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fled and Liberia
Koroma fled Freetown in December, reportedly to Liberia.
Following intensified conflicts in Sierra Leone and Liberia during the fall and winter of 2000, many people from the city of Guéckédou fled to Kissidougou and stayed.
Prior to the 2008 Census, River Gee had an estimated population of 74, 800, including thousands of people who fled to Liberia following conflict in the Ivory Coast during 2002.
Many individuals, whether they'd actively collaborated with the RUF forces or not, fled to Liberia and Guinea.

fled and was
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
During the decade that followed, the common man, as that piece put it, grew uncomfortable as the Voice of God and fled from behind Saint Woodrow ( Wilson ) only to learn from Science, to his shocked relief that after all there was no God he had to speak for and that he was just an animal anyhow -- that there was a chemical formula for him, and that too much couldn't be expected of him.
I fled, however, not from what might have been the natural fear of being unable to disguise from you that the things about my bridegroom -- in the sense you meant the word `` things '' -- which you had been galvanizing yourself to tell me as a painful part of your maternal duty were things which I had already insisted upon finding out for myself ( despite, I may now say, the unspeakable awkwardness of making the discovery on principle, yes, on principle, and in cold blood ) because I was resolved, as a modern woman, not to be a mollycoddle waiting for Life but to seize Life by the throat.
What I fled from was my fear of what, unwittingly, you might betray, without meaning to, about my father and yourself.
He explained his errand, but without bothering much to make it plausible, for he felt something well up in him which was the reason why he had fled the army.
Andalusian so-called Algerian classical music is a musical style that was reported in Algeria by Andalusian refugees who fled the inquisition of the Christian Kings from the 11th century, it will develop considerably in the cities of the North of the Algeria.
* in Labadea, east of Delphi, Trophonius, another son of Apollo, killed his brother and fled to the cave where he was also afterwards consulted as an oracle
Amalaric fled south to Barcelona, where he was assassinated by his own men.
After this deed he fled to Talmai, the king of Geshur () ( see also or ), his maternal grandfather, and it was not until three years later that he was fully reinstated in his father's favour and finally returned to Jerusalem.
Later in 1051, when he was sent to intercept Harold Godwinson and his brothers as they fled England after their father's outlawing, Ealdred " could not, or would not " capture the brothers.
Anna then protested that the family was in fear for their lives, her sons were loyal subjects ( Alexios and Isaac were discovered absent without leave ), and had learned of a plot by enemies of the Komnenoi to have them both blinded and had, therefore, fled the capital so they may continue to be of loyal service to the emperor.
Later Alexios V was blinded and deserted by his father-in-law, who fled from the crusaders into Thessaly.
At the time of his appointment, his destination Nashville had been evacuated by the Confederates after the fall of Ft. Donelson, and the government which he was displacing had fled to Memphis.
A popular legend, originating from 12th century chronicles, tells how when he first fled to the Somerset Levels, Alfred was given shelter by a peasant woman who, unaware of his identity, left him to watch some cakes she had left cooking on the fire.
When the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed on 14 April 1931, he fled and left Spain, but did not abdicate the throne.
Apries was either taken prisoner in the ensuing conflict at Memphis before being eventually strangled and buried in his ancestral tomb at Sais, or fled to the Babylonians and was killed mounting an invasion of his native homeland in 567 B. C. E.
In 148 BC, in what the Romans called the Fourth Macedonian War, he was defeated by the Roman praetor Q. Caecilius Metellus ( 148 ) at the Second Battle of Pydna, and fled to Thrace, whose prince gave him up to Rome, thus marking the final end to Andriskos ' reign of Macedonia.
After several victories he was at last completely defeated ( 307 BC ) and fled secretly to Sicily.
He was born in Paris to Alsatian agnostic Jewish parents who fled the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany.
11: 11 ); and when David fled from Jerusalem at the time of Absalom's conspiracy, the Ark was carried along with him until he ordered Zadok the priest to return it to Jerusalem ( 2 Sam.
The Calendar of Saints states that her first husband was poisoned by the holder of real power, his successor, Berengar of Ivrea, who attempted to cement his political power by forcing her to marry his son, Adalbert ; when she refused and fled, she was tracked down and imprisoned for four months at Como.

fled and arrested
Nevertheless, when Prince Vladimir II Yaroslavich of Halych, who had been expelled from his country by his subjects, fled to Hungary seeking for assistance in 1188, King Béla III had him arrested and occupied his principality and he invested Andrew with Halych.
Balfour fled to Argentina, but was eventually arrested and imprisoned.
She fled to England, where Elizabeth immediately had her arrested.
John seized the lands of those clergy unwilling to conduct services, as well as those estates linked to Innocent himself ; he arrested the illicit concubines that many clerics kept during the period, only releasing them after the payment of fines ; he seized the lands of members of the church who had fled England, and he promised protection for those clergy willing to remain loyal to him.
Aung San Suu Kyi fled the scene, but is arrested soon afterwards.
They briefly took over the tower, but hijacked an Air India flight and fled to South Africa where they were arrested and charged.
Former Senator William M. Gwin, a Confederate sympathizer, was arrested and fled to Europe.
Buat was arrested ; his accomplices in the conspiracy fled the country to England, among them Tromp's brother-in-law Johan Kievit.
President Yahya Jammeh was forced to return from a trip to Mauritania, many suspected army officials were arrested, and prominent army officials, including the army chief of staff, fled the country.
Shortly after the shootout, al-Amin fled to White Hall, Alabama, where he was tracked down by U. S. marshals and arrested by law enforcement officers after a four-day manhunt.
Blennerhassett fled, was twice arrested and remained a prisoner until after Burr's release.
In late March 1936, Luciano received a tip that he was going to be arrested and fled to Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Lenin fled to Finland and other members of the Bolshevik party were arrested.
He escaped from a second imprisonment ( 1544 ) by his own ingenuity, but, venturing back from Piedmont, whence he had fled in order to print at Lyon the letters by which he appealed for justice to the king of France, the queen of Navarre and the parlement of Paris, he was again arrested, and branded as a relapsed atheist by the theological faculty of the Sorbonne.
He was expected to take over as director of the orchestra from 1 October 1944, but escalation of the war meant that the orchestra was closed down and Schuricht himself received a warning that he was about to be arrested, and he fled to Switzerland.
Miguel suppressed these rebellions, and many thousands of Liberals were either arrested or fled to Spain and Britain.
It was surrounded by barricades, and fighting lasted for days before those rebels who had not already fled were rounded up in the church and arrested.
When many Council members were arrested in the late 1960s, Banana and his family fled to the United States and did not return until 1975.
The meetings continued, however, while more militiamen arrived, New Brunswick authorities arrested some residents, some residents fled to the woods, and local Americans sent letters to the Maine authorities in Augusta.
Settathathirath subdued Prince Tarua in Louang Phrabang, and sent his general Phya Sisatthamatailoke to go fight Prince Lanchang in the town of Kengsah, Prince Lanchang was defeated and fled to Thakhek, where the local Lord had him arrested and sent to Phya Sisatthama.
The group would reach legend-status amongst Romanians in 1977 when they illegally fled to West Germany, exposing themselves to risks such as being arrested, deported or even executed by Ceauşescu's Securitate.
Having been tipped off that he was about to be arrested, Brüning fled Germany in 1934 via the Netherlands and settled first in the United Kingdom, and in 1935 in the USA.
Pol Pot then fled the Khmer Rouge's northern stronghold, but was later arrested and sentenced to lifelong house arrest.

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