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further and asserts
However, Sargon took this process further, conquering many of the surrounding regions to create an empire that reached westward as far as the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps Cyprus ( Kaptara ); northward as far as the mountains ( a later Hittite text asserts he fought the Hattite king Nurdaggal of Burushanda, well into Anatolia ); eastward over Elam ; and as far south as Magan ( Oman ) — a region over which he reigned for purportedly 56 years, though only four " year-names " survive.
He further asserts that although Gauss firmly believed in the immortality of the soul and in some sort of life after death, it was not in a fashion that could be interpreted as Christian.
Ayres goes further and asserts that Gregory quickly made himself unpopular among the bishops by supporting the losing candidate for the bishopric of Antioch and vehemently opposing any compromise with the Homoiousians.
Foster further asserts 1928 was a " peak year " for lesbian-themed literature ; in addition to The Well of Loneliness, three other novels with lesbian themes were published in England: Elizabeth Bowen's The Hotel, Woolf's Orlando, and Compton MacKenzie's satirical novel Extraordinary Women.
However, he further asserts:
While pantheism asserts that ' All is God ', panentheism goes further to claim that God is greater than the universe.
He further asserts that the Thugs were highly superstitious and that they worshipped the Hindu goddess Kali, but that their faith was not very different from their contemporary non-Thugs.
The case also asserts further that at the time of its dissolution in New York, FGU was current on all obligations with that state and in good standing which then devolved into the entity currently operating simply as Fantasy Games Unlimited.
He further asserts that this name later became " Shatranj " after the Arabic pronunciation.
The Oxford Companion further asserts " he has been confused with others of the same name who were raiders and highwaymen in the district of Tregaron " and lists another eleven Thomas Joneses in the field of literature alone.
It asserts that while material causes give rise to sensations, volitions, ideas, etc., such mental phenomena themselves cause nothing further: they are causal dead-ends.
However, the important distinction in this theory is not that the FCI classification of " scenthound " is accurate, but rather, that placing the Dalmatian and the Rhodesian Ridgeback ( the only breeds currently in FCI group 6. 3 ), breeds that historically have served as versatile hunting / wagon dogs, should indeed be classified as two examples of the same type of dog, but further asserts that such dogs ’ classification makes more sense as a discrete group.
" Henshaw further asserts that the muscle car was designed for straight-line speed, and did not have the " sophisticated chassis ", " engineering integrity ", or " lithe appearance " of European high-performance cars.
The draft statement further asserts that any clones that might be created should have full acceptance as human beings and access to rites of the church.
He further asserts that the U. S. government deliberately hides the proof of this.
Parrott further asserts that Nigel was the result of a concurrent liaison between Heseltine and an unnamed Swiss girl ; Smith, however, states that Puma's baby was originally called Peter but was renamed Nigel " for reasons which have not as yet been satisfactorily explained ".
The Church further asserts four principal pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism (" strictly limited to consumption of the already dead " challenged by their post " A living human in captivity is optimal "), and sodomy (" any sexual act not intended for procreation ").
" He further asserts that the feeling of oneness among people that occupy a vast territory is based not on political, economic, or religious considerations but on totemic symbols that " made those born under the signs one in function, birth, and purpose.
According to the ancient geographer Strabo, Daco-Moesian was further spread into Asia Minor in the form of Mysian by a migration of the Moesi people ; Strabo asserts that Moesi and Mysi were variants of the same name.
He further asserts that Lud was the progenitor of not only the Persians, but also the Amalekites and Canaanites, and all the peoples of the East, Oman, Hejaz, Syria, Egypt, and Bahrein.
He further asserts that Clemenceau had personally instructed the French general on the spot to get the area incorporated into Czechoslovakia " at all costs ", so as to create a buffer separating Soviet Ukraina from Hungary, as part of the French anti-Communist " Cordon sanitaire " policy, and that it was the French rather than the Czechoslovaks who made the effective decisions.
Ioannidis further asserts that " claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias ".
