surrender of weapons, the election of a provincial government and an eventual referendum on independence.
When they took control of Kandahar in 1994, they forced the surrender of dozens of local Pashtun leaders who had presided over a situation of complete lawlessness and atrocities.
* As a result of Persian assistance to Samos, it takes the Athenian army nine months to successfully complete its siege of Samos and force the Samians to surrender.
In the wake of Athens ' surrender, the long walls were torn down and the troops besieging the city returned to their various homes ; a Spartan garrison probably remained in Athens to supervise the dismantling of the walls ; Lysander sailed off to Samos to complete the siege of that city.
Before attacking a settlement, the Mongol generals demanded submission to the Khan, and threatened the initial villages with complete destruction if they refused to surrender.
On the complete volte-face and surrender made by Charles to France in 1670, Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington, a Roman Catholic, was entrusted with the first Treaty of Dover of 20 May — which besides providing for the united attack on Holland, included Charles's undertaking to proclaim himself a Catholic and to reintroduce the Roman Catholic faith into England, — while Buckingham was sent to France to carry on the sham negotiations which led to the public treaties of 31 December 1670 and 2 February 1672.
A week before Munich he warned, " The partition of Czechoslovakia under pressure from England and France amounts to the complete surrender of the Western Democracies to the Nazi threat of force.
However, the Romans demanded the complete surrender of the city, and surprisingly to the Romans the city refused, the faction advocating submission overturned by one in favor of defense.
Together with the complete surrender of Bohemia in 1623, this ended virtually all resistance in Germany.
On 18 October 1860, Elgin, not having received the Chinese surrender and wishing to spare Beijing itself, ordered the complete destruction of the Yuan Ming Yuan ( or Old Summer Palace ) outside Beijing in retaliation for the imprisonment, torture, and execution of almost twenty European and Indian prisoners ( including two British envoys and a journalist for The Times ).
: It should be the aim of the Allied Forces to accomplish the complete demilitarization of Germany in the shortest possible period of time after surrender.
The characteristic of her poetry is complete surrender.
( 1 ) śravaṇa (" listening " to the scriptural stories of and his companions ), ( 2 ) kīrtana (" praising ," usually refers to ecstatic group singing ), ( 3 ) smaraṇa (" remembering " or fixing the mind on Viṣṇu ), ( 4 ) pāda-sevana ( rendering service ), ( 5 ) arcana ( worshiping an image ), ( 6 ) vandana ( paying homage ), ( 7 ) dāsya ( servitude ), ( 8 ) sākhya ( friendship ), and ( 9 ) ātma-nivedana ( complete surrender of the self ).
He stated that he would meet the communist again in an unwillingly manner unless they indicated before hand their desire to see him with a view to making " a complete surrender ".
Before surrender, the complete destruction of all fortifications was carried out.
Pachachi later denounced the ceasefire which ended the Six-Day War, dismissing it as a " complete surrender to Israel.
The most important of these dates were for the delivery of the remaining war material ( February 28 ), the repeal of a new Reichswehr law, with the absolute abolition of conscription for the Reich and the single states ( March 15 ), the surrender of all heavy and of two-thirds of the small firearms belonging to the organizations for self-protection ( March 31 ), the disarmament of all ships in reserve ( April 30 ), the complete disbandment of all organizations of defense and the surrender of the remainder of their arms ( June 30 ), and lastly ( July 31 ), the destruction of warships in the process of construction, with the exception of those transformed with the assent of the Allies into mercantile vessels.
Stockwell agreed to meet with the Israelis, and returned 15 minutes later ; however, the terms proposed by the Haganah – complete disarmament, surrender of weapons, and a curfew – were not accepted by the Arab leadership.
Joyce offered to pay the printing costs himself if the sheets were turned over to him and he was allowed to complete the job elsewhere and distribute the book, but when Joyce arrived at the printer's they refused to surrender the sheets, and burned them the next day.
However, Antigonus rejected these advances, intent on forcing Cassander's complete surrender.
Anna tried to negotiate but Andronikos demanded the complete surrender of the Despotate to which she finally agreed.

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