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fell and love
so Cyrus Adler became interested in her friend Racie Friedenwald, and Joe Jastrow -- the only young man who when he wrote had the temerity to address her as Henrietta, and signed himself Joe -- fell in love with pretty sister Rachel.
This included Mamma, jolly, generous, and pretty, with whom they all fell in love, just as Papa had first fallen in love with her Mamma before he chose her ; ;
In any case, Miss Millay's sweet-throated bitterness, her variations on the theme that the world was not only well lost for love but even well lost for lost love, her constant and wonderfully tragic posture, so unlike that of Fitzgerald since it required no scenery or props, drew from the me that I was when I fell upon her verses an overwhelming yea.
Everybody fell in love with Amy again last night at the Warwick Musical Theater, and Shelley Berman was to blame.
She fell in love with Apollo who disguised himself as Leucothea's mother to gain entrance to her chambers.
Apollo fell in love with Cassandra and promised her the gift of prophecy to seduce her, but she rejected him afterwards.
Pregnant with Asclepius, Coronis fell in love with Ischys, son of Elatus.
Apollo, a god of music, fell in love with the instrument and offered to allow exchange of the cattle for the lyre.
Her acquaintance with him parallels her writing a number of poems, which may suggest she fell in love with him.
In Plato's myth, Poseidon fell in love with Cleito, the daughter of Evenor and Leucippe, who bore him five pairs of male twins.
According to her later memoirs, Fátimih fell in love with ` Abdu ' l-Bahá on seeing him.
An 18th-century broadside ballad: The tragical ballad: or, the lady who fell in love with her serving-man.
" He recalls :... while I sat alone staring at the sea I love, words I had not been certain I could understand or say fell from my lips: " Lord Jesus, I believe in You.
However, Lo and Jen soon fell passionately in love.
It was probably in Rome that Catullus fell deeply in love with the " Lesbia " of his poems, who is usually identified with Clodia Metelli, a sophisticated woman from the aristocratic house of patrician family Claudii Pulchri and sister of the infamous Publius Clodius Pulcher.
Mohism though popular at first due to its emphasis on brotherly love versus harsh Qin Legalism, fell out of favour during the Han Dynasty due to the efforts of Confucians in establishing their views as political orthodoxy.
Circe fell in love with him too ; when he preferred to remain faithful to his wife Canens, she turned him into a woodpecker ( lines 308-440 ).
Eisenhower met and fell in love with Mamie Geneva Doud of Boone, Iowa, six years his junior, while he was stationed in Texas.
I fell in love, that is the only expression I can think of, at once, and am still at the mercy of words, though sometimes now, knowing a little of their behaviour very well, I think I can influence them slightly and have even learned to beat them now and then, which they appear to enjoy.
There, he fell in love with his brother ’ s sister-in-law, Louisa Dunnell, the daughter of an innkeeper of Suffolk origin.
While at Stein, Erasmus fell in love with a fellow canon, Servatius Rogerus, and wrote a series of passionate letters in which he called Rogerus " half my soul ".
This rosy-fingered, saffron-robed and golden-throned goddess, who goes up to Olympus to announce the light to the immortals, fell in love several times, and some say it was Aphrodite who cursed her to be perpetually in love, because once had Eos lain with Aphrodite's sweetheart Ares, god of war.

fell and with
But in the confused atmosphere of frontier politics, alliances were as quickly broken as they were formed, and as Pike came to favor with the governor of the Territory, the governor fell out of favor with the President of the United States.
Loyal and unscrupulous, with a single-minded ambition to which he devoted all his energies, he outmatched the English diplomats time and time again until, by a kind of poetic justice, he fell at the battle of Courtrai, the victim of the equally nationalistic if less articulate Flemings.
A report of Sr. Edw Grevyles minaces to the Baileefe Aldermen & Burgesses of Stratforde '' tells how Quiney was injured by Greville's men: `` in the tyme Mr. Ryc' Quyney was bayleefe ther came some of them whoe beinge druncke fell to braweling in ther hosts howse wher thei druncke & drewe ther dagers uppon the hoste: att a faier tyme the Baileefe being late abroade to see the towne in order & comminge by in hurley burley came into the howse & commawnded the peace to be kept butt colde nott prevayle & in hys endevor to sticle the brawle had his heade grevouselye brooken by one of hys ( Greville's ) men whom nether hymselfe ( Greville ) punnished nor wolde suffer to be punnished but with a shewe to turne them awaye & enterteyned agayne ''.
Now the park is filled with marble busts and all the streets in the immediate area have the full and proper names of the men who fell.
Recently Treasury Secretary Dillon and Labor Secretary Goldberg fell into line with Mr. Hodges' appraisal, though there has been some reluctance to do so at the White House.
The things left unsaid they both felt deeply, and with a sigh they fell back on the well-stuffed pillows.
The name fell with lazy affectionate remembrance from her lips.
Then she fell asleep again as soddenly as a person with fever, and when she awoke it was dark outside and the clarity was back in her eyes.
The market was not far and, once there, the doctor's sense of immediacy left him and he fell into a state of harmony with the birds around him.
It fell, February 6, 1827, carrying with it a horse and wagon, two men and four oxen.
The Koreans fell back, but regrouped at the top of the hill and pinned down the cavalrymen with a screen of fire.
He adjusted the hat, lifted the horn to his lips as though it were a flute, and fell in alongside our fingerprint expert to cavort with him.
He finally fell asleep around six in the morning with the aid of a sleeping capsule, a crutch he rarely used, and didn't awaken until early afternoon.
There was a sound like the one you produce by flicking a watermelon with your finger, only louder, and Pops fell forward from the waist and then over sidewise.
The '49 team was off to a so-so 5-5 beginning, then fell as low as 12-17 on May 23 before finishing with 96 victories.
I have calculated that if I could snap my fingers in one magic gesture to release the power of all the hydrogen in my body, I would explode with the force of a hundred bombs of the kind that fell on Hiroshima.
Most of the fingers on his left hand were burned off when he fell asleep with a cigarette.
He beat the air with his stick, and it fell from his claws and clattered on the stones.

fell and countess
During a lengthened visit at Castell he fell in love with his cousin Theodora ; but the widowed countess, her mother, objected to the marriage, and the lady afterwards became the wife of Count Henry XXIX of Reuss and Zinzendorf married Reuss's sister Erdmuthe Dorothea.
When Boruwlaski fell in love with the new companion of the countess, Isalina Barbutan, the countess threw him out.
His parents met when the future countess helped the Austro-Hungarian diplomat stationed in Japan after he fell off a horse.

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