Aristotle asserts that we can usefully accept some things which are said about the soul ( clearly a cross reference to Plato again ), including the division of the soul into rational and irrational parts, and the further division of the irrational parts into two parts also:
It is very difficult to find any philosopher of note who asserts a bare, naive, or pure consensus theory of truth, in other words, a treatment of truth that is based on actual consensus in an actual community without further qualification.

further and because
Chewing it over with his colleagues and in his own mind, he reaches a tentative identification of the question -- tentative because it may change as he explores it further and because, if no tolerable answer can be found, it may have to be changed into one which can be answered.
He further says that the reason there is no complete conclusive repeatable evidence is because that if the afterlife was so demonstrable then it would become " another chapter in a school textbook " and that " the whole process of questioning, probing, studying, observing, meditating and of wanting so desperately and enduringly to know, is part of the development of mind itself ".
Pericles led 250 ships, originally intended to attack Cyprus, to their aid because it would further damage Persia.
Unfortunately, they were blown back to Aeolia, where Aeolus refused to provide any further help, because he believed that their short and unsuccessful voyage meant that the Gods did not favour them.
Attempting to decide is further confused because Hermóðr also seems to be sometimes the name of a god and sometimes the name of a hero.
Additionally, Elihu's first spoken words are a confession of his youthful status, being much younger than the three canonical friends, including a claim to be speaking because he cannot bear to remain silent ; it has been suggested that this interesting statement may have been symbolic of a " younger " ( that is to say, later and interpolating ) writer, who has written Elihu's sermon to respond to what he views as morally and theologically scandalous statements being made within the book of Job, and creating the literary device of Elihu to provide what seemed to be a faith-based response to further refute heresy and provide a counter-argument, a need partially provided by God's ambiguous and unspecific response to Job at the end of the book.
Later the length of the platform decreases because the waves lose their energy as they break further off shore ( Easterbrook 1999 ).
Through volcanic activity due to thermal expansion this continent broke and the new continents drifted away from each other because of further expansion of the rip-zones, where the oceans now lie.
For example, when an ordinary RGB digital image is compressed via the JPEG standard, the RGB colorspace is first converted ( by a rotation matrix ) to a YCbCr colorspace, because the three components in that space have less correlation redundancy and because the chrominance components can then be subsampled by a factor of 2 or 4 to further compress the image.
The founders ' families who controlled a significant amount of HP shares were further irked because Fiorina had made no attempt to reach out to them and consult about the merger, instead they received the standard roadshow presentation as other investors.
A bubble occurs when speculators note the fast increase in value and decide to buy in anticipation of further rises, rather than because the shares are undervalued.
Nozick further claims this condition addresses a case of the sort described by D. M. Armstrong: A father believes his son innocent of committing a particular crime, both because of faith in his son and ( now ) because he has seen presented in the courtroom a conclusive demonstration of his son's innocence.
The loss of soil fertility due to erosion is further problematic because the response is often to apply chemical fertilizers, which leads to further water and soil pollution, rather than to allow the land to regenerate.
Some terminal elements can not be known ( planned ) in great detail in advance, and that is expected, because they can be further refined at a later time.
This creates further impairment because the left hemisphere in depressed individuals functions at lower levels of activity than people without depression .< ref name =" speechtherapy ">" Expressive Aphasia: Effective Home Treatment.
< http :// www. speech-therapy-on-video. com / expressiveaphasia. html >.</ ref > This further complicates issues because the decreased functionality of the two conditions can combine to create even lower levels of activity than in either of the two conditions alone.
Some scholars believe that, because the only evidence for the " courts of love " is Andreas Capellanus ’ s book The Art of Courtly Love, they probably never existed ; to further strengthen their argument, they say that there is also no evidence that Marie ever stayed with her mother in Poitiers, beyond her name being mentioned in Andreas ’ s work.
The former provides greater tribute and direct political control, yet limits further expansion because it absorbs military forces to fixed garrisons.
Cellulose nitrate, because of its unstable chemistry, eventually breaks down, releasing nitric acid, further catalyzing the decomposition.
His relationship with the Queen further improved when he severed ties with Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, a shrewd move because Essex was executed for treason in 1601.

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