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goes and on
I don't know what goes on around here, and I don't care.
Grigorss goes off to do penance on a rock for seventeen years.
He is a Craig's wife who agonizes about tobacco ash on the living room rug and he is a forgetful genius who goes boating with the town baker when dignitaries from the local university have come to call.
One day in a bar, so the legend goes, someone put a beer stein with too much force on the monacle and broke it.
That is how the real routine of resistance goes on, and its strength is directly proportionate to the number of insignificant people who can let themselves be taken to pieces, piece by piece, without quitting.
If the decision goes wrong, it may be -- as Mr. Stevenson fears -- `` the first step on the slippery path downhill '' to a U.N. without operational responsibilities and without effective meaning.
Played mostly on the freeways around Los Angeles, it goes like this:
The unit consists of a small motor that goes on as soon as it is plugged in.
Jimmy Jordon is high on Adios Scarlet ( Adios-Rena Grattan ) and she sure looks good as she goes by.
it's a single-shot bolt-action with an automatic safety -- i.e., the safety goes on every time the bolt is lifted and the gun cocked for the next shot.
( This goes for getting a drink tray ready, and for having a big cooler full of ice on hand long before the party begins.
By submerging the patient in a tub and rotating the transducer while the scanning goes on, they have been able to get cross-section views of the neck, as shown in Fig. 7, as well as many other hitherto impossible insights.
Felix Kopstein states that `` when the snake reaches its maturity it has already reached about its maximal length '', but goes on to cite the reticulate python as an exception, with maximum length approximately three times that at maturity.
But the quest for such an index goes on ceaselessly, with all manner of investors and speculators participating, ranging from the sedate institutional type virtually to the proverbial shoe-string operator, all seeking doggedly, studiously, daily -- and often nightly -- for the enchanting index that will foretell the eternal secret: Which way will the market move -- up or down??
Much of this goes on in offices high up in Wall Street's lofty wind-swept towers.
She goes on about her work and listens for the completion of the grinding.
When a plan burst its seams, hasty conferences supply the necessary patch, and life goes merrily on.
The list goes on.
What goes on in the cage will occupy our attention under the rubric of the organization church.
But as conversation goes on, particularly among the realtors themselves, another image emerges, that of considerable power and influence in the community.
He imagined Sam's voice: `` George, what the hell goes on ''??
`` And '', I was ticking off the items on my fingers, `` swears too much and goes out with the boys, whoever they are, too much, and who ever goes to church and won't even listen when I try to persuade him to come back to the fold ''.
As said by the officer in the story, " In this age of Realien advancement, who knows what goes on in the mind of those responsible for these mechanical dolls.
In Abrahamic religions the view is generally held that one goes to hell or heaven depending on one's deeds and / or faith while on Earth, or predestination and Unconditional election, or to the intermediate state to await the Resurrection of the Dead.

goes and say
When alienation is used as an objective and diagnostic category, for example, it becomes clear that Fromm would have to say that awareness of alienation goes far toward conquering it.
Every library borrower, or at least those whose taste goes beyond the five-cent fiction rentals, knows what it is to hear the librarian say apologetically, `` I'm sorry, but we don't have that book.
In spite of these first impressions, the game has generally received positive reviews: Lafayette, for example, goes on to say that it is " really hard to fault GURPS Bunnies & Burrows ", as it is educational, realistic, whimsical and clever, while the game has also been described as a " work of genius ".
I don't care what his position is, if he writes something or speaks something that goes beyond anything that you can find in the standard works, unless that one be the prophet, seer, and revelator — please note that one exception — you may immediately say, " Well, that is his own idea!
The full line goes along the pattern of, for example, " And even though Roger Clemens stabs his radio with a syringe whenever he hears us say it, this is NPR: National Public Radio ( later just '... this is NPR ').
" He goes on to say that Calef's collection of writings " gave a shock to Mather's influence, from which it never recovered.
Kamil Zvelebil cites the forms such as dramila ( in's Sanskrit work Avanisundarīkathā ) ( found in Ceylonese chronicle Mahavamsa ) and then goes on to say ( ibid.
Lutz goes on to say that when advertisers state that their product is good ", it is equivalent in meaning to saying that their product is the best.
He goes on to say, " I am ready to come out of the closet as some sort of verificationist ".
Professor of psychiatry Saul Levine suggests that it is doubtful that deprogramming helps many people and goes on to say that it actually causes harm to the victim by very nature of the deprogramming.
He also goes on to say that a righteousness from God has made itself known apart from the law, to which the law and prophets testify, and this righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus to all who believe.
They also point out that in, Paul says that God will reward those who follow the law and then goes on to say that no one follows the law perfectly ( see also Sermon on the Mount: Interpretation )
This rosy-fingered, saffron-robed and golden-throned goddess, who goes up to Olympus to announce the light to the immortals, fell in love several times, and some say it was Aphrodite who cursed her to be perpetually in love, because once had Eos lain with Aphrodite's sweetheart Ares, god of war.
' Frenkel goes on to say that the air wing was disbanded after both helicopters crashed and after subsequent revelations of huge debts incurred as a result of the aircraft.
Herbert G. Winful argues that the train analogy is a variant of the " reshaping argument " for superluminal tunneling velocities, but he goes on to say that this argument is not actually supported by experiment or simulations, which actually show that the transmitted pulse has the same length and shape as the incident pulse.
Donald Hall goes as far as to say that " the form of free verse is as binding and as liberating as the form of a rondeau ," and T. S. Eliot wrote, " No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job.
" Dani goes on to say:
" It goes on to say in verses 5-11 that when the Apostles spoke, each person in attendance " heard their own language being spoken.
This statement goes on to say that,
FOLDOC goes on to say, " TMRC and the MIT hacker culture of the early 1960s seems to have developed in a milieu that remembered and still used some WWII military slang ( see also foobar ).
" As he goes on to say in this letter, even on the Sabbath he would receive members of the community.
He goes on to say that purification no longer requires such activity, since the magician can purify the self via willed intention.
The book goes on to say that the latter two possibilities are not consistent with Jesus ' character and it was most likely that he was being truthful.
In the case of tossing a fair coin, frequentists say that the probability of getting a heads is 1 / 2, not because there are two equally likely outcomes but because repeated series of large numbers of trials demonstrate that the empirical frequency converges to the limit 1 / 2 as the number of trials goes to infinity.
For instance, it can be used so as to say that no person or historical figure fits the set of descriptions attributed to the person that goes by the name of " Moses ".

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