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Page "adventure" ¶ 107
from Brown Corpus
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felt and weary
In the introduction, Cavada wrote: " It was a beautiful country through which we had just passed, but it had presented no charms to weary eyes that were compelled to view it through a line of hostile bayonets ; we felt but little sympathy for the beautiful ; on our haggard countenances only this was written: " Give us rest, and food.
Even as this grand shift may have attracted individuals weary of overbearing, harsh harangues from generations of revivalist preachers, numerous others deplored what they felt was an abandonment of the true faith ; these conservatives increasingly sought refuge in more doctrinally rigid churches such as the Baptists and the Presbyterians, especially outside New England.
I handed this meteor over to Bruce Helander and as I drove away I felt spent and weary, incapable and sterile.
In a wider sense, it is an expression of the melancholy and disillusionment felt by a generation weary of the wars of the post-Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras.
Roberts had grown weary of battling over the direction he felt the Yamaha team needed to pursue.
In writing this story I felt a weary sadness of my own, and fell into the space ( I should say time ) that the characters are in, more so than usual.

felt and .
His plans and dreams had revolved around her so much and for so long that now he felt as if he had nothing.
It was the only thing in his life for which he felt guilt.
The mare began to tire and Clayton felt the spray of snow from the hoofs of Gavin's stallion.
`` I never felt better in my life '', Fiske blustered.
I felt certain he was really a spineless little man.
Noticing my disappointment he attempted to salvage what scraps and shreds of authority he felt might still be clinging to his person.
It was, I felt, possible that they were men who, having received no tickets for that day, had remained in the hall, to sleep perhaps, in the corners farthest removed from the counter with its overhead light.
I felt certain it was self-appointed.
I felt strongly attached to the hall, however, and hardly a day passed when I did not go to look at it from a distance.
I had felt the draft they were making while mounting the stairs.
I felt certain that the director, like the afternoon clerk, seldom moved beyond the counter, that the hall, to them, was a jungle, a dark and unwelcome place.
Pamela felt calm and peaceful as she walked along.
But he felt no physical discomfort.
A shot or two went wild before Cobb felt something tug at his foot.
A second twitched his shirtsleeve, and he felt a brief burn on his upper arm.
It was only a fifteen-minute flight, but before it was through Greg felt himself developing a case of claustrophobia.
He hauled back on the stick and felt his cheeks sag.
Sweat popped out over him and he felt the slick between his palm and the stick grip.
Something clicked in this instance, but I treated her circumspectly and I felt that she knew it, for we both kept our distance.
I felt that her eyes were undressing me as if she were a painter and I a nude model.
`` I guess we both felt it ''.
I felt that he looked at me coldly and appraisingly and seemed to be uncertain what his attitude towards me should be, but he did not say one word which might indicate that he had been told of advances to his wife.
He commanded from his raw throat, and felt the pain of movement in his cracked, black burned lips.
Still, he felt better.

unutterably and .
Maybe it's all unutterably meaningful.
Out of an unutterably beautiful book, a luminous play has evolved.
The critic Emile Vuillermoz complained that Ravel's playing of the work was " unutterably slow.
Alpine scenery was new to Shelley and unutterably beautiful.

weary and .
They had been seen as soon as they left the ranch, picked out of the darkness by the weary though watchful eyes of two men posted a few hundred yards away in the windless shelter of the trees.
Also, he was weary of plantation drudgery and monotony.
Indeed, it seems that only in today's Southern fiction does Tobacco Road, with all the traditional trimmings of sowbelly and cornbread and mint juleps, continue to live -- but only as a weary, overexploited phantom.
I have been so weary of the excessive rocking of the vessel, and the almost intolerable smell after the rain, that I have done little more than lounge on the bed for several days.
His legs suddenly feel heavy and unaccountably weary, as if he had walked for miles, instead of strolling a few hundred yards along the old campus paths.
I have never asked for an easy task, but I am weary of the strife ''.
He sank back on his thin haunches like a weary hound.
Alex returned to the hotel, rather weary and with no new prospects of a role, in the late afternoon, but found the doctor in an ebullient mood.
If it could be shown that judgments of good and bad were not judgments at all, that they asserted nothing true or false, but merely expressed emotions like `` Hurrah '' or `` Fiddlesticks '', then these wayward judgments would cease from troubling and weary heads could be at rest.
Your leg muscles and back muscles feel weary.
Many legislators are already weary and frustrated over the so-far losing battle to block token integration.
At length Haakon, weary of delay, attacked, only to encounter a terrific storm which greatly damaged his ships.
The Military and the parties were weary of 30 years of instability.
His intervention forced Pope Formosus to get involved, as he was worried that a divided and war weary West Francia would be easy prey for the Normans.
Alessandri appealed to those who believed the social question should be addressed, to those worried by the decline in nitrate exports during World War I, and to those weary of presidents dominated by Congress.
When the United States entered World War I, Eastman organized with Roger Baldwin and Norman Thomas the National Civil Liberties Bureau to protect conscientious objectors, or in her words: " To maintain something over here that will be worth coming back to when the weary war is over.
In 1767, weary of the squabbling, the Porte issued a firman that divided the church among the claimants.
NATO did not initially have strong bipartisan support in Congress at the time he assumed his command ; Eisenhower unhesitatingly advised the participating European nations that it would be incumbent upon them to demonstrate their own commitment of troops and equipment to the NATO force before it would come from a war weary United States.
: since you're holding up the weary verse of so many poets.
Widowed, weary of the unsettled life of a courtier, and anxious to provide for his children and himself, Oxford wrote to Burghley outlining a plan to purchase the manoral lands of Denbigh, in Wales, if the Queen would consent, offering to pay for them by commuting his £ 1, 000 annuity and agreeing to abandon his suit to regain the Forest of Essex.
Lee and Roper exchange a weary thumbs-up just as military helicopters arrive in response to the distress call.
Lacking a strong general to control the by-now mostly barbarian Roman Army, Honorius could do little to attack Alaric's forces directly, and apparently adopted the only strategy he could in the situation: wait passively for the Visigoths to grow weary and spend the time marshalling what forces he could.
The war in the colonies was increasingly unpopular in Portugal itself as the people got weary of war and balked at its ever-rising expense.
The Romans deprived Hannibal of a large-scale battle and instead, assaulted his weakening army with multiple smaller armies in an attempt to both weary him and create unrest in his troops.

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