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had and two
He had seen a few nester wagons go through the country, the families almost starving to death, but he had never seen any of them on foot and as bad off as these two.
He told himself he had never seen two people eat so much.
Start out fresh, the two of us, like nothin had ever happened ''.
They had been seen as soon as they left the ranch, picked out of the darkness by the weary though watchful eyes of two men posted a few hundred yards away in the windless shelter of the trees.
His looting of the orderly room had taken only a minute or two and the vicinity was still clear of guerrillas.
And they had almost everything they needed: land, a house, two whiteface bulls, three horses.
He had spent two hours riding around the ranch that morning, and in broad daylight it was even less inviting than Judith Pierce had made it seem.
I could observe the two fans down at the end, but their size in themselves meant nothing to me as long as I had no measure of comparison.
Facing the forest now, she who had not dared to enter it before, walked between two trees at random and headed in what she believed was the direction of the pool.
) Rumor had it he slipped two small rocks under each victim's head as a sort of trademark.
He stepped inside Jess's guard and landed two blows to the big man's belly, putting everything he had behind them.
Greg had the stick forward and the throttle up before he heard the two `` Rogers ''.
There had been a good second or two during which my muffler had been blowing out, and now I was certain I'd seen her somewhere before.
A call to the police had been placed from here a couple of minutes after nine P.M., and the first police car had arrived two or three minutes after that -- 10 minutes ago now.
I had come to New Orleans two years earlier after graduating college, partly because I loved the city and partly because there was quite a noted art colony there.
I had seen two of them and we would soon be in another city-wide, joyous celebration with romance in the air ; ;
Packing a small suitcase, informing her husband whom she found in Harry's Bar that she was taking a train to Germany to get away for a while, patting his arm, refusing a drink, getting on the train -- all this had only taken her two hours.
She had driven up with her husband in a convertible with Eastern license plates, although the two drivers knew nothing at the moment about that.
In two minutes the body of Tilghman's former comrade, who had been killed by Blue Throat in a gambling brawl the previous night, was carried into the town's funeral parlor to be prepared for decent burial.
Though the four boys and two girls, the youngest nineteen years of age, the oldest twenty-four, came from varying backgrounds and had different professional and personal interests, there was surprising agreement among them.
But before this came about, 214,938 Americans had given their lives in battle for the two concepts of the sovereign rights of men and of states.

had and basic
The people everywhere had grown meanwhile in devotion to basic democratic principles, in understanding of and belief in the federal balance, and in love of their Union.
It is evident that Swadesh has not only had much experience with basic vocabulary in many languages but has acquired great tact and feeling for the expectable behavior of lexical items.
Shortly before his nomination he had set forth his basic view about the problem of negotiations with the Soviet leader in these words:
Actually, the types of infection that could attack a warm-blooded mammal were not infinite, and over the course of the last few hundred years adequate defenses had been found for all basic categories.
Considerable effort was needed, but by the time the Mac was released the basic concepts had been outlined and some of the low-level protocols on their way to completion.
In the first season of most series of Big Brother, the house that the housemates had to live in was very basic.
Currency evolved from two basic innovations, both of which had occurred by 2000 BC.
By the end of that decade, calculator prices had reduced to a point where a basic calculator was affordable to most and they became common in schools.
The value of exports amounted to US $ 1. 9 billion in 1996, but the contribution to the trade balance was only US $ 520 million because many of the basic materials for the free zones had to be imported and paid for.
He had a small, basic golf facility installed at Camp David, and became close friends with the Augusta National Chairman Clifford Roberts, inviting Roberts to stay at the White House on several occasions ; Roberts, an investment broker, also handled the Eisenhower family's investments.
The foreword to the DSM-I states the US Navy had itself made some minor revisions but " the Army established a much more sweeping revision, abandoning the basic outline of the Standard and attempting to express present day concepts of mental disturbance.
At the end of basic training they had to buy a horse at a reduced price from the army and to take it home together with equipment, uniform and weapon.
As time passed, Prior Diego sanctioned the building of a monastery for girls whose parents had sent them to the care of the Albigensians because their families were too poor to fulfill their basic needs.
Bel Geddes expounds upon his design in his book Magic Motorways, stating, “ Futurama is a large-scale model representing almost every type of terrain in America and illustrating how a motorway system may be laid down over the entire country – across mountains, over rivers and lakes, through cities and past towns – never deviating from a direct course and always adhering to the four basic principles of highway design: safety, comfort, speed and economy .” He had acknowledged this in the belief that “ A free-flowing movement of people and goods across our nation is a requirement of modern living and prosperity .”
Under President Shevardnadze's leadership, the government had nonetheless made some progress on basic market reforms: all prices and most trade have been liberalized, a stable national currency ( the lari ) was introduced, and massive government downsizing took place.
Various elements within the gospel, including the importance of the authority of Peter and the breadth of its basic theology, suggest that the author wrote in Syria or Palestine for a non-Jewish Christian community which had earlier absorbed the influence of pre-Pauline beliefs and then developed them further independent of Paul.
Following basic training at Fort Monmouth, he was assigned to the old Paramount studios in Astoria, Queens ( where he had directed three films in the early 1930s ), although he was permitted to lodge at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan.
According to Fux, Palestrina had established and followed these basic guidelines:
The console was capable of showing up to 56 different colors simultaneously on screen from its palette of 32, 768 ( 8x4 color background palettes, 8x3 + transparent sprite palettes ), and could add basic four -, seven-or ten-color shading to games that had been developed for the original 4-shades-of-grey Game Boy.
All top officials reported to Hitler and followed his basic policies, but they had considerable autonomy on a daily basis.
Both of Watt's basic engine types were commercially very successful, and by 1800, the firm Boulton & Watt had constructed 496 engines, with 164 driving reciprocating pumps, 24 serving blast furnaces, and 308 powering mill machinery ; most of the engines generated from 5 to.
Setzer argues that the Testimonium indicates that Josephus had heard of Jesus and the basic elements surrounding his death, and that he saw Jesus as primarily a miracle worker.
This variety of instrument came in two basic forms, a zither that had bridges and zithers without bridges.
After declaring independence from the Soviet political structure completely dominated by Moscow and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ( CPSU ) until 1991, Kazakhstan retained the basic governmental structure and, in fact, most of the same leadership that had occupied the top levels of power in 1990.
The lawsuit claims that Blakeman's copyrighted screenplay had the same basic plot as Swing Vote.

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