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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1280
from Brown Corpus
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had and yet
Although I had been inside it I had not yet seen it functioning.
Incapable of self-delusion, the Founding Fathers found the crisis of their time to be equally grave, and yet they had confidence that America would surmount it and that a republic of free peoples would prosper and serve as an example to a world aching for liberty.
for though their people had very few slaves themselves, yet they had been pretty considerable carriers of them to others ''.
Miriam had not yet goaded him into mentioning her directly, but one can feel the generalized anger in Wright's remarks to reporters when he was asked, one morning on arrival in Chicago, what he thought of the city as a whole.
Born a Congregationalist, he had been baptized as a tiny baby in the usual manner by having a few drops of water sprinkled on his head, yet nowhere in the whole of the New Testament could he find a description of anybody being baptized by sprinkling.
By this time she had learned that it was futile to argue with her young husband, yet the uncomfortable fact remained: the American Congregationalists were sending them as missionaries to the Far East and paying their salaries.
He had yet to meet Harold Arlen, for although they had `` collaborated '' on `` Satan's Li'l Lamb '', Mercer and Harburg had worked from a lead sheet the composer had furnished them.
Sherman insisted that cavalry could not successfully break up hostile railways, yet Garrard's Covington raid and Rousseau's Opelika raid cut two-thirds of the rail lines he had to break and Sherman lived in mortal fear of what Forrest might do to his communications.
There had not yet supervened between understanding and expression the new languages of mathematics and scientific formulas.
I was surprised and sorry to find in your issue of March 4 a long and detailed attack upon a book that had not yet been published.
The reporters had not yet discovered that this was his hideaway.
Stevie had heard these words many times, yet on each occasion they caused him to tremble.
I know that I myself felt that it was a mortal shame for a man to be torn open by a British musket ball, as Isaac had been, yet I also felt relieved and lucky that it had been him and not myself.
The street cleaner had not yet been around.
yet he knew that he had nothing to grumble about, for Argiento made few demands on him.
The altercation in the coffee house had done little to dampen his spirits, but he was still a little wary around Rector for they had not yet discussed the incident.

had and undertaken
Business Week ( Aug. 9, 1961 ) reports that the United Aircraft Company, against which the International Association of Machinists had undertaken a strike, decided to keep its plants operating.
In response, the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada answered that the actions had been undertaken after lengthy scriptural and theological reflection, legally in accordance with their own canons and constitutions and after extensive consultation with the provinces of the Communion.
He there entered the service of Henry II of France and had undertaken a campaign to regain his lands when he died at Pforzheim on 8 January 1557.
He lived in the most frugal style alike at home and in the field, and though his campaigns were undertaken largely to secure booty, he was content to enrich the state and his friends and to return as poor as he had set forth.
The Amazons are also said to have undertaken an expedition against the island of Leuke, at the mouth of the Danube, where the ashes of Achilles had been deposited by Thetis.
Gediminas had just undertaken an unsuccessful attempt at Christianization of Lithuania.
Cranmer recognized that the 1549 rite of Communion had been capable of conservative misinterpretation and misuse in that the consecration rite might still be undertaken even when no congregational Communion followed.
William Bedell had undertaken an Irish translation of the Book of Common Prayer in 1606.
For example, following the American Revolution in 1776, one of the first legislative acts undertaken by each of the newly independent states was to adopt a " reception statute " that gave legal effect to the existing body of English common law to the extent that American legislation or the Constitution had not explicitly rejected English law.
Soldiers before this time had written treatises on various military subjects, but none had undertaken a great philosophical examination of war on the scale of those written by Clausewitz and Leo Tolstoy, both of which were inspired by the events of the Napoleonic Era.
The study was completed in 1936 and the ban lifted, at which point large-scale releases were undertaken ; by March, 1937, 62, 000 toadlets had been released into the wild.
The Domesday Book was undertaken in 1086 by William I of England so that he could properly tax the land he had recently conquered in medieval Europe.
Before a systematic excavation of the site could be undertaken, the village had to be relocated but the residents resisted.
Serious studies of the Korean megalithic monuments were not undertaken until relatively recently, well after much research had already been conducted on dolmen in other regions of the world.
The Ph. D. entered widespread use in the 19th century at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin as a degree to be granted to someone who had undertaken original research in the sciences or humanities.
Meanwhile, Sir Francis Drake had undertaken a major voyage against Spanish ports and ships to the Caribbean in 1585 and 1586, and in 1587 had made a successful raid on Cadiz, destroying the Spanish fleet of war ships intended for the Enterprise of England: Philip II had decided to take the war to England.
The next day, Lesi Korovavala, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs, told the Fiji Village news service that the Military had undertaken the reductions on its own initiative, in consultation with the department, an explanation corroborated by Lieutenant Colonel Rabukawaqa.
By mid-November Greek naval detachments had seized the islands of Imbros, Thasos, Agios Efstratios, Samothrace, Psara and Ikaria, while landings were undertaken on the larger islands of Lesbos and Chios only on 21 and 27 November respectively.
In the same month, it was reported that Prince Harry was said to be a natural pilot who was reportedly top of his class in the extensive training he had undertaken at the Naval Air Facility, El Centro, California.

had and great
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
When the sea was visible ahead of them, the relief was as great as if the sun had come out.
Though I had a great dread of the island and felt I would never leave it alive, I eagerly wrote down everything she told me about its women.
Regardless of rights and wrongs, a population and an area appropriate to a pre-World-War- 1 great power have been, following conquest, ruled against their will by a neighboring people, and have had imposed upon them social and economic controls they dislike.
Such performance is a great tribute to American scientists and engineers, who in the past five years have had to telescope time and technology to develop these long-range ballistic missiles, where America had none before.
I managed to do this by the time the great A.B. returned to the place where he last had seen the fierce nihilist.
Some, she knew, looked upon Thompson almost as a saint, but others read in `` The Hound Of Heaven '' what they took to be the confessions of a great sinner, who, like Oscar Wilde, had -- as one pious writer later put it -- thrown himself `` on the swelling wave of every passion ''.
Yet General Suvorov -- who had never forgotten hearing his adored Czarina declare that all truly great men had oddities -- was mad only north, northwest.
One fellow who had liver spots held out his hands to the great healer.
By this time Woodruff had accurately measured Pike as a man of great personal pride, a man who would fly into a towering rage if his integrity were questioned, and who would be anxious to avenge himself.
All about him stood tombstones his own sensitive great hands had fashioned.
In describing it to Professor Baker after it had been chosen for production, he defended his great array of characters by declaring that he had included that many not because `` I didn't know how to save paint '', but because the play required them.
The younger men, Vere, and Pembroke, who was also Edward's cousin and whose Lusignan blood gave him the swarthy complexion that caused Edward of Carnarvon's irreverent friend, Piers Gaveston, to nickname him `` Joseph the Jew '', were relatively new to the game of diplomacy, but Pontissara had been on missions to Rome before, and Hotham, a man of great learning, `` jocund in speech, agreeable to meet, of honest religion, and pleasing in the eyes of all '', and an archbishop to boot, was as reliable and experienced as Othon himself.
Stratford's petition to the queen declared that two great fires had burnt two hundred houses in the town, with household goods, to the value of twelve thousand pounds.
Stephens had written his classic `` incidents of travel '' about these regions a hundred years before, and Catherwood, who had studied Piranesi in London and the great ruins of Egypt and Greece, had drawn the splendid illustrations that accompanied the text.
He had unearthed Stephens's letters in a New Jersey farmhouse and he discovered Stephens's unmarked grave in an old cemetery on the east side of New York, where the great traveller had been hastily buried during a cholera epidemic.

